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  • Columbus East at Columbus North

    Event Information
    Wrestlers to Watch
    *This is based off of ranked wrestlers and wrestlers on our watch lists. If out of state wrestlers are in this event they are not included.

    106: #8/#4 Talon Jessup(Columbus East) , NR/NR Nolan Riley(Columbus North)
    113: NR/NR Liam Curfman(Columbus North) , NR/NR Ethan Poling(Columbus East)
    126: #20/#7 Jason Shuey(Columbus North) , #21/#8 Gage Rutan(Columbus East)
    132: NR/#9 Cohen Long(Columbus North)
    138: #13/#3 Justice Thornton(Columbus North) , #22/#7 Caleb Kirkpatrick(Columbus East) , NR/NR Jackson Haston(Columbus North)
    144: #19/#7 Caleb Cooper(Columbus East) , NR/NR Josiah Green(Columbus North)
    150: #25/#8 Nathan Anderson(Columbus East) , NR/NR Luke Spurgeon(Columbus North)
    157: #9/#3 Asher Ratliff(Columbus North) , NR/#7 Lincoln Cooper(Columbus East)
    165: NR/NR Evan Saevre(Columbus North) , NR/NR Miller Clayton(Columbus East)
    175: NR/#10 Tyler Lake(Columbus East) , NR/NR Keller DeSpain(Columbus North)
    190: NR/#11 Colin McMahon(Columbus East) , NR/NR Jose Ramirez(Columbus North)
    Event Results
    Columbus East
    Columbus North
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    175: Tyler Lake (CE) over Koleton Sinnock (CNHS) (Fall 1:50) 190: Colin McMahon (CE) over Jose Ramirez (CNHS) (Fall 4:42) 215: James Moss (CE) over Jonathan Morales (CNHS) (Dec 5-3) 285: Alex Lozano (CNHS) over Dominic Piper (CE) (Dec 6-2) 106: Tenica Dits (CE) over (CNHS) (For.) 113: Ethan Poling (CE) over (CNHS) (For.) 120: Talon Jessup (CE) over Liam Curfman (CNHS) (Fall 0:37) 126: Jason Shuey (CNHS) over Gage Rutan (CE) (Dec 2-0) 132: Cohen Long (CNHS) over Aiden Miller (CE) (Dec 6-1) 138: Justice Thornton (CNHS) over Caleb Kirkpatrick (CE) (Dec 7-3) 144: Caleb Cooper (CE) over Joseph Cloud (CNHS) (Fall 2:58) 150: Nate Anderson (CE) over Josiah Green (CNHS) (TF 16-0 0:00) 157: Asher Ratliff (CNHS) over Lincoln Cooper (CE) (MD 8-0) 165: Clayton Miller (CE) over Eric Streeval (CNHS) (Fall 3:27)

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