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  1. We had a similar situation, but for ours it said that the athletes minimum weight would be what his weight was at 7%. This was after putting in the doctor note. I would double check this because if it is like ours it will say alpha weight 112.6 minimum weight class 120 minimum weight 113.1 or whatever his weight would be at 7%.
  2. I don't know if they changed it, but we have two kids under 7. With Dr. notes. It has their minimum weight and minimum weight class listed as what it would be if they were at 7%. This is after we put the Dr. note in.
  3. You can't fill in the 2% and be under 7%. That is the whole "these documents are mutually exclusive" thing that Faulkens says at the clinic. You need to be above 7% to start in order to use the 2% paper. I'm pretty sure that is how it works lol.
  4. I would double check your alpha sheets. Ours are saying their minimum weight is their weight at 7% even after the doctors note. For example if you have a 106 who weighs 105.8 and is 6.5% bodyfat ours is reading that their minimum weight would be like 106.4 or whatever their weight at 7% would be, and the minimum weight class would be 113. This is after the Dr. note is in.
  5. I have emailed him about this and hadn't heard back. I thought I would see if anyone else has had this issue this year. In terms of the "loophole in seeding criteria." I asked for clarification on a question about seeding, I was provided with clarification. Not sure what loophole your referencing?
  6. For the alpha weight if you are under 7% do you have to wrestle the weight class above this season? That is how it is showing on my reports?
  7. Any coaches been on the new site and searched for the documents we need for the season? I can't find wrestling on it anywhere.
  8. I don't believe there is any rule against it.
  9. Attached 2018 Fall Clinic Meeting Minutes.doc
  10. Fall break lol. Didn’t have too much going on. I was letting them destroy the house while I wrote it.
  11. I’m bored, and was thinking the other day that most of the Regionals seem pretty open this year. So who do you have winning the team race in each regional? Goshen, Carroll, Peru, Jay County are the regionals if you didn’t know.
  12. I'll be rocking blue and gold this year, the hair will be gone, but the belly is getting bigger to make up for it. Going for best looking man in Rome City this year, I'll have to wait a few years for Tom Marsh to retire before I can get the title for the whole of Noble County.
  13. Josh Kimmel- New Churubusco Head Coach. Congrats Coach!!!
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/donald-trump-believe-jim-jordan-not-former-wrestlers-say-jordan-knew-abuse-allegations-220734256.html
  15. Looks like Matt Cochran is the new head coach at Snider. Ester is staying in as assistant according to Facebook.
  16. Sam Wood 152 varsity at Busco won, I believe, his second straight regional in pole vault. I’m 100% he made state the past two years. Only a Sophomore.
  17. My appologies for the delay. 2018 Spring Clinic Meeting Minutes.doc
  18. What area of the state will you be moving to?
  19. Reminder this clinic is this Friday!
  20. We (Churubusco) finished 1st in 2014 as a vote in, and last in 2016 as a vote in. Its tough projecting who should get those last spots. I can tell you it sucked being invited when we shouldn't have been in 2016. I'm sure it would have been even worse though not getting in in 2016 when we had a championship team.
  21. Two solid teams in the Northeast will have new head coaches- Fort Wayne Snider Central Noble
  22. Team State Vote In Results Congratulations to the following teams on being invited to next years team state. 3A Warren Central Carmel 2A Southridge Rochester 1A Centerville Southern Wells All Teams have accepted their invite. Other News Committee voted 4-2 (with 1 member abstaining from voting) to change the minimum number of wrestlers needed for a team to qualify for consideration for team state to 7 wrestlers. Previously the minimum threshold was 3 wrestlers. Possible changes in venue and structure of the tournament were discussed, but tabled until a later date. Committee Greg Ratliff- President IHSWCA (Edgewood High School) Jake O’Neill- Vice President IHSWCA (Wabash High School) Sam Riesen- Secretary IHSWCA (Churubusco High School) Tyson Skinner- Madison High School- Former IHSWCA President Dustin Betz- Madison High School Eric Myers- Jay County High School Alex Johns- New Palestine High School Josh Holden- Greenfield Central High School Mike Reiser- Indianamat individual Rankings Coordinator Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings Coordinator
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