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  1. coachaking

    12/14/19 John Glenn Super Dual

    We have had interest from Tippy Valley and Lawrenceburg. And one commit from Fairfield looking to get some more commits soon so we can continue to move forward with the planning of our event.
  2. coachaking

    12/14/19 John Glenn Super Dual

  3. coachaking

    12/14/19 John Glenn Super Dual

    John Glenn High School in Northern Indiana will be hosting our 1st annual Super Dual on Saturday Dec. 14th 2019. If you are interested contact AD Eric Stephens via email estephens@jgsc.k12.in.us, or Head Coach Andy King via DM here or via email aking@jgsc.k12.in.us
  4. coachaking

    Practice this week

    We haven't been able to practice yet this week, and it don't look good for Wednesday either.
  5. coachaking

    LaVille vs. John Glenn

  6. coachaking

    John Glenn vs. North Miami

    John Glenn
  7. coachaking

    Michigan City vs. John Glenn

    Michigan City
  8. coachaking

    LaVille vs. John Glenn

  9. coachaking

    Fairhaven vs. John Glenn

  10. coachaking

    John Glenn vs. Gary West Side

    John Glenn
  11. coachaking

    John Glenn vs. East Chicago Central

    John Glenn
  12. coachaking

    Jimtown vs. John Glenn

  13. coachaking

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    Tim Creason does a great job covering wrestling, but to say that the South Bend area treats wrestling like a real sport is not the reality. Unless it is this dual meet, the Al Smith Invite, or the Penn Sectional, this is the extent of the coverage. Just my two cents.
  14. coachaking

    John Glenn vs. LaVille

    John Glenn
  15. coachaking

    John Glenn vs. Mishawaka Marian

    John Glenn

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