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  1. Its a good tournament. But it's common sense. Mishawaka LN Cathedral Franklin are all way down to what we are used to. Teams that couldn't even make it to the final round robin would show up at the team state back in the day. Teams would place 5th at Calumet then be in the final eight of team state at the end of the year. Also you had Ft Wayne Snider and Griffith who were both tough as nails. That's 8 teams who were powers!

  2. I'd hope their a lot of good guys. There are 16 teams. It's a good tournament. Cathedral is no where close to a top 15 dual team. I just watched them this past weekend. This tournament with its round robin style used to be as hard to win as the team state. And no their isn't a team in this tournament that could win team state.

  3. I mean from the days of Mishawaka Franklin Cathedral Crown Point Portage all had dual teams who could win the state championship. Yes while those other teams might be good. I'm talking about how it was as hard to win this tournament as it was the state duals. This used to be an absolute grinder. Now it's just five duals against some top 30 teams and programs who are still good but nothing like their teams of the past.

  4. Sorry voice command put are instead of our. Haha. Watch your run on sentences. You're out of your mind if you think they would still have state with zero fans. If you don't have fans there is no sport. I mean was this a serious statement or a joke? The IHSAA are going to book Bankers life with no fans?

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