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  1. My son's 1st match is 12111 please tell me that his first match is not over 100 in???? If that is the case we won't be wrestling until the afternoon????
  2. I totally agree ISWA does an awesome job. I am ashamed to admit this I am scared to be going without my husband . I want to offer any help I can to make this go smoothly. I am just a little scared because I am going without my husband and the past 2 out of 3 years there was a "fight" that broke out near us and the people got escorted out and my son is scared of fights and close spaces and he is already a challenged wrestler and I just wanted to have a little insight on what to expect so I can be well prepared so my son is at his best! I appreciate all of the information and I am packing my van. I wish everyone Good Luck! Thank You so much and May the Lord Bless all of you!
  3. OK my question was not to stir up a riot against ISWA! I am willing to help with whatever I can. I now however have a new question how did almost 200 kids register after pre-reg closed??? So am I to think that 961 people with about 3500 people in total are going to fit into the field house? I have a safety concern. There is a limit to that gym by the fire marshall. Are you going to limit the # of spectators? Also from another saefty aspect and having coordinated big events (cheerleading and twirling comps) This is a fight waiting to happen too many people on top of eachother, the heat the competition. I know there isn't much that can be done with the venu or the days and I am not complaining but I fear for mine and my son's safety with that many people in one gym and I am sure the fire marshall will not be pleased, God forbid something happens
  4. Thanks so much this is our 4th year so I knew that seating is few and far between. Thanks for all your help. I was concerned to have over 700 kids just in the field house!!!! I was like this is going to be a long day! I feel much better I am trying to see what I should pack to entertain. Thanks so much I just didn't realize they were using the 2 places. Thanks Again and GOOD LUCK to all!
  5. I see that there are over 700 kids registered for states. I am concerned about #1 the space to sit #2 will there be 2 gyms? #3 are you going to start all ages at the same time? ???
  6. PLease watch this tonight http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/news/local/marion_county/dangerous-game-kills-hoosier-teen Tonight at 10 on Channell 8 WISH Zachs Dad will be talking about the choking Game Parents sit with your Kids and Tonight at 6 on Channell 8 WISH Zachs Dad will be talking about the choking Game Parents sit with your Kids and watch!! Watch it for your Kid. and Zach Wisewatch!! Watch it for your Kid and Zach Wise More info on the Choking Game: Choking Game - Good Kids High http://www.gaspinfo.com/en/home.html Please pass this info on to other parents, friends, schools, churches etc... If you won't do it on my say so please do it for Zach ,Chris, Julie and Ashlie! RIP Zach Wise!
  7. We have already qualified for freestyle states and we plan on doing Greco states do we prepay like Folkstyle states what do we do? Also we will get to see who is participating? I am sorry for the questions I just have not gotten a straight direct answer and we are a little under 3 weeks away. Thanks so much
  8. You missed another Indiana kiddo Intermediate 120+ Jacob Obst 6th from Westfield Great Job Jacob! My son Patrick Furgason was regsiered to be there and Patrick just got out of the hospital. He was a pretty sick little guy ! Good Luck to all still wrestling!
  9. OK great! This will be our first time at Greco/freestyle states! Thanks so much for the help!
  10. I realize you have to qualify for Freestyle states which my son has already done, however when will registration open on track wrestling for states? We are a tad over a month away and I was just curious. Thanks so much.
  11. it was great to meet you too! Thanks for all your help.
  12. Thank You so much! I am scrambling right now otherwsie a trip to the table will be necessary today!!! Please come over and introduce yourself to me today. Thanks so much.
  13. Thanks so much I almost forgot it! Just a small normal towel will be ok?
  14. Not for nothing that is a good thing with us, he is on the young side of a heavy duty division no matter if he was wrestling 120, 130 or 140. So we are looking forward to it. I know that sounds bad but....... Are you guys doing the LC bears tournament next weekend. I am so happy it is so close to my home, for once!!!!
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