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  1. I wrestled for LSU and they dropped there program after my Freshman Year do to title IX. I then went to ISU where they promised that it wouldn't happen there. We had Craig Campbell(Chris Younger brother) there along with Jack Effner, Terry Boes, Dave Yeager, along with others. Well, during the middle of the 1986 season, they announced they were dropping the program. Crushed me and my team. It would be great to have those schoold like ISU, Ball State...etc to have programs and keep this great states talent.
  2. Keep in mind i am of the old school way of things. I heard it will return to the old ways next year. Is this true?
  3. I think there are a couple of teams that could do it, but who will have the place winners to win it all?
  4. Hey, i am not sure but Yorktown's Neff is pretty good.
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