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  1. Tippecanoe Valley (20 miles SW of Warsaw) has a middle school PE and Health opening. We also have wrestling positions open at all levels. If interested, please contact me at kearbyk@tvsc.k12.in.us or 260 580 2535 and I'll get you in touch with our principal. Kyler Kearby Tippecanoe Valley Wrestling
  2. Tippecanoe Valley
  3. Tippecanoe Valley
  4. Tippecanoe Valley
  5. Tippecanoe Valley
  6. Tippecanoe Valley
  7. Tippecanoe Valley
  8. Tippecanoe Valley
  9. Tippecanoe Valley needs athletes for this Saturday's meet (June 15th) at the Daleville Duals. We currently need wrestlers at 110, 117, 124, 130, 185, and HWT. to complete our roster. If you're interested in wrestling with us, contact Coach Kearby at (260) 580-2535.
  10. Tippecanoe Valley (20 SW of Warsaw) has 2 or 3 PE openings at the high school and middle school level, among other teaching positions. We are looking to add people to our wrestling staff as well! Feel free to message me on here or contact me at kearbyk@tvsc.k12.in.us if you have any questions! Link below allows you apply and see all posted positions: https://tippecanoevalleyschools.com/employment-opportunities-2/
  11. Tippecanoe Valley
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