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  1. ridemout247

    State Champion picks

    103-Cody Phillips 112-Paul Beck 119-Josh Kieffer 125-Ethan Raley 130-Jason Tsirtsis 135-Brannigan Barlow 140-Frankie Porras 145-Eric Roach 152-Sam Bennet(better for welch next year) 160-Sean McMurray 171-Drake Stein 189-Branden Atwood 215-Nathan Cleveland Big Boys(285)-James Travis
  2. ridemout247

    Chad Welch 152

    to get to the finals he will have to beat bennet. i would say least he can do is 4
  3. ridemout247

    Who are your top 5 favorite indiana wrestlers?

    1.Blake Muarer 2.Angel Escobedo 3.Andrew Howe 4.Reece Humphrey 5.Cashe' Quiroga

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