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  1. Tell him he is more than welcome to use this site to update the information. I would love to add a lot of the information he has to this site. Do you happen to have an email for him?
  2. I think we might have, I'll have to look at the results again. I'm waiting for a few more team's results and line-ups before i shift the team rankings.
  3. Adding 16 or even 8 more state qualifiers will dilute what it means to be a state qualifier, but in the end people know who the best of the best are. Many times the best wrestlers from different divisions would meet up at tournaments during the season or in the offseason tournaments. Also, just saying you placed at state in Indiana doesn't mean much compared to other states. Just because we have a single class system doesn't make our wrestlers tougher. Indiana is a mid-tier state right now when it comes to wrestling. We are right around the 8-12 mark depending upon what year it is. I
  4. You pinning donuts in your mouth doesn't count!
  5. Ever hear the saying, keep your friends close and enemies closer! The moderators will not delete or taint posts that are just opinions on issues such as this that we don't agree with. Of the moderators, though I think more are for single class wrestling... but of course the people with the most power are the Admins!
  6. He has yet to make 135lbs. He's telling everyone thats where he wants to be, but until he wrestles there I can't put him at that weight.
  7. There must be a lot of class wrestling supporters here!
  8. South Adams by pin at each weight. Garrett isn't very good this year.
  9. South Adams will win 84-0!
  10. Good article that points to why wrestling isn't for everyone. The thing is, if a school of 500 kids can get 30 out, why can't a school of 1000 have the same number if not double?
  11. Haha, thanks for christening the forum, its official now!
  12. Ok a quick definition... Bandwidth is what it takes to load the pages, text doesn't take much bandwidth, its pictures and and other big files. Also downloading and uploading to the site uses bandwidth. The speed of the site will be determined by the RAM on the server. Just as with your computer at home, the more the better. Right now we have 256MB and it seems to be running fine. We'll see as more users sign up and log in. I checked the stats from the first day and we used .32 Gigabytes of bandwidth. Way under the 16 gigs per day limit.
  13. People have been posting info on this site, but it keeps getting deleted. Anyone willing to feel free to post a topic on the old dead forum to get people over. Also, if you have email addresses of wrestling people, send them a link. I know Chuck Barnett sent an email to about 300 people yesterday!
  14. At least you will have the reasons why the rankings guy ranked each kid where, instead of a top secret formula.
  15. Its about $30 a month with this package, but I don't know how much bandwidth we will use as of now. I will check in a week to see how much we used. We have a limit of 500 gigabytes, which is a lot and would be about 16 gigs a day. I'm hoping that, that is enough to use. 1000 gig is $45-50 a month 2000 gig is $100-115 a month We have a virtual dedicated server, which means we kinda have a dedicated server just for this site. To go to a dedicated server, which I don't know if we will need now... or ever the pricing goes from $80 a month to $300 a month. The two thi
  16. For now I am. I may put up a donation link and hopefully can sell some advertising in the future.
  17. Thanks, but you'll have to fight a bunch of teenage kids to get me to move there! They are mean when I threaten to leave. If you know someone with a good website hosting plan, with lots of bandwidth and a dedicated server send them my way. I have purchased this setup for about 6 months, and after that we'll see where to go from there.
  18. Training them of course!
  19. There wasn't much to scout. Half of the kids that wrestled came to the club and/or our camp last year.
  20. Add to that he was at Peru last Saturday scouting his old team! This will be a good test for the Red Devils.
  21. Here is what I have compiled. I know there are more out there though. http://southadamswrestling.googlepages.com South Adams Wrestling http://acwrestling.synthasite.com Adams Central Wrestling http://nacs.k12.in.us/old/chs/athletics/Wrestling/index.htm Carroll(Fort Wayne) Wrestling http://www.huntingtonnorthwrestling.vnsports.com Huntington North Wrestling http://jimtownwrestling.org Jimtown Wrestling http://www.newhavenwrestling.com New Haven Wrestling http://www.scotswrestling.org/HHS%20Wrestling/index.shtml Anderson Highland Wrestling h
  22. SEYMOUR 41, SOUTHWESTERN 36 103 - Luke Schroeder (SW) d. Michael Camp (Sey), pin 0:34. 112 - Michael Humphrey (SW) won by forfeit. 119 - James Brown (Sey) d. Skyler Parker (SW), pin 2:26. 125 - Benji Lloyd (Sey) d. Kegan Smith, 15-8. 130 - Steven Tanner (Sey) won by forfeit. 135 - Jake Smith (SW) d. Sean Mikels (Sey), pin 1:48. 140 - Michael Brawner (SW) d. Kegan Gentry (Sey), pin 1:39. 145 - Tommy Wheaton (Sey) won by forfeit. 152 - Cody Owen (Sey) d. Eli Lauderbaugh (SW), 7-3. 160 - R.J. Rowlett (SW) d. Greg Eaglen (Sey), pin 5:50. 171 -
  23. UNION COUNTY 56, RICHMOND 21 103--William Scalf ® winner by forfeit. 112--Cody Phillips (U) pinned Garrett Port 3:02. 119--Eric Noe ® winner by forfeit. 125--Adam Kratzer (U) winner by forfeit. 130--Patrick Morrow ® def. Morgan Edwards 4-3. 135--Adam Smith ® winner by forfeit. 140--Michael Rogers (U) tech fall Brandon Richardson 15-0. 145--Jackson Schneider (U) pinned Tyler Wettig 1:31. 152--Mason Gesell (U) def. Bruce Moschell 9-2. 160--Jake Hall (U) pinned Alex Douglas 2:52. 171--Michael Duckworth (U) pinned Tyler Greene 2:25. 189--Jake McClure (U) pinned Tom McKinney 1:32. 215--Nate Fi
  24. ELKHART MEMORIAL 52, WARSAW 13 103 - Jarred Brooks (Warsaw) def. Michael Moore (Elkhart Memorial), 10-3 112 - Dantrell Goodman (EM) def. Kendrick Morrison (W), 11-2 maj. 119 - Justin Brooks (W) def. Tim Wider (EM), 23-6 tech fall 125 - Nick Nelson (EM) def. Jordan Horney (W), 10-5 130 - Kevin Kelly (EM) def. Demarcus Gibson (W), 17-3 tech fall 135 - Paul Manbu (W) def. Alberto Rios (EM), 20-5 tech fall 140 - Alex Lymbarger (EM) pinned Landon Slone (W), 4:27 145 - Ryan Stahl (E) pinned Sebastian Hoskins (W), 1:23 152 - Zach Corpe (EM) def. Adam Keene
  25. Bloomington South 65, Northview 7 103 -- Jacob Boomsma (BS) wins by fall over Caleb Nicosin, 2:55 112 -- Kayne Pike (BS) wins by forfeit 119 -- Ethan Farmer (BS) wins by fall over Austin Bell (Nv), 3:25 125 -- Luke Pingleton (Nv) wins by major dec. over Sam Horrocks (BS), 11-3 130 -- Richard Reschke (BS) wins by tech. fall over Pat Durcholz (Nv), 15-0 135 -- Brannigan Barlow (BS) wins by dec. over Brandon Mikesell (Nv), 3-2 140 -- Ben Farmer (BS) wins by forfeit 145 -- Spencer Boyd (BS) wins by fall over Baylor Girton (Nv), 4:15 152 -- Jade Prieboy
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