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Everything posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Lets put it this way, we are all glad you aren't doing the rankings. Last year my rankings got 13th out of 57 people in the pick'ems and they were done after sectional.
  2. Everything is updated with all the sectional data http://www.indianamat.com/brackets/ffdistrubution2009.html
  3. All of them are now posted, we have to await the results of the South Dearborn Sectional on Monday and Tuesday.
  4. Its NEVER too early when you have Y2CJ41 on the job! http://www.indianamat.com/2009-ihsaa-regional-brackets/2009/02/ I'm working on the other ones.
  5. Carroll High School in lovely Huntertown, Indiana will yet again play host to regional wrestling action on February 7th. For the seventh straight year the Carroll Regional will bring together the top four placers from the New Haven and Carroll Sectionals. In the team action, the host Bulldogs came away with a sectional title at New Haven and the Whitko Wildcats kept the Carroll trophy in Whitley County. This year looks to have many great match-ups that will be held in the old Carroll gym for the last time. Next year Carroll will have a brand spanking new gymnasium to show off to the wr
  6. #1 way to piss off Bellmont people, spell Bellmont with one "L"
  7. I am just throwing out all the arguments I hear when discussing class wrestling. Its funny how you can implement those same arguments into other discussions and yet, when I do they are dismissed as being ludicrous.
  8. Why should we be like other states? We don't have class wrestling like most states in the country, why start now emulating the other states? Most states are worse than us at wrestling, why try to be like those states in any way, shape or form?
  9. It wouldn't be bad to have a 32 man bracket at state. That's the way a lot of states do it. What states do that other than California?
  10. I will end the poll probably late tonight or late tomorrow so I can generate the webpage to do this.
  11. I am going to do four regional pick'em games. Of course I'm going to do my home regional of Carroll, but the other three will be decided by YOU the fans! Choose the regional you would like to see have a pick'em game this weekend. Next week we will have all four semi-states and of course the ever popular state finals pick'ems. Winners of each pick'em game will receive an IndianaMat.com dri-fit t-shirt!
  12. by Keyser Soze The 2009 edition of the Laporte sectional may have been the most physical, hard-nosed tournament that this venue has witnessed in many a year. The event ran much longer than anticipated due to the numerous injury and blood time taken in the final round, as the Laporte high school training staff had its work cut out for itself on this day. Portage ran the field on this day, ending Chesterton's two-year sectional title streak with seven weight-class champions. The Indians easily outdistanced the competition, scoring 266 points. Chesterton followed with 211, then Knox
  13. It takes a while to upload results on an Amish internet connection.
  14. The 145lbs weight class is LOADED this year, there are no locks to go to state there. Its never good to go out the way he did, but he will bounce back.
  15. The wrestler who lost to the first place finisher in the first round.
  16. http://indianamat.com/brackets/2009/teambracket.pdf
  17. I'm out for the night, will be finishing up later tonight or tomorrow morning.
  18. Check here for updates, I will probably stop in about a half hour. http://www.indianamat.com/2009-ihsaa-regional-brackets/2009/01/
  19. Delta Sectional Recap By AJ Bradley A few questions were asked in the Delta Sectional Preview: Would Yorktown get all 14 wrestlers out? The answer is YES. How would 112 play out? It played out the way it was seeded. Would Mosier vs. Whitaker be competitive? Yes, it was very competitive. Would Chalfant vs. Janney live up to the hype? Unfortunately, the answer here is no. Some notable performances: Travis Bryant dominated the field today at 103. He defeated a very good Brock Bevans in the finals 15-4. Bryant looked like a wrestler who wanted to make a state
  20. Added Crown Point, only one more sectional to go!
  21. Its funny how adding 224 more semi-state qualifiers is being praised by everyone, yet if you advocate adding 224 more state qualifiers people think its a travesty and ruining everything.
  22. Its ridiculous, this is watering down semi-state and what it means to be a semi-state qualifier. Some kids work their butts off to be just a semi-state qualifier, now we are adding 56 more and it will mean less to be a semi-state qualifier.
  23. The rule in the rulebook states differently than how Bobby Cox is interpreting it though. The rule only states about practices being missed, not necessarily school being missed.
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