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14 Escape and Reversal Drills Every Coach Should Know

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I've got 14 highly effective escape & reversal

drills to share with you :


Here's a list of the drill techniques:

Series #1 - Stand-up Series

Series #2 - Leg Defense

Series #3 - Sit-out Series

Series #4 - Sit-out Drag Drill

Series #5 - Switch Series

Series #6 - Hand Fight from Bottom

Series #7 - Tight Waist Defense

Series #8 - Turk Defense

Series #9 - Wrist Control Defense

Series #10 - Spiral Ride Defense

Series #11 - Claw Defense

Series #12 - Cradle Defense

Series #13 - Cross Wrist Defense

Series #14 - Merkle Defense


You can gain access to all the drills listed

above (with video demos), here:



Check out all of our products at:




Coach Weber

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