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  1. When I started coaching the high school and youth level I soon realized I had to break down the important parts of becoming an effective Gable style wrestler. Over the past decade+ I have created, tweaked and re-tweaked drills to master this style. I now have 11 drills or phases that I like to use when teaching youth and high school wrestlers an in-your-face style of wrestling. A coach could teach their wrestlers all of these phases in a week or two and then use the segmented drills to pinpoint and fix mistakes that are being made. Please go to http://www.attackstyledrilling.com/ to find all details.
  2. I've got 14 highly effective escape & reversal drills to share with you : http://www.escapesandreversals.com Here's a list of the drill techniques: Series #1 - Stand-up Series Series #2 - Leg Defense Series #3 - Sit-out Series Series #4 - Sit-out Drag Drill Series #5 - Switch Series Series #6 - Hand Fight from Bottom Series #7 - Tight Waist Defense Series #8 - Turk Defense Series #9 - Wrist Control Defense Series #10 - Spiral Ride Defense Series #11 - Claw Defense Series #12 - Cradle Defense Series #13 - Cross Wrist Defense Series #14 - Merkle Defense You can gain access to all the drills listed above (with video demos), here: http://www.escapesandreversals.com Check out all of our products at: http://www.darylweber.com/products/ Thanks Coach Weber
  3. I interviewed Jim Harshaw of Riot Sports Marketing about fundraising for your program. He has some awesome ideas and strategies that will work for wrestling and any other sports program of all age levels. His strategy is effective at both raising money and building your fan base at the same time. If you would like more info on this video please visit this page: http://www.darylweber.com/interview/sports-fundraising/ HS COACHES please check out this Google Plus Community where we can come together to discuss important topics and share valuable resources. This is a private community and you will need a gmail account to request an invitation. If you have any issues with it please email me at dw@darylweber.com Here is the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109260067680459886210 Thanks Coach Weber Christiansburg HS Head Coach NCAA Champion ’96 U of Iowa
  4. Title: Every Great Wrestler and Team Has This A System of Wrestling! I have put together an article and video on the importance of wrestlers and teams developing a system. Find it here http://www.darylweber.com/develop-a-system-of-wrestling'>http://www.darylweber.com/develop-a-system-of-wrestling Basically, a good wrestler knows where they want to be when the whistle is blown and great teams all use common moves up and down the lineup. Even though you know it is coming you just can’t stop it. I talk about the steps a wrestler needs to take to master techniques and series of holds, how not to hold yourself or your team back, and some of the big payoffs to training within a definite system. I encourage you to check this piece out and please send me any feedback. I hope you enjoy it. http://www.darylweber.com/develop-a-system-of-wrestling'>http://www.darylweber.com/develop-a-system-of-wrestling Thanks Daryl Weber http://www.darylweber.com NCAA Champion – U of Iowa ‘96 Christiansburg H.S. Head Coach, VA – 12 Defending State Champions
  5. You can find the off-season strength training program we have been using in Christiansburg on my website http://www.darylweber.com/lp/off-season-strength-training . After winning an NCAA Championship in 1996 I was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Iowa Wrestling Team through 2000 while I was training to make the US Olympic Freestyle Team. After that I moved to Christiansburg VA and have been coaching high school and youth wrestling. Chrisitansburg has won the State Championship for the past 12 years and I have developed an off-season strength program that has been a big part of those state titles, multiple individual national champions and our wrestlers capturing over 40 individual state titles in the past seven years. Please visit the following link and I hope you enjoy the program. http://www.darylweber.com/lp/off-season-strength-training Thanks Daryl Weber NCAA Champion – U of Iowa ‘96 Christiansburg H.S. Head Coach, VA – 12 Defending State Champions
  6. I have put together this article in an effort to promote Freestlye and Greco-Roman wrestling in the off-season. I encourage everyone to please read it and pass it along if you like it. http://www.darylweber.com/wrestle-freestyle-greco-roman/ Thanks Daryl Weber Christiansburg H.S. Head Coach, VA
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