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  • Dec 09 Roncalli vs Noblesville

      Roncalli Duals (Click for event information)
      Date: 12/09/2023
      Roncalli 42
      Noblesville 25


      138: Andrew McHugh (RON) over Evan Nicholls (Nobl) (Fall 4:46)

      144: Luke Chastain (Nobl) over will May (RON) (MD 11-2)

      150: Caleb Leeman (Nobl) over Frankie Egan (RON) (Dec 4-0)

      157: Braden Getz (RON) over Aidan Kincaide (Nobl) (Dec 5-0)

      165: Carter Richardson (Nobl) over Gray Wiley (RON) (Dec 3-1)

      175: James Dozier (RON) over Gage Gulley (Nobl) (Dec 11-4)

      190: Brody Heidelberger (RON) over Cole Hanson (Nobl) (Fall 0:58)

      215: Cale Metzler (Nobl) over Evan Nalley (RON) (Dec 4-3)

      285: Austin Hastings (Nobl) over Zane Baker (RON) (Fall 2:25)

      106: peyton schoettle (RON) over Cody Prater (Nobl) (Fall 0:45)

      113: Blake Getz (RON) over Daniel Munoz (Nobl) (Fall 0:30)

      120: Jack Richardson (RON) over Dymonta Collier Jr. (Nobl) (Fall 0:48)

      126: Josh Kauzlick (Nobl) over JR Link (RON) (Fall 3:54)

      132: Alex Plahitko (RON) over Mason Presits (Nobl) (Fall 3:46)

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