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  • Dec 13 Vincennes Lincoln vs Pike Central

      Double Dual at Jasper (Click for event information)
      Date: 12/13/2022
      Vincennes Lincoln 51
      Pike Central 30


      113: Caden Lee (VCL) over (PICE) (For.)

      120: Ty Henderson (VCL) over Gage Morton (PICE) (Fall 3:13)

      126: Griffen Boyd (PICE) over Daniel Henderson (VCL) (Fall 3:37)

      132: Daxx Weist (VCL) over Ryan Gladish (PICE) (Fall 4:50)

      138: Briar Thomas (PICE) over Blake Racey (VCL) (Fall 1:03)

      145: Alex Grey (PICE) over Zander Devin (VCL) (Fall 0:46)

      152: Samuel Hovland (VCL) over Riley Mosby (PICE) (Dec 8-4)

      160: Mason Pietrzak (VCL) over Jayden Bolin (PICE) (Fall 2:53)

      170: Darius Williams (VCL) over Ryan Mosby (PICE) (Fall 0:57)

      182: Kevin Acton (VCL) over Nate Kell (PICE) (Fall 3:45)

      195: Konner Simmons (PICE) over Trenton Acton (VCL) (Fall 5:11)

      220: Corey Goeppner (PICE) over Jayden Plassmeyer (VCL) (Fall 0:24)

      285: Phoenix McCrary (VCL) over Hayden Goins (PICE) (Fall 1:34)

      106: Gage Holdaway (VCL) over (PICE) (For.)

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