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  • Dec 19 Hamilton Southeastern vs Fishers

      Fishers at Hamilton Southeastern (Click for event information)
      Date: 12/19/2023
      Hamilton Southeastern 28
      Fishers 25


      Dual began at 175. Awesome atmosphere. Everyone should go to a Mudsock Wrestling meet when in the area.


      175- Xavier Smith (F) by major over Hicks (HSE)

      190- Burgett (F) by decision over Ternoir (HSE)

      215- Lawhead (HSE) by major over Gunaway (F)

      285- Ingalls (HSE) by fall over Keller (F)

      106- Lakes (HSE) by decision over Lamb (F)

      113- Hruskoci (F) by decision over Nguyen (HSE)

      120- Jackson (HSE) by decision over Ingalls (F)

      126- Yant (F) by fall over Smalley (HSE)

      132- Inman (HSE) by decision over Lamb (F)

      138- Leonard (F) by decision over Culp (HSE)

      144- Casler (HSE) by decision over Kramer (F)

      150- Breck (F) by decision over Gerstner (HSE) 

      157- Lang (HSE) by fall over Bogdan (F)

      165- Funk (F) by decision over Davis (HSE)

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