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  1. Question

    2 credits per semester.
  2. Which regional is better?

    As is true for every tournament - hence the meaning of tournament! There are only 14 medals the IHSAA (or any of us) care about... The 14 hanging from a blue ribbon! If you're not first...
  3. Spenser lee goes down in PA

  4. Girlfriends

    "Woman weaken legs..."
  5. The Clown Hussle isn't what it used to be... #TheStruggleIsReal
  6. This is amazing - post of the year! I can't wait for Saturday!
  7. Those of us from the north that follow wrestling closing have seen this coming too! Congrats to the coaching staff! HUGE Austin Moore fan after last weekend.
  8. Side Officials

    When the conversation about how/when to use and assistant referee I always find time to mention the coaches vote. I have been in this situation before. What many officials don't realize (especially in the tournament series) is that when you do 'change' your initial call to the 'right' call you WILL get screamed at by one corner. It is natural. It is emotional. The part that great officials realized is that EVERY other coach competing that day is asking themselves - do I have that guy on my match. Yes, sometimes getting it right means losing part of your seat cushion under your pants, so to speak. But, it isn't a death sentence to your officiating career (and some refs will tell you it is). It is sometimes an opportunity to show the strength of your integrity and gain some coaches favor in the ratings. I know some people are gonna jump on that last statement, but it's true. I don't want to give anyone the impression that I would change/not change a call to get coaches votes. Getting the call right does, sometimes lead to better coaches ratings.
  9. Side Officials

    I would much rather have a ref that sincerely asks for help, than one that doesn't and we blowup the internet complaining about it. 10 minutes is entirely too long, but not too long to wait for the right call.
  10. whaaaaaa!? Do you have a link to this news story? Found it on FoxNews.com
  11. Side Officials

    In the north land we are very blessed that the assistant referee is used often and calls ARE reversed on occasion. Yesterday, the assistants called locked hands and the conversations (when necessary) seemed to be a genuine exchange. As far as video review... I agree with the need for such protocol at the pro/Olympic level, not at high school. The statement I heard and like to repeat - why don't you just tape the match on Saturday, send the tape to the IHSAA and they will announce the winner in the paper on Monday. These guys work hard at what they do. The are evaluated and vetted by the IHSAA. I am sure that they are all calling each other today to review tough situations and ask for feedback from former officials and colleagues that they trust. I can't speak about the ones you hire for dual meets, but the ones you saw yesterday take it very seriously and will seek constructive criticism. Most importantly, if they screw up there is always a gym full of 'home schooled' referees that will help make them aware of the need for a career change. One wise official once told me in the locker room, pre-meet convo, "There are 4 paid officials here today. Once the first whistle blows there will be thousands of them in attendance."
  12. Mosely and fuller

    He will be put on 'double secret' probation...
  13. Jeffersonvile Regional

    Jozu tomodachi!