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  • Floyd Central at Salem

    Event Information
    Wrestlers to Watch
    *This is based off of ranked wrestlers and wrestlers on our watch lists. If out of state wrestlers are in this event they are not included.

    106: #3/#1 Isaac Campbell(Floyd Central)
    113: NR/NR Leblanc Phan(Floyd Central) , NR/NR Brayden Walters(Salem)
    120: #23/#8 Anthony Kessinger(Floyd Central)
    126: NR/#9 Fynn Douglas(Floyd Central) , NR/NR Brandon Didat(Floyd Central)
    132: #23/#8 Hunter Banet(Floyd Central)
    138: #23/#8 Vince Kessinger(Floyd Central)
    150: #2/#2 Hunter May(Floyd Central)
    157: #24/#6 Noah Banet(Floyd Central) , NR/NR Evan Bowling(Salem)
    175: #5/#2 Bray Emerine(Floyd Central)
    190: NR/#10 Spencer Fain(Floyd Central)
    215: NR/NR Noah Daulton(Salem)
    285: #11/#3 Justin Brown(Floyd Central)
    Event Results
    Floyd Central
    Update Result


    106: Logan Bibelhauser (FC) over (SA) (For.)

    113: Brayden Walters (SA) over Logan Roberts (FC) (Fall 0:00)

    120: Aiden Stephens (FC) over Braxton Backus (SA) (Fall 2:00)

    126: Brandon Didat (FC) over Waylon Foster (SA) (TF 16-1 4:00)

    132: Harley Schocke (SA) over Wyatt Miller (FC) (Fall 0:00)

    138: Graham Ehringer (FC) over Blake Ramsey (SA) (Fall 2:00)

    144: Varric Wright (FC) over Zayne Paulley (SA) (Fall 2:00)

    150: Coleton Deatrick (FC) over (SA) (For.)

    157: Evan Bowling (SA) over Noah Droddy (FC) (Fall 2:00)

    165: Brandon Cornwell (SA) over Noah Ward (FC) (Dec 10-3)

    175: Tanner Conway (FC) over Brady Briscoe (SA) (Fall 4:00)

    190: Joel Altmeyer (SA) over Mark Brown (FC) (Fall 0:00)

    215: Noah Daulton (SA) over (FC) (For.)

    285: Will Brown (FC) over Ty Benham (SA) (Fall 0:00)

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