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  • Andrean at Highland

    Event Information
      Date: 01/10/2024 11:00 PM
      Schedule Points: 1
      Event Type: Boys Dual
      Event Level: Regular Season Boys
      Location: Highland
      Participating Teams:

      Linked events:
      Jan 10 Highland vs Andrean


    Wrestlers to Watch
    *This is based off of ranked wrestlers and wrestlers on our watch lists. If out of state wrestlers are in this event they are not included.

    113: NR/#10 Angel Ramirez(Highland)
    144: NR/NR Hunter Vanek(Highland)
    157: NR/#10 Daniel Carrillo(Highland)
    165: NR/#7 Hunter Sopkowski(Highland)
    190: NR/NR Joshua Hubbard(Highland)
    285: #3/#3 Aramis McNutt(Highland)
    Event Results
    Update Result


    175: Ethan Salazar (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    190: Joshua Hubbard (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    215: John Kreis (HIGH) over Andy Yurechko (ANDR) (Fall 1:27)

    285: Victor Bassett (HIGH) over Miguel Rivera (ANDR) (Fall 2:48)

    106: Brian Holmquist (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    113: Josue Ahmad (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    120: Angel Ramirez (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    126: Gavin Wilson (HIGH) over Akira Hann (ANDR) (Fall 3:36)

    132: Simon Ayala (HIGH) over Rudy Castro (ANDR) (TF 18-1 3:55)

    138: Aleksandra Bastaic (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    144: Hunter Vanek (HIGH) over Saul Cuazitl (ANDR) (Fall 2:54)

    150: Tyler Bishop (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

    157: Daniel Carrillo (HIGH) over Lorenzo Rodriguez (ANDR) (Fall 0:24)

    165: Hunter Sopkowski (HIGH) over (ANDR) (For.)

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