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DeKalb vs. Southern Wells

    Date: 11/30/2019
    DeKalb 41
    Southern Wells 36

    DeKalb vs. Southern Wells @ Homestead Super Duals on 11/30/2019.


    DeKalb (DEKA) 41.0 Southern Wells (SWEL) 36.0


    182: Jed Perry (SWEL) over Blake Rowe (DEKA) (Fall 0:55) 195: Cole Meeks (SWEL) over Curtis Martin (DEKA) (Fall 2:52) 220: Dominic Blevins (DEKA) over Xavier Booher (SWEL) (Fall 0:24) 285: Logan Dallas (DEKA) over Tucker Corwin (SWEL) (Fall 2:00) 113: Kasey Bosell (DEKA) over Kat Ramsey (SWEL) (Fall 0:36) 120: Braxton Miller (DEKA) over Blake Maloney (SWEL) (TF 17-1 4:00) 126: Chandler Arterburn (DEKA) over (SWEL) (For.) 132: Isaac Wimer (DEKA) over (SWEL) (For.) 138: Gaven Hopkins (DEKA) over Cain Clark (SWEL) (Fall 0:20) 145: William Fiechter (SWEL) over Jackson Lee (DEKA) (Fall 1:25) 152: Josh Beeks (SWEL) over Rafe Worman (DEKA) (Fall 1:16) 160: Xavier Walden (SWEL) over Mitch Snyder (DEKA) (Fall 2:56) 170: Jacob Duncan (SWEL) over (DEKA) (For.)

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