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Adams Central vs. New Haven

    Date: 12/15/2018
    Adams Central 60
    New Haven 12

    Parker Bates (AC) pinned Dom Wesley (NH) 5:16
    Monty Hill (AC) decision over Jacob Saylor (NH) 4-2
    Tristan Martz (NH) pinned Noah Bollenbacher (AC) 2:36
    Jacob Manley (AC) pinned Caleb Salinas (NH) 3:29
    Jashawn Berlanga (AC) pinned Brian Montgomery (NH) 0:33
    Aiden Cummings (AC) won by forfeit
    Kaleb Peace (AC) won by forfeit
    Aweston Houis (NH) won by forfeit
    Alex Currie (AC) pinned Jett Rondot (NH) 3:17
    Logan Mosser (AC) decision over Elijah Chacon (NH) 5-0
    Jake Jackson (AC) decision over Cameron Mason (NH) 4-2
    Logan Macklin (AC) pinned Camari Kirk (NH) 2:48
    Blake Heyerly (AC) decision over Coleton Junk (NH) 4-3
    Paul Faurote (AC) pinned Joseph Burkley (NH) 0:22


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