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Northridge vs. Warsaw

    Date: 12/08/2018
    Northridge 54
    Warsaw 12

    160: Brandon Estepp (WARS) over Tony Iniesta (NRID) (Dec 7-4)

    170: Andrew Lockwood (NRID) over Jayton Brock (WARS) (Fall 1:41)

    182: Brock Hueber (WARS) over Caid Lacey (NRID) (Dec 6-2)

    195: Ibrahim Khaoucha (NRID) over Angel Mendez (WARS) (Fall 0:33)

    220: Omar Khaoucha (NRID) over (WARS) (For.)

    285: Rhent Addis (NRID) over Griffin Reed (WARS) (Dec 12-5)

    106: Jasper Graber (NRID) over (WARS) (For.)

    113: Justin Puckett (NRID) over Jose Martinez (WARS) (Fall 1:22)

    120: Evan Beasley (NRID) over Andrew Ross (WARS) (TF 21-4 2:56)

    126: Collin Ruemler (NRID) over Isaiah Owens (WARS) (MD 15-6)

    132: Logan Hooley (NRID) over Brock Hogenson (WARS) (Dec 6-2)

    138: Adam Hooley (NRID) over Austin Brown (WARS) (Fall 0:33)

    145: Oliver Eveler (NRID) over Jacob Bass (WARS) (Dec 11-10)

    152: Jose Grimmett (WARS) over Wyatt Simmons (NRID) (Fall 5:21)

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