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  1. Looked like there was not to many kids from Indiana at this tourney.
  2. Has committed to wrestle for Notre Dame College! Congrats to Jake and his family.
  3. With many of us enjoying the various semi states that was going on around the State of Indiana this Saturday. The college women also took to the mat to try and win the coventent WCW National title. Indiana had 5 women wrestling: Grace Paxton placing 3rd at 109 pounds for the University of the Clumberlands This is Gibby's second All American title. Demi Strub DNP at 170 pounds for Oklahoma City University Makayla Bushman DNP at 123 pounds for Campbellsville University Kayla Miracle Winning the National Title at 136 pounds for Campbellsville University Sarah Hildebrandt Winning the National Title at 123 pounds for King University Also Coach Lee Miracle took his Tigers to a National Runner Up Title Congrats to Lee and all the Indiana Girls.
  4. Went up on Friday night to watch I would like to thank Track Wrestling for having the wrong address.
  5. Blue Monster Please tell me how #7 State Rank Jake Cavins does not make your NC Rankings at 195???
  6. Yesterday was the first day I would official say it was HOT!! But it rained CATS and DOGS so it was nice and cool for the kids in the dorm.
  7. Bog If you are looking just at underclassman then Milan had 2 RegQ and 2 SSQ.
  8. Instead of holding hands with your wife, you have a 2 on 1.
  9. When you explain the finer points of a chicken wing to your nieces & nephews during family gatherings.
  10. Sorry Willie, but with all the bugs and coodies that are being spread around these days. I will gladly take blood time and clean time all day long. Infectious diseases are something that high schools do not need to mess around with.
  11. Do we need to buy tickets in advance to get a front row seat for the finials?
  12. As my kid has been getting older, I have been asking this as they come of the mat. Do you want me to be the your coach and ripe on you for what you did wrong or would rather me be the dad that says good job and we will get him next time? 9 x out of 10. It is please be the coach and point out the mistakes, but after you cool down.
  13. That was a great dual. Looks like OSU wrestlers ran out of gas and the Boliermakers took advantage of it when they could.
  14. I agree what Jerry is doing is great for the kids is great, and I wish more coaches would do this. But let us not confuse open mat with Regional Open or Club Practice. Open mat is for the Connersville kids only. Regional Open is once a week and is scattered thru the state. Club Practice is just that, a club which is a paid membership. Milan has tried putting stuff together but in the end when only 2 or 3 kids show up and they are at two different ends of the spectrum of weight it makes it tuff. Also you get parents and coaches that say Freestyle and Greco teaches only bad habits and that the kids need to stay away from that does not help either. So we go where the wrestling is "Jake Cavins' Basement!" ;D Kidding aside all wrestlers should go to one of these Regional Opens to practice. You learn new technique and get to practice with different kids in the state. I think it is a great thing for the kids and the coaches.
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