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  1. Good Luck to Team Indiana Zeal this weekend!! Wrestling Addix Apparel Company has sponsored Live Video Stream of the Lock Haven Spring Brawl Semi's & Finals Dual matches on Saturday 4/27. Approximate times for Semi Finals is 4:00 PM and Finals around 5:30 PM Live Stream Link here - http://www.pawrvideo.com/page/2013-Lock-Haven-Duals
  2. Popularity and Energy growing for Girls Youth Wrestling competition there will be a Girls 14 & Under Division at the Border Wars 2013 All-Star Xmas Duals hosted at Kellogg Arena.Multiple National & State Club Teams being organized for Girls 8th Grade & Under Division with lower weight classes offered for girls at younger ages. Club Coaches can get on with building your Teams for the December even! Link for 2013 All-Star Xmas Duals here -
  3. Looking for some feedback from Indiana High School Spring/Summer Travel teams! What date fits best for Indiana teams in "May" (other then May 18/19) for this years Great Lakes Scramble Super Duals at Trine University in Angola. Also considering June 2nd. Any feedback is appreciated before we finalize a date! Thank you! trying to avoid as man Proms, Graduations, and other things of that nature. This is a College Fundraiser for Trine Wrestling. Thank you! rstehley@gmail.com
  4. Who are this years Top School Teams from Indiana ? Great Feeder Programs develop into phenomenal High School programs!! Love to hear who has the best young guns in the Hoosier State and match them up with School teams from Michigan, Ohio, and Pa.
  5. Great National lineup of teams in all divisions! 14 & Under has 14 Teams from 10 States! 12 & Under Division - Team MYWA Blue (MI) Team OHIOWAY Blue (MI) Team Iowa (IA) Team NCWAY (NC) Team MDWAY Jr Terps (MD) Team Minion Georgia (GA) Team SCWAY (CA) Team OHIOWAY Red (OH) Team MYWA Red (MI) Team MYWA White (MI) Team OHIOWAY Grapplers (OH) Team HYWAY (IN)
  6. Border Wars School Team Championships - Looking for the Indiana's best School based Elementary & Middle School Teams for National matches on Friday 3/29 with Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio School Teams. (School Teams Only) Each team and weight must be filled with kids that feed into one high school program. Report Cards and Proof of Enrollment required. Elementary 6th Grade & Under Division, and Middle School Division 7th & 8th Grade (6th Grade wrestlers can wrestle both divisions) Teams interested should send this years credentials, include info on tournament results or
  7. NUWAY National Dual Tournament organizers seeking an additional 8 & Under and 10 & Under competitive lineups for National Duals on Feb 10th @ Kellogg Arena. Interested teams will need to secure entry with deposit and email to: rstehley@gmail.com Current 8-U team entries include - 8 & Under Division - Team SCWAY (CA) - Team MYWA Blue - Team MYWA Red - Team MYWA White - Team Contenders (IN) - Team Minion Georgia - Team New York NYWAY - Team Iowa -- OHIOWAY (OH) -- Team Pennsy
  8. Room for more Age based Teams @ NUWAY Dragon Duals Tiffin University, Ohio. Accepting - 12U -10U - 8U Teams for Dual Matches vs OHIOWAY - MYWAY - HYWAY teams on Sunday 1/13. Link here for more info (Teams will receive at 2 lb allowance) Click here for more info - http://www.grandriverrumble.com/adobe/NUWAYTiffinDuals13.pdf
  9. Your Top Two State Finals Teams are welcome and invited Free Entry for School Team National Duals on Friday March 29th at Tiffin University - Tiffin, Ohio. Other School Team entries from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more. Email to: rstehley@gmail.com
  10. Looking for some Youth teams for Duals 1/13 @ Tiffin University - Tiffin, Ohio - Entry for any 12U - 10U - 8U - lineups at Tiffin University - Dragon Duals on Sun 1/13.. come wrestle Ohio, Pa & Michigan teams. http://www.grandriverrumble.com/adobe/NUWAYTiffinDuals13.pdf
  11. Nice work to all the Indiana Teams, Coaches, Wrestlers, and Parents! This was the best Xmas Duals in 7 years, your parents and wrestlers were great! We look forward to NUWAY Nationals on Feb 10th and some great competition!
  12. Age Based Club Teams, who's showing up for - 12U - 10U - 8U - College fundraiser, current entries from - OH - PA - MI & more. Click on Dragon Duals banner for tournament info at: www.grandriverrumble.com
  13. 12/9 Xmas Duals - Coaches have received trackwrestling.com account info, time to get your rosters uploaded, each team should have roster info in by Wednesday this week. If you did not receive the email check your Junk Mail or Spam filters, if nothing shows up then please email lineup information to: rstehley@gmail.com Last minute roster additions can be made until the close of weigh-ins.. Live Tournament updates, pools & bracket info will be available at: www.trackwrestling.com Upcoming NUWAY Duals info at: www.grandriverrumble.com
  14. User Friendly Website with valuable info for Ohio Wrestlers & those interested in the NUWAY supported Ohio Wrestling Organization. www.OHIOWAYwrestling.com OHIOWAY is now accepting 2013 Membership for all age wrestlers.OHIOWAY Organizers are currently working with a large number of Clubs & Biddy programs, also College Coaches in scheduling multiple events for the upcoming Season. OHIOWAY Wrestlers will be eligible for NUWAY National events including Nov 2-4 Southwest Kickoff in Las Vegas, NUWAY National Age Based Duals on Feb 10 and April Individual Nationals amonst ma
  15. Many of the Ohio Directors that have helped in the past have Re-Organized under OHIOWAY and are working with NUWAY National leadership. The Directors involved have goals for events, travel teams and a better relationship connecting with the Ohio Wrestlers & Coaches at all levels of wrestling, NUWAY will recognize OHIOWAY registration & membership and work with OHIOWAY Leaders, OHIOWAY Clubs, supporting Individual & Club memberships, events, travel teams, Girls divisions, and qualification into the NUWAY National Events. NUWAY & OHIOWAY will be working together in support
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