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  1. Significant Matches 113: (#4 @106) Chundi, Carmel beat #12 Ashton Hayhurst, Castle (8-3) -#5 Ben Dalton, Monrovia beat Suhas Chundi, Carmel (7-0) 120: #6 Carson Eldred, Westfield beat #5 Devon Casebolt, Castle (4-1) 126: #1 Brayden Curtis, Yorktown beat #16 Payne Blackburn, Delta (5-3 TB-1) 132: #14 Kyle Holman, Carmel beat #7 Logan Boe, Plainfield (4-3) 145: #11 Jeff Dunasky, Guerin Catholic beat #14 LJ Burdon, Plainfield (3-2) 182: #3 LeVon Bellemy, Edgewood beat #10 Cameron Bacon, Carmel (6-5) -NRClay Whitney, Monrovia beat #12 Will Nix, Martinsville (19-11) -NR Ryan Mahoney, Westfield beat #12 Will Nix, Martinsville (13-7) 195: Will Nunn, Castle beat #6 Nick Willham, Greenwood (3-1) -#6 Nick Willham, Greenwood beat #15 Jack Heldt, Carmel (10-1) -#15 Jack Heldt, Carmel beat #14 Griffin Stine, Martinsville (11-3) 220: #10 Micah Dodson, Martinsville beat #14 Deshawn Young, Franklin Central (Fall) -#10 Micah Dodson, Martinsville beat NR Haakon Van Beynen, Carmel (8-3) 285: So many awesome matches here, too many to post lol Team Scores: Carmel 295.5 Castle 183.5 Westfield 181.5 Plainfield 154 Yorktown 126 This tournament was a fun one! So many more exciting matches that went down over the last two days! Go check out the results on trackwrestling! Well run tournament, big thanks to Mooresville High School for a great tournament.
  2. Cody LeCount

    Holiday Weekend Upsets

    #14 Kyle Holman beat #7 Logan Boe 4-3
  3. Carmel wins 50-15 138: Kyle Holman over #11 Buchanan 14-4
  4. Cody LeCount

    #8 Carmel vs. #20 Center Grove

    Posted in Results
  5. Cody LeCount

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    This is awesome! Being apart of the 2012 Perry Meridian team and knowing all the history between the two teams is awesome for wrestling in the state of Indiana! The atmosphere is going to be through the roof for this dual! Excited to see how it all unfolds!
  6. Cody LeCount

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    I love this idea! We do it at our home duals too and all the guys enjoy it. Its quite comical when one of our guys runs out to I knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, but the kids enjoy it and that what it is all about!!
  7. Cody LeCount

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Suhas Chundi beat Stephen Roberson 5-1 Logan Hart best Elijah Mahan 11-4
  8. I posted info on this camp, ran by IU Coach Mike Dixon, in the camps/clinics forum. Come out and join us. This is open to anyone that wants to come learn and be around a college staff! Also for all the studs around the state we have commits from Cayden Rooks, Nick South, Asa Garcia, and Kyle Cornwell coming up to join us! Along with some possible Perry Meridian, Warren Central, And Portage studs! So if you aren't doing anything this Sunday come wrestle with some of the best guys in the state of Indiana and the new IU coaching staff!!!!! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me!
  9. Cody LeCount

    IU Camp! Studs coming out to join us!

    Bump! also just got word some Trojans of Center Grove will be joining us tomorrow! its going to be a room full of studs so come out and roll with some of the best in the state!
  10. Cody LeCount

    Top 100 Career Wins

    You're missing me! I was 184-2
  11. CUSAWC Camp 10.21 Hosted by: IU Assistant Coach Mike Dixon Dixon was an NCAA qualifier at 275 lbs. in 1998. He earned the team's Most Improved Wrestler award in 1998 and the prestigious Billy Thom Leadership award in 2001. Also in the 2001 season, Dixon became a University National Freestyle Champion and earned a fourth-place finish in the 2001 Pan-American Games at 97kg. Dixon, who completed his varsity career at Indiana in 2001, returns to his alma mater as the Hoosiers' associate head coach. Who: Grades K-12 When: October 21, 2018 from 11:00-1:00 & 2:00-4:00 Where: CHS Wrestling Room, enter door 21 Cost: $30 (checks payable to CUSAWC) Questions: Please contact: Coach Cody LeCount cody.lecount@carmelusawrestling.org
  12. Cody LeCount

    Carmel RTC tonight

    Tonight 6:45-8:15! Any Fargo guys looking for a workout before you leave come scrap with us!
  13. Cody LeCount

    Carmel RTC

    Yes Carmel RTC is still running and will be through the summer! Every Wednesday from 6:45-8:15
  14. I wanted to reach out to all wrestlers out there looking for workouts this summer! Every Wednesday and Thursday from 12-2 I have been doing skill specific workouts open to the public. Last week we worked on front headlocks. This week we will be focusing on single legs. Four hours a week of slowed down drilling and technique to really learn the skills. Again this is open to the public and cost $30 a week. Come join us and bring others with you! Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Cody LeCount cody.lecount@carmelusawrestling.org

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