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Posts posted by cougarlion

  1. Who said Harrison gets 4 to state???  What does having "a" state champ have to do with Team State??  Turkey Run has had a state champ.....should they be in? I see Harrison getting 3 there next year and 2 past Friday night....not claiming they have a bunch of state placers next year...most likely 2 if things go right!  But solid lineup of ticket round talent,  that makes for a decent dual match team.  Anyone ever hear of the undefeated Miami Dolphins??  Do you know they had the easiest schedule in the NFL that year....know how many playoff teams they played during the season???  The answer is ZERO !!  Just saying it is a possibility that Harrison will make a good showing, the numbers show they deserve a chance!!  Maybe we should talk about Butler basketball......Cinderella two years in a row.....don't think so....maybe they were for real ??? Sometimes people just know too much!!

  2. Lafayette Harrison will not place high at State Series....but will be a tough Team State match for most teams. Will bring a lot of good wrestlers to the ticket round matches next year at E.C. semi-state...on the verge of breakimg into top 10. They can be the big surprise at the Team State next year if given the chance. Only one way to find out!!

  3. Actually I see that one of the  Kidwell's  is at 195 for west Lafayette and won the Hoosier Conference......Congrats to You Big Guy.....this is another of last years champs if I remember correctly now.....Under the Radar !!  Don't forget his brother Mikey at 152 either........great athlete!!  Congrats to West Side on Finishing First as a Team.

  4. Don't leave Munson (BC) out of the conversation....wasn't he in ticket round last year at 170??  If not, very close.  I'm more interested in wrestlers that have not been mentioned.......Don't think the ones whose names keep popping up have any danger of not getting through regional!!  How about some off the radar kids?? 

    Who is Mr. X we need to look out for??  Doesn't Delphi have 3 returning regional champions??  What about West Side....didn't they go to team state?? They have to have some kids in the mix somewhere.....what weights are the Kidwells??

  5. I thought Wade was at 132 ?  But I love the Koopman pick!!  Kid is tough junior if he breaks into the lineup!!  Is 132 as tough as 126 this year? Heard Jeff was unstoppable!!

      ..... Keep the picks coming....all I know is don't overlook the twin lakes sectional....if you do you will go home early!!  Quality this year....not quantity.......

  6. Exciting finish.......Looked to be Laf. Jeff all day......sending 9 to semi=state......won the 1st two championship matches......one by pin.......then lost all remaining 7 championship and 3rd place matches......Lafayette Harrison takes first lead of the day by one pt. with 220 class win.....Harrison wins 5 of 7 championship and 3rd places matches with two pins to pass jeff and win by a slim 5 pts........Harrison Hwy. wins 1-0 in 4th OT.......Wow!!  Harrison sending 7.....Benton Central 4....

  7. You have won me over.......Carden out of my state picks.........Strawsma for sure.......Lukaska also.........when you drill will each other everyday and are of that top quality talent......you travel to the state in pairs  .........see it all the time........Both  BC boys ready to take the pressure and next step.........

    both place top 3 at semi=state.........





  8. Love to see 10 make it out....I'll go with 7 of this bunch......106 Anderson Jeff,.113 Miller jeff,   132 Straswma  BC, 152 Armuth Harrison, 170Mote Delphi, 182 Wright Harrison,  160 Fritz ,  220  Meyer Harrison, Hwy.Kern Harrison  and........Honorable mention :Shrock, Pullins , Lukaska , Carden.

  9. Love the Strawsma kid.......great body awareness on the mat.....havn't seen the Carden so can't make that call.........but Strawsma is class act before and after matches.....think he makes it to the big show this year........he's the kind you love to pull for !!

  10. Nothing against West Lafayette but that's like two years in a row the Journal and Courier has an article right before sectionals about "You better watch out for West Lafayette at sectionals".

    Maybe thank the newspaper for putting the target on their back !!

  11. Who is favorite to take team Regional Title ??  Does the edge go to Lafayette Jeff with their big numbers in the Sectional Championship Round??  Heard they have 11 going to Regional and had 7 in champtionship round?? 

    Who has big numbers from twin lakes sectional??

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