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  1. Dominate the Mat! Ages 6-12 13-15 16+ Wrestler's Edge exists to do just that; give you the EDGE! Don't waste your money on expensive camps. Wrestler's edge is a year-long conditioning program designed specifically to improve your 6 minute performance. Developed by Rockstar owner and ISHAA state champion, this program involves grappler strength and conditioning with on mat drills and exerscies to give you the ultimate EDGE. Visit our page for information, pricing, session times, and wrestling articles! http://rockstar.liveeditaurora.com/pages/athletes1
  2. This program is for serious wrestlers looking to take their performance to the next level. Middle and High School Wrestlers. Wrestlers Edge Ran out of Rockstar Gym located on 3rd St in Osceola Indiana Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:45 and 7:15. (until Oct 31st) 75 minute sessions strength conditioning mat time Sundays Wrestler's Open Gym 2:00-3:30 (ALL-YEAR) Packages include access to Speed & Agility sessions, Yoga, General Strength & Conditioning Program, Cycling & Kettlebell Power Endurance. Rockstar also has a nutritionist, offers personal training, screens all athletes to predict and decrease their risk of injury, and utilizes ultrasound body-fat/health analysis. Use Promo Code "INmat" to get 2 sessions free for month of July. Register online or stop in. Location: http://rockstar.liveeditaurora.com/apps/mindbody/about Go to Site: http://rockstar.liveeditaurora.com/pages/athletes1#wrestler Go to Wrestlers Edge Schedule: http://rockstar.liveeditaurora.com/apps/mindbody/classes/88 Contact Steve for questions 574-612-3127 or Steve@rockstarkbg.com
  3. We currently run sessions Monday and Wednesday Evening 645 and 7:30 PM. Sundays we open gym at 2:30. During the season we will only be holding open gym at 2:30 on Sundays. Any new clients can try the first session for free. Before joining, we require new clients athletes and nonathletes complete a fitness evaluation and functional movement screening. Starting July session will run 75 minutes instead of 45. These will include injury prevention explosiveness, strength and conditioning, as well as mat time. We also have a new Morris group fitness classes and athletic sessions. I recommend most wrestlers also utilize our yoga classes as well as speed and agility sessions. Contact Steve@RockstarKBG.com for more info or visit our website.
  4. Thanks Seltzer! After a long weekend helping host Penn's Xtreme Wrestling camp (over 55 wrestlers who make 3 Disney Duals teams), the Wrestler's Edge Course was a great experience! There are so many college level (and even higher) programs that do not offer strength & conditioning for wrestlers. I've even seen D2 and D1 programs who put their wrestler's on the same program as the football team!!! I am super impressed with the strength and conditioning program LN already has in place. Athletic departments all over the state should take a note out of the programs that many of the Indy area schools have. I know that northern Indiana has a small commitment to athletic development (weight room and trainers) compared to some of the big Indy schools. It's no wonder that their programs dominate and others are left with just one or two athletic standouts (those born with freakish athletic ability). Shame on mom, dad and our athletic departments for throwing their kids into sports XYZ with little or no athletic training (Shouldn't a kid be an ATHLETE before a wrestler, football, ect.???) Kudos to LN for taking advantage of an awesome program I wish I every middle and high school wrestler had access to! I know the experience and knowledge gained from the 4 hour course will directly benefit the young LN wrestling team.
  5. Wasn't trying to badmouth you or perpetuate any rumors, was just legitimately curious. Pretty impressive accomplishment to make such a big jump and win a title, especially giving up weight like you did. And as a Fort Wayne-area wrestler at the time, it was definitely exciting to see someone represent the semi-state well at the state level. -Thanks. I didn't take offense. I understand the curiosity and the rumors. I appreciate the compliment.
  6. There was a kid from Northwood that graduated in 2007 (I think). He went down 1-2 weight classes a year. He started at 160 and by his senior year he was 135!
  7. "He actually wrestled junior year. He sat out the first part of his senior year, but came back partway through the year." "Did weight cutting have an influence on why he sat out? I remember that being the rumor at the time, and with how much he jumped up it seemed to make sense." Weigh GAINING was why I sat out! Having torn up my knees on the mat and never really focusing on strength my off season of Junior Year was a big eye opener. Not to mention having my first knee surgery 7 weeks after my dads didn't leave me too eager to get back on the mat. After a hard season of cutting I was walking around 165. The results I saw from diet and training gave me (what i thought) was a good reason to keep that going instead of wrestling. After a couple weeks of the season went by I couldn't take it anymore. Got back on the mat with only 1 stipulation "I don't care about my weight/class, I just want to wrestle, since I'm here I'll do my best". Who knew that's the kind of mindset needed to win state! And for the RUMORS... I averaged 176 that year and was even lighter the day of state. I averaged an 11-15 LB increase each year from freshman to junior year. With a solid training program and diet I added an extra 6-10 LB gain senior year (hard to say exactly with the extra body fat what was 'real muscle') I completely understand how stories like those on this post lead to rumors. I am disappointed that kids (and parents) have access to substances they shouldn't and don't take the time to 1) educate themselves and 2) do things right. I will always be grateful to the sport of wrestling and am happy to work with wrestlers on a regular basis who educate themselves and do things right!
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