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  1. Reece vs Angel--People claimed Reece was running and so on. Learning from Reece about this helped a lot. You remember all the post. I think both guys did ok. Without Dake Reece would have got his. 2X World team member not to shabby. I know one thing I will be pulling for both at worlds. Remember all the chatter about Jason and Cashe? Wow the pressure Cashe had on him was unreal. Then it was McGill and Cosgrove I think now that was crazy. Then boomsma vs Boston that never happened. Then Micic Vs Boston and the champ goes down at Bankers. He was just better than me that night. Then Boston r
  2. Thanks guys! Glad to see Indiana guys do well.
  3. Voltron- state was this weekend and its on ihigh im pretty sure and thanks navy!
  4. Today I got on indiana mat to see how some former team-mates were doing and saw some hard core Nathan Boston bashing. To be honest it seemed pretty disrespectful to say i was running from Stephan micic, but its all good because i got on here to clear some things up. First off if any of you know me i run from no one. Secondly i moved to Kentucky because my grandma is in bad health and my brother is attending college at Campbellsville. Lastly i will be at scholastic duals this year at 113 if Stephan wants to wrestle or we can set up a indiana/Kentucky all-star dual. Btw Congrats to my boy deond
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