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  1. I am looking for a few weight classes to fill up our 8th grade and under team that will be heading up to Battle Creek, Michigan on December 26 & 27. Weights open are: 97,102 114,121, 147,162, Hwt If you are interested in one of these spots please contact me @ 260-433-5656 . Spots will go on a first come basis
  2. If you are having problems getting your USA card . Don't worry ,just show up at Spiece Fieldhouse . We will get you your card and register for the Iron Eagle Nationals .
  3. Iron Eagles Nationals Registration and weigh-in is Friday March 21st from 6-8 pm @ Spiece Fieldhouse Fort Wayne Walk ups are welcomed . $45 for all 3 style plus large Eagle plaque for the wrestler with the most accumulated point from all 3 styles. If you having problems with getting your USA cards . Just show up Friday and we will help you get it .

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