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  • Jan 16 Columbus North vs Salem

      Columbus North at Salem (Click for event information)
      Date: 01/16/2024
      Columbus North 63
      Salem 18


      106 Riley, Nolan (Columbus North) over Forfeit, (Salem) FORFEIT

      113 Curfman, Liam (Columbus North) over B. Walters (Salem) Decision 7-6

      120 B. Backus (Salem) over Forfeit, Forfeit (Columbus North) FORFEIT

      126 W. Foster (Salem) over Forfeit, Forfeit (Columbus North) FORFEIT

      132 Long, Cohen (Columbus North) over J. Morgan (Salem) Fall 4:17

      138 Thornton, Justice (Columbus North) over B. Ramsey (Salem) Fall 1:57

      144 Green, Josiah (Columbus North) over Forfeit, (Salem) FORFEIT

      150 Haston, Jackson (Columbus North) over F. Biddle (Salem) Fall 2:26

      157 Ratliff, Asher (Columbus North) over E. Bowling (Salem) Fall 5:28

      165 Saevre, Evan (Columbus North) over B. Cornwell (Salem) Fall 1:39

      175 DeSpain, Keller (Columbus North) over B. Briscoe (Salem) Fall 1:47

      190 Ramirez, Jose (Columbus North) over J. Altemeyer (Salem) Fall 1:43

      215 N. Daulton (Salem) over Morales, Johnathan (Columbus North) Fall 5:58

      285 Lozano, Alexander (Columbus North) over T. Benham (Salem) Fall 2:12 

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