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Help Wrestle Like a Girl win $15,000--Must vote tonight!

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Received this e-mail from Terry Steiner:

Terry Steiner <TSteiner@USAWrestling.org>
Can you get your network to vote for Wrestle Like A Girl?


Wrestle Like A Girl is a finalist for the Veteran Small Business Award. We could win up to $15,000! Please click here and vote ARMY!!! : http://go.streetshares.com/streetshares-foundation-veteran-small-business-award-vote-form

Voting ends at midnight April 30th (TONIGHT) and please share with your network!





1st Place: NAVY 1000 VOTES




3rd Place: ARMY 746 VOTES


4th Place: COAST GUARD 350 VOTES


5th Place: AIR FORCE 312 VOTES



Lead the Charge...

Embrace the Battle ...

Expect Success!!!


Terry Steiner

USA Wrestling's

Women's National Team Coach

Email:  tsteiner@usawrestling.org

Direct:  719.265.3681

Fax:  719.598.9440

Cell:  719.339.3449


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