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    Date: 12/02/2017
    Peru 54
    Munster 21

    106: Double Forfeit 113: Trey Sturgill (PERU) over (MUNS) (For.) 120: Seth Anderson (PERU) over Cayillio Something (MUNS) (Fall 0:31) 126: David Schulte (PERU) over (MUNS) (For.) 132: Hereenson Something (MUNS) over Kayden Gee (PERU) (Fall 5:19) 138: Torion`Ja C Forrest (PERU) over Muller Something (MUNS) (Fall 4:37) 145: Levi Cunningham (PERU) over Malboraldo Something (MUNS) (Fall 1:17) 152: Campbell Something (MUNS) over Mathew Johnson (PERU) (Dec 0-0) 160: Zian Constable (PERU) over Hyland Something (MUNS) (Fall 6:06) 170: Jordan Rader (PERU) over Crany Something (MUNS) (Def.) 182: Clarke Something (MUNS) over Zachery Ashley (PERU) (Fall 0:43) 195: Devin Reagle (PERU) over Reda Something (MUNS) (Fall 3:29) 220: Thomas Something (MUNS) over Luke Voirol (PERU) (Fall 0:30) 285: Avery Jones (PERU) over Garcia Something (MUNS) (Fall 0:17)

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