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  1. Agreed https://t.co/7YZIYIuomL

  2. RT @KMaroons16: Last week, @MustangsPC 2019 CIF/RHP Max Longman (@MLongman17) hit his first LONG ball of the season! See what we did there?…

  3. RT @saveEMUsports: EMU Softball @EMUsoftball wins both the Community Service award and Eagles Unite Award. They make us proud! @EMUAthletic…

  4. RT @SaveEMUWrest: Congrats to the Wrestling team for winning the Cartwright Award, given to the best team overall in athletics, academics,…

  5. She don't care about my big screen Or my collection of DVDs Things like that just never mattered much to her Plus s… https://t.co/4gZHbAFwBz

  6. @gjpepple133 I was trying to say Happy Birthday on Facebook but I’m apparently blocked because I said Mayweather w… https://t.co/6rH9l2tJ1O

  7. RT @Get_Up: The UFC has been vital in @PaigeVanzantUFC's life. https://t.co/Oog5naTu3j

  8. RT @saveEMUsports: Sure feels like we’re ready to RALLY AGAINST CUTS!!! 6pm convo!!! Rain or shine we will fight for these athletes!!! #sav…

  9. RT @saveEMUsports: As we read this statement from @EasternMichU office of the president. The EMU athletic director @scottrwetherbee scott.w…

  10. RT @saveEMUsports: EMU athletes: don’t think for a second this fight is over. Admin can’t event comprehend how long we will fight this unin…

  11. @SurvivingGrady Still like Nolan Ryan better... https://t.co/aZQmWIvHh3

  12. RT @michiganalumni: This past Sunday marked the 119th anniversary of the public debut of "The Victors," which was once reportedly described…

  13. At @BradPaisley World Tour Show in Grand Rapids Michigan waiting for BP to go on. What do all these people have… https://t.co/E90QMkgG8X

  14. @saveEMUsports @BarstoolUofM @barstoolsports You have a big following. Enjoy your feeds as do millions of others… https://t.co/DIgi5eLczI

  15. “There is no honor in engaging in a war of wits with an unarmed man.” #FakeSunTzuQuotes