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Cowan vs Winchester

    Date: 01/12/2021
    Cowan 65
    Winchester 18

    106: Raef Keith (COWA) over Quentin Keen (WINC) (TF 15-0 0:00)

    113: Bowen Keith (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

    120: Jayden Jett (COWA) over Ryder Brandenburg (WINC) (Fall 2:55)

    126: Jesse May (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

    132: Preston White (COWA) over Landon Friend (WINC) (Fall 0:12)

    138: Zach Bates (WINC) over Levi Abbott (COWA) (Fall 1:36)

    145: Toby Abbott (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

    152: Keagan Keesling (COWA) over Reed Brandenburg (WINC) (Fall 1:18)

    160: Austin Jones (COWA) over Alex VanMeter (WINC) (Fall 1:24)

    170: Maddox Rose (WINC) over Malachi King (COWA) (Fall 3:10)

    182: Dalton May (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

    195: Brayden Jenkins (WINC) over Cade Brinson (COWA) (Fall 0:33)

    220: Brandt Thornburg (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

    285: Garrett Smith (COWA) over (WINC) (For.)

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