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Status Updates posted by IndianaMat

  1. @Dave_Doster @wabashwrestling I've worn a few Wabash shirts during the streak

  2. Got a nice new shirt from @wabashwrestling #WrestlingShirtADay https://t.co/3dj9FssxQ7

  3. @TheSawyerMiller #ilovestairlaps #notafraidofbeards

  4. Representing @PurdueWrestling #WrestlingShirtADay https://t.co/4IUquACBeZ

  5. RT @zachmelloh26: Super excited to announce my commitment to wrestle in the B1G for Purdue University. Boiler up

  6. .@INtechWrestling #WrestlingShirtADay https://t.co/XmMLZ4QGT8

  7. This might be one of my new favorite shirts #IHPO17 #WrestlingShirtADay https://t.co/nFIjm1gws3

  8. @BlakeMulkey @hoosier_mat I would hate for facts to get in the way of "ranking" your buddies.

  9. @SpeyWrestle Impartial, you were paid off https://t.co/uevLpFQqjx

  10. One of the best #IHPO17 performances was from 173lbs champ from @AvonWrestling Carson Brewer https://t.co/ReyrmA2c5f

  11. Lots of shirts here...what shall I do with them? https://t.co/VQH1eNUBt8

  12. RT @driven2dominate: As an athlete it's extremely important to be self aware and honest! What is holding you back from getting the most out…

  13. Pretty cool to hear not only wrestlers being noticed by colleges at #IHPO17, but the referees are being noticed and asked about.

  14. #ChooseTop https://t.co/2vgDHAeElS

  15. Stevan Micic, Nick Lee, Joe Lee, Riley Lefever, and Kayla Miracle all mentioned https://t.co/rLFquJV77y

  16. Laser focus from Jesse Mendez #IHPO17

  17. RT @AvonWrestling: Thank you to Carroll HS, the Referees and @IndianaMat for hosting and running the Preseason Open today! Your efforts wer…

  18. Interviews with the #IHPO17 champions are posted on TrackWrestling, click the link to see them https://t.co/Nb1meqVfZ6

  19. If you placed in the top 4 yesterday here is the @TheSuper32 link to register, note your entry will be verified https://t.co/u3WZ4IoLxf

  20. RT @JoshMLowe: Zach Lee (Kaukauna WI) won the 163 title with four pins, 6-0 and 7-1 decisions. DNP in WI LY, best win in final over IN stat…

  21. Travis Ford-Melton wins the 123lbs bracket for his second #IHPO title #IHPO17

  22. RT @ucwrestling96: @IndianaMat At the IHPO on the lookout for some future Patriots!

  23. Look who I found, celebrities everywhere @Drew_Hughes7 #IHPO17 #ChooseTop https://t.co/sRinbzNDou

  24. The morning is off to a great start, I didn't set the alarm off at the school #IHPO17

  25. Gotta give it to the @ChargersWrestle wrestlers, they work fast! #IHPO17 https://t.co/NfubS8VcSV


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