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Status Updates posted by IndianaMat

  1. @AAUWrestling @WarrenMTXE

  2. RT @USAWrestling: 62 kg finals Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids/Campbellsville) fall Grace Bullen (Norway/Campbellsville), 3:45

  3. RT @USAWrestling: MFS 92 QF winners: Heflin, Lefever, Reyes, McCall #20thSchultz

  4. On this day in 2011 @INtechWrestling defeated Lindsey Wilson 29-18 on their first ever dual match.

  5. RT @mappster12: Go hounds! https://t.co/zZpmI0iYBF

  6. Indiana natives at the Dave Schultz Memorial International this weekend. Women Kayla Miracle Sarah Hildebrandt Men's freestyle Riley Lefever

  7. RT @karmalita98: @IndianaMat @brayton_lee4 @BHSDogsWrestlin @Parris58 @LburgWrestling Love this!! Great job @IndianaMat !! Ur covers r alwa…

  8. @Cooper9101 @hoosier_mat https://t.co/0rSpDbmuTh

  9. @TPrazma165 @NIUWrestling @BrockHudkins @RyanLudwigNIU is a great Austin Powers https://t.co/j5rhMa49AE

  10. RT @WrestlingBHS: First day in the books! It was a great day to be a Wrestling

  11. @leroyjvega I think so

  12. @RyPie1999 I still have dreams to this day that I get one more shot at going to state.

  13. 11 and under @TheSuper32 placer Braylon Reynolds 5th

  14. RT @sarhilde: First match in 6 months. I won 11-0. It’s good to be back

  15. Finals coming up! https://t.co/jOSCJINX6N

  16. Pokorney will be the last one in the blood round. He has Calvin Hayford of Vermont

  17. RT @JoshMLowe: I think @PortageWrestlin has the most #Super32 quarterfinalists from any school with 3 (Moran, Rumph, and McIntosh).

  18. RT @CE_Wrestling: Graham with a 9-5 win to move into the round of 16.

  19. RT @CE_Wrestling: Both Rooks advance into the round of 32, Cade a 1-0 dec and Graham via destruction and 3rd period fall.

  20. Super 32 about to go off! https://t.co/VA7JvRx0Xo

  21. @wrestlingnomad What time are you signing autographs?

  22. @WHS_Wrestle1 @AndyVance @wrestlingbucks I know a guy at State College, he'll take care of it

  23. Good luck and safe travels to all the wrestlers heading to North Carolina and Iowa this weekend.

  24. Covaciu loses a close one to a returning NCAA qualifier https://t.co/xAy0FprMm8

  25. Rocco got me distracted and I forgot about the trivia, we'll do one tomorrow at 5pm.


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