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Status Updates posted by IndianaMat

  1. RT @MrGood_BHSTV: The #1 ranked HS wrestler in the U.S. made his college decision yesterday. Hear what @brayton_lee4 had to say about it, a…

  2. RT @TCD_brian: Wrestlng room full at North Harrison ... Cougars to make IHSAA wrestling debut in 2017-18. Wesley Koch is head coach of the…

  3. @brayton_lee4 https://t.co/w1Qyfq6lYX

  4. One hour away from @brayton_lee4's big announcement, will it be @HuskerWrestling or @GopherWrestling? Click here t… https://t.co/Xbnb9D6jto

  5. Where do you think @brayton_lee4 will go to college?

  6. RT @karmalita98: @IndianaMat Yes Brayton will b announcing his college decision tonight! He is ready! He has give this a lot of thought !!

  7. @momvelikan @BlakeMulkey Does he chew on people's ears?

  8. Vega is a jack of all trades! https://t.co/J0D8S64fAP

  9. Starting the season off right with three wins! https://t.co/dYaHqfLfUt

  10. Big win for the Boilers https://t.co/RhbEQwvT8u

  11. RT @PHWrestling2011: Prett good day when u get the mail and find this in it https://t.co/gF1GhdNMWu

  12. RT @Mikereiser0401: Christmas came early when you get the hard copy of the magazine. @IndianaMat @decbell1 @NickyDubz125 @Dingo_Brigade @im…

  13. RT @UIndyWrestling: Welcome to our third early signee @mappster12! Three new #AlphaDogs for next year’s squad. https://t.co/qm4w1Z6nLR

  14. RT @umichwrestling: SIGNED | Welcome to the family, @Parris58! #GoBlue https://t.co/pRclIOOKrF

  15. RT @CUSAWC: Congratulations to Jack Eiteljorge on signing with @UIndyWrestling #buildinganarmy https://t.co/yJWutxi2iu

  16. RT @IndianaWR: There's only ☝️ team on the mind for Graham Rooks (@CE_Wrestling), who signed with Indiana this morning! #GoIU #IUWR https:/…

  17. BAM with a big win, ranked #1 in NJCAA https://t.co/LYoi3dk6o5

  18. RT @PortageWrestlin: BREAKING: We start our season ranked 35th in the country w/ @J_Moran5 19th at 106 & @Kasper_McIntosh 13th at 145 accor…

  19. RT @ozdaddy160: #gocamels https://t.co/iogtebhCp4

  20. The preseason rankings are here, don't miss out on rankings, regional previews, and more https://t.co/jq3yI22XQF

  21. Happy birthday to the best rankings guy in the business Mike Reiser.

  22. ICYMI: Rankings are here! Check out rankings, regional previews, and more https://t.co/jq3yI22XQF

  23. RT @IndianaWR: Recap: 3 podium finishes. 3rd on the team tally. 15 pins! A lot happened for #IUWR at the Clarion Open. #GoIU https://t.co…

  24. @mac_daddywarren They are out now

  25. Great to see @IndianaWR @PurdueWrestling and @UIndyWrestling all getting some great wrestlers committed this early.


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