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  1. I am need of a 195 or 220 lber for next Sundays Grand River Rumble Duels in Battle Creek, MI please contact Paul Bachtel 574-361-9561 all the info for duels and individual tournament can be found at grandriverrumble.com my cost is 45 including t-shirt
  2. You would be responsable for getting to and from Battle Creek. great competition ! Please contact Paul Bachtel at 574 361 9561
  3. Special technique session with Lord of the Rings star...Coach McCuddy should be a good room. 2 state champs in the house and some Qualifiers. Not saisfied with last seasons results? Your chance to get to the next level starts now...
  4. Tuesday august 7th will be last rtc for the year
  5. We will have open room July 31st
  6. Please contact me direct Paul Bachtel 574 361 9561
  7. We'll go again next Tuesday ...good room tonight
  8. We will open up again next week at 600
  9. Jimtown RTC cancelled next 2 weeks
  10. Also looking for 117 lber for #2 team
  11. I have an opening for 165lber. Paul Bachtel 574 361 9561
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