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    Logansport Indy 6 year old son wants to try Wrestling

    Thanks JMILL and CBROWN for the positive reply's with that information I was able to find this https://www.iswa.com/page/show/3228710-find-a-club-in-your-area We are in the section 2 area and next to Miami county Terrazas Wrestling Academy I have already contacted TWA and I'm just waiting for a reply as of now, Hopefully there is an opportunity for my son. Odd how there is nothing here in Cass county
  2. My boy has great spirit and spunk he never wants to give up he wants to get into sports Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling hes a John Cena fan-ish, but being that we are relatively new here I have no clue where to go or finding opportunity in the area I have asked around and the only thing I have found so far is football team, but hes not old enough yet? So I am at a loss Hes going to be 7 in November If anyone has any information please share it would be greatly appreciated :) I attached a picture of my boy before we moved here! He was 5 there.

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