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  1. Does anyone know all the teams that will be involved in the Warrior Classic this Thursday and Friday Dec 28/29?
  2. That is awesome and much appreciated. My main focus is to make sure I know important dates, what are fundraising and participation requirements for teams. In California at tournaments parents made food and ran the concessions and did fundraising. But we also are looking for volunteers to come help out with the team, parents, guest wrestlers, assistant types coaches and equipment if anyone is looking to get rid of it I am sure we’d like a heads up.
  3. We have a new team starting up here in Ramsey, IN!!! North Harrison Cougars. We have been wanting and needing this program for a long time. We have an awesome coach and some very motivated kids on the team. Any guidance, assistance, volunteers, etc would be much appreciated. I was a team Mom for a very well established team in California so I don’t know all of Indiana rules, dates, events etc. Anything you can give me to take to our coach or anyway anyone can help out would be awesome!
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