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  1. Lafayette Jefferson
  2. I'm sure this has been discussed many times before but I need some guidance. In the past, for the first part of the season we have typically allowed kids to wrestle below their certified weight on a particular date and just not counted it as a certified weigh-in. I've checked with several other coaches during that time and they all have managed the weights the same way. However, after reading the rules below, I don't believe this is right. My problem is that none of these rules read the same as the others. An average weight loss of 1 1/2% per week is different than never losing more than
  3. TLCoach

    Covington vs. Twin Lakes

  4. TLCoach

    Twin Lakes vs. Rossville

    Twin Lakes
  5. West Lafayette
  6. TLCoach

    North White vs. Twin Lakes

    North White
  7. TLCoach

    Twin Lakes vs. Pioneer

    Twin Lakes
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