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  1. Harrison High School in SW Ohio...right on 74 at the border of OH-In is looking for 1 team to fill out our Dual Meet event. You are guaranteed 5 qaulity duals. We will have 10 teams. We are looking for another team to add to the mix. We do matchups to allow teams to see new competition and avoid teams they dual later in the season. We are as flexible as possible to make it a great event for teams attending. This event was loaded with some heavy hitting teams. Brownsburg has attended for the past several years. Dec 7, 2019 2019 top returning Teams Brownsburg, In - If you see them too much we can skip that matchup for you East Central, In Harrison, Oh Centerville, Oh Lebanon, Oh Fairfield, Oh Contact: chad.dennis@southwestschools.org
  2. Harrison Jr. School in Harrison, Ohio is seeking teams for their 6 team dual meet event. Next year we will be moving to a 10 team format, but looking for some out of the area school teams and club teams to mix things up this year and hopefully grow with us. Harrison Jr. School is right across the Oh-In line and is approx 1.5 hr from Indy. If you have any interest let us know. We are very interested in both school based teams as well as club teams. This is a Middle School aged event using Ohio's weight classes. Please contact kyle.bowser@southwestschools.org
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