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  1. i know the arm behind the back past 90 degrees there is a call, refs call the leg, how about a shoulder? at merriville ss i saw a young man get his shoulder cranked on past the point of 90 degrees, not once but twice. there was no call. i had heard that the young man was unable to move his shoulder and arm for some time after the the match. there was an article in the paper the next day about how that match was about redemption for an earlier loss. the refs at merrivlle ss were quick to call the arm at 90 and the leg. someone is going have a career ending shoulder injury if this keeps up
  2. After watching and reading, I have come to a conclusion, there is alot of silliness going on about CP. CP is a dominate team similar to the likes of Mishawaka from last year. Not taking anything away from PM or MD. Hopefully the state draw will be conducive to some good match ups and not the 3 top ranked teams in the same bracket. With that said, lets us now focus our attention to the DAC conf. meet. Conference Champs 103 Fuqua 112 Saroff 135 Fuqua ( did not wrestle at LP) 140 Tairtsis 145 Roach 152 Flamme 160 Shurg 171 Shrewsbury (
  3. I read all the posts, most are about the southern Indiana schools. That is OK. Where is the love for NWI (DA REGION). I was at the Warsaw duals, good competion, decent, but the Crown Point line up WOW!!! 60 of 70 matches won. 103 Fuqua (9) An Animal 112 Saroff (11) (SSQ) A Contennder 119 Burlson (10) Holds His Own 125 Harvey (12) Both Are Solid Blue (11) Interchangeable 130 Halsted (11) He's Baaaack, Bigger, Better, Stronger 135 Fuqua
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