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    Justice Cash

    This is Justice Cash and after losing 4 times at semi-state I am coming on here to share the story that I never was able to share after winning a state title... The dog tag in the picture has been in my shoe for every wrestling match since Amante Young's death... He was a brother to me and there was nothing I wanted to do more than win a state title for him and his memory. He died tragically in a car crash a few months after winning a state title in Michigan. For those who knew Amante you would know he was one of the sweetest, joyful, and kind hearted people you've ever met. He was always smiling and brought so much joy to others, he always had my back, and he always wanted to make himself better. His home life was never amazing but he still was always trying to make money to give gifts to his whole family during holidays and other occasions even knowing he wouldn't be getting any from his parents at times. He always wanted to help people and he never acted like he was bound to be unsuccessful because of his home life, he found ways to make himself better and others around him better. I could go on and on about how amazing Amante was as a person and a wrestler and about how much he meant to me and so many others, but here is the end and the end of my high school career. I would be so grateful if anyone who reads this would mention his name in my place after winning a state title this year because I have failed to make it there for him myself... Thank you...
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    Jesse Mendez Loss

    If I remember right, he bumped up a weight to try to win one for his team. Because... that’s what true champs do. He put his career undefeated record on the line for his team. Came up just short. That’s why the kid is even more awesome!
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    History of #1 vs #1

    Back in 2011, Doug Welch (152) would beat up on Chad Welch (160) everyday in practice.
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    Silas Allred has been chosen to represent the Team USA All-Stars at the “Rose Bowl of Wrestling”.....The Pittsburgh Classic. An all senior event for 50+ years, Silas will represent the 195lbs weight class. The event will take place March 14th, at Fitzgerald Fieldhouse on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The dual meet will not have the 106-113-or heavyweight division. Rather....it will be 120-220, and have 2 matches at 138 & 195. Silas (#2 via Flo) will be squaring off against PA State Champ and Michigan commit Gage Garcia #3. Tremendous honor for Silas to be selected and represent Shenandoah High School, CIA Wrestling, Indiana Wrestling, as well as his future Nebraska Cornhuskers at this prestigious event. Other notable participants and match-ups..... Serrano USA132 (Nebraska Commit) 138lbs.....1-4 in the country. 182lbs Poznanski NJ (Rutgers) vs Neijhous (Purdue). 195 Christensen (Iowa commit) vs Stout (Princeton) 220lbs Braxton Amos USA (Wisconsin) I’ve been told complete lineups will be available online soon. These are simply what I remember through phone conversation. Tickets are now available, and the event will be broadcasted on Flo.
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    The people have spoken. Thanks for all the input. President Greg Ratliff, tournament director JD Minch, and others have put their heads together and figured out proposed ways to make 20 mats work so that we can run with the idea of 8 teams in 3A and 4A and 12 teams in 1A and 2A. See the updated nitty gritty details in the original post. Cheers
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    That’s a real statement brother. Painful lesson.....but a valuable one. An early cradle and extremely intelligent wrestling of backing up and down blocking, allowed a very strong...physically mature and battle tested Mazero to squeek past 14 yr old Silas by 1 point. Admittedly....it was one of the best things to happen to Silas. It initiated an even deeper sense of drive towards strength training, positioning, and becoming a well rounded wrestler. Not just a dynamic athlete on his feet. I’m hopeful every wrestler who reads this....whether freshman or upper classmen, fully realizes......wins & losses don’t define you. Your response does.
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    I know and understand that Hardcastle has dreams of being a State Qualifier and that is why I said nothing negative about him. What I was frustrated with was that Josh wasn't given the opportunity because of a "Caution" and a questionable one at that. I was not impressed with the Oak Hill coaching staff and how they handled the situation and am pretty sure they are aware of that. I am sorry for the subtle comments I will make them clear! Ryan Landis - head coach at Southern Wells if that wasn't clear??
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    Genuinely appreciate each of your encouraging words. I equally appreciate all who read the article, and just choose to pray and encourage personally. Collectively means a lot to us as a family. With full transparency....I can say that I fell in love with the sport of wrestling for reasons other than just my son. He was just the vehicle God used to lead me to it. In fact, in the beginning Silas was average at best. He was a chubby kid who had some natural gifts, but threw a nasty “lefty” headlock that resembled a Joe Frazier headshot. 😏 So yes....I was the “know nothing” over zealous dad in the corner yelling....”reach back and headlock him!” 😂 But I became absorbed with learning the sport. Only my scriptural studies took precedence over my wrestling research. And recognizing that attributes like self-sacrifice, humility, work ethic, commitment, perseverance, and above all accountability....were all factors in becoming truly elite at this sport. That resonated in me, because those were the same characteristics I had to embrace to transform a formerly very wayward lifestyle, and become the man/dad/soldier God created me to be. Silas and I’s bond is so deep ridden, because we have grown together. Both in the sport...as well as spiritually. The blessings of adversity....is that it breeds tremendous levels of persevering strength when approached with proper perspective. We don’t see problems....we see opportunities. And no disease, excuse, obstacle, or exterior setback will deter the true goal he and I both have dedicated our lives to. And that’s simply this.....Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. That daily application will literally push you to new heights that have no plateaus. Because you’ll be in a continuous evolution of forward progress. So even during peaks in all facets of life....you’ll keep striving to move forward. Even if in small increments. This sport, the above attributes I mentioned....have prepared me for this wrestling match with ALS. Scripture tells us that “We don’t wrestle flesh and blood. But principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.” There’s even a wrestling match in the Old Testament where Jacob literally wrestled with God all night. He was left with a permanent limp. So translated....I won’t be an easy “out”. It’s not in my DNA, nor is it the spiritual man God has molded me into. I fully anticipate conquering this disease and being healed. But if God’s healing doesn’t come until I’m called home....I guarantee you, I won’t get stuck or tech’d. Even if I have to get pointed....I HAVE ALS, ALS doesn’t HAVE me. Thanks again for the prayerful support.
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    Dirty or Smart Coach?

    I'm just trying to find the bible verse saying, "thou shall not wrestle females". Must have missed that one.
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    The Mendez effect

    Ladies and Gentleman, this fight is 3 rounds in the Indianamat Fantasy Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight division... Introducing first, out of the blue corner, a legendary mma star - holding a professional record of 1 zillion wins to only 1 defeat.. standing at 5’9” tall, 210 pounds. FIGHTING out of his parents basement and reliving his glory days via high school wrestling message boards - FCFIGHTER. And now introducing his opponent, FIGHTING out of the red corner. An ancient eastern Asian martial arts master, standing at 6’0” 225 pounds. The REIGNING, DEFENDING WORLD WANG CHUN CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, GENHEAVYHANDS!!! (crowd goes wild as lights and cameras focus on the imaginary octagon in the imaginary arena)
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    By JEREMY HINES Thehines7@gmail.com For as long as Sullivan freshman Lane Gilbert can remember he has dreamed about having his hand raised at the Indiana High School wrestling state championships. He’s done more than dream about it. As a young kid he would go into the wrestling room at Sullivan High School and act out having his hand raised. It didn’t matter that nobody else was around him. In his imaginary scenario he always emerged victorious. No obstacle stood in his way. No opponent could beat him. He was the champ. That dream would never be taken away. The dream was much different than real life for Gilbert. In real life, he has had far more hardships than one kid should experience. He’s overcome situations that would break others. Through it all, he’s come out stronger. To get a clear picture of just how tough Lane Gilbert is, it is important to dive into his uncomfortable past. Gilbert’s mother, Rachel, became Indiana’s first female sectional champion in wrestling. She won the 103-pound class in the North Knox sectional in 2002. Rachel was going places in life. News agencies had reported on her wrestling journey, because at the time, female wrestlers were still very new in the state. She had some colleges showing interest in her. But Rachel began facing a more formidable opponent than anyone she went up against on the mat. She started battling an addiction with drugs. Lane’s father had his own battles with drug addiction. For Lane’s father, that addiction would eventually lead to a prison sentence. Young Lane didn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit his dad, even if that meant going to the prison any time he could. “Lane worshipped his dad,” Lane’s wrestling coach and grandfather Roy Monroe said. “Lane never failed to go see him. He always wanted to see him.” Tragically, Lane’s father developed cancer while in prison and ultimately died due to the disease. “That was really rough on Lane for a while,” Rachel said. “His dad was a drug addict for a long time and Lane always held out hope that one day he would get better. Once he got sick, that was probably the hardest thing. Lane stayed strong through the whole thing.” At nine-years-old Lane did something no kid his age should ever have to do. He stood up in front during his dad’s funeral and sang a special song. “I don’t know how he did it,” Monroe said. “That’s almost an impossible thing to get through, and he did it. He toughed it out.” That’s what Lane always does. He toughs things out. He toughed it out when his mom was having her struggles. He toughed it out seeing his dad in prison, and then watching as cancer slowly took its toll. He toughed it out when his uncle Jordan, who had taught Lane quite a bit about wrestling, died in a fiery car crash. No matter what life threw at Lane, he toughs it out. Perhaps he gets his fighting spirit from his grandfather. Roy has been a major part of Sullivan wrestling for over 30 years. He’s watched his daughter struggle with drug addiction. He lost his son in that tragic car accident. He’s experienced heartache and he remained the rock Lane needed in his life. Lane could always stay the night at Roy’s house. He could always get the right words from his grandpa. And, on the wrestling mat, he could look to Grandpa Roy for direction as well. “He’s my role model,” Lane said. “He’s nice to everyone. He’s a good coach. He’s all the things you can think of if you were to make the perfect person – that would be how I describe him.” But Lane’s toughness also comes from his mom. In a time when people frowned on girls wrestling against boys, she held her ground. In fact, she and Roy had to go to the Sullivan school board to even get approved to wrestle back in her high school days. Later, as has already been alluded to, Rachel battled a fierce drug addiction. But, for Lane’s sake – and for her sake, she fought through and emerged victorious. She is currently a Dean’s List student working to become a nurse. “I am so proud of her,” Roy said. “I’ve been a counselor. I’ve went into the jails and counselled drug addicts. I’ve seen them come in and out of addiction. The real truth is, only about one percent of drug addicts make it to where she is now. It’s so hard to overcome, but she’s done it. And she’s a great mom.” She is also very, very protective of Lane and worries almost to a fault about the decisions he makes in his own life. “After having made the decisions at a young age that I made, I saw first-hand what can happen and how quickly everything can just spiral out of control,” Rachel said. “One mistake and everything can be gone. I have that fear in the back of my mind that he’s of the age and he could make the wrong choices. I’m almost too hard on him, but I am terrified because I know what can happen and I keep my eye on him. I do trust him. He’s seen what can happen and how bad things can get.” Lane knows when his mom tells him to keep on the straight and narrow, it’s because she cares. “I have so much respect for my mom,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot from her.” One thing Lane has learned is to never doubt himself. This summer when he was a third alternate for the Pan-American games, he let doubt creep into his psyche. After the first two qualifiers couldn’t attend the games, Lane got the call to participate. But, going into the event, he felt like he really didn’t belong. Boy was he wrong. Lane went undefeated in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. News of his success quickly spread throughout the town of 6,500 people. When he arrived home, he was given a police escort through the streets. “Oh my gosh,” Rachel said. “The town put on this whole show when he returned. The police and emergency vehicles all met up on the north end of town. He had no idea it was going to happen. There were fans from all over our town and they all followed him to the high school. It was so cool. He was so surprised.” Currently Gilbert is 28-1 on the season and ranked No. 5 at 113 pounds. He has carried the confidence he developed during the Pan-American games over to the season. Now he knows he belongs. Now he knows that dream he played through his head so many times growing up isn’t just a dream – it’s an attainable goal. “I’ve been coaching at Sullivan for 13 years as head coach and I’ve been there 30 years as an assistant,” Monroe said. “I’ve never seen anything like him. I look at Lane, with his skills and what he’s been through, and I just know that adversity isn’t a problem anymore. He can do whatever he sets his mind to do.” As for Rachel, well, she says nowadays she’s just like any other wrestler’s mom. “I’m still up in the stands screaming my head off,” she said. “But when I’m shouting, at least I know which moves to shout. The other moms look at me and ask what they should be yelling.” View full article
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    I was at the Al Smith and I was the official most of the Day on Mat one. Name is Leo Mercado, and I truly work really hard to make sure I stay consistent with the rules of our sport and apply them like the rulebook states to apply them. I typically don't like to throw jabs at anyone and I hope that this doesn't come out as a jab to anyone or anything; but I truly work hard to make sure my signals, mechanics, interpretations, and rules applications of the sport are delivered clearly and consistent throughout the whole match in the whole entire arena, so that even the deaf man at the nosebleed seats can understand my call. If you don't want me calling a "bad" match for your kid, scratch me like any other coach does in the our state because I apply the rules the way they should be applied.
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    Mason Parris Weight

    Thanks for keeping up on Mason! He weighed in at 253 lbs. the other night against Iowa. Last 3 or 4 weigh-ins been at 255. Love following and seeing all the Indiana boys doing great in College. I'm Masons dad, Mark.
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    Any updates on Purdy/Deffendoll?
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    Title Locks

    I think that Silas, Jesse, and Zeke are the only ones we can legit call 'locks'. Viduya has to face Ellis, and Coleman has to get out of semi-state first.
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    Nice moment

    Not sure if it will play but can be googled if not... Good on Coach Harper @crosstownrivals and the entire penn program. Glad my son went thru the program. Special appearance by ref Troy! LOL...why is there a pic of @Y2CJ41 in the Penn wrestling room (about 30 second mark)? I shall have that taken down next time I'm there...
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    I currently live in Indiana but lived most of my life in Ohio. I wrestled in Ohio and attended the state wrestling tournament there for 20 consecutive years. This year, I attended the IHSAA post season Semi State at New Castle for the first time ever. Was my first post season event ever attended for Indiana High School Wrestling. My first experience was almost entirely positive. I can tell you the perception in Ohio is that Indiana Wrestling is not as competitive. I personally had this belief as well. I do not anymore. I don’t know if New Castle is that much more competitive from the other Semi-State’s but the quality of wrestling there was excellent. I would go as far as saying there were kids who did not make it out that I could see being state qualifiers in Ohio. My only grip, which most of you could probably guess, was the qualification process. SMH. Why? I just can’t wrap my head around the thought process that went into decided that you need to make the semi finals and your in. This does not ensure the best four getting out. Having double elimination also does not ensure the “best” 4 getting out but it does allow tough quarter final draws to have a second chance. The state’s response could be to not lose and your okay. I get it, but for a lot of kids their goals are not to be a state champ. Maybe it’s to make it state or place in state. I am curious how many other states do it like this? My favorite round in all of Ohio’s post season wrestling is District (their semi-state) Conso-Semi’s. I wish Indiana would revisit this, but I also know that others have probably voiced their opinions over the years and here we are still the same. Also, New Castle is an awesome venue!
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    Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Preview! House keeping items - From our inside man Markio - Ford Arena info: ● Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com ● Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here. ● The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy. ● Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets. $12 dollars for all session ticket, $10 for finals only. ● There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots. ● There is no public Wi-Fi. ● Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Banker's Life would you? lol ● The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at lower level hallway. ● If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle. ● We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome) ● There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes. ● Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool. ● Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school. Friday will be a day of passion and love, but 224 grapplers hope their hearts aren’t broken like scorned lovers on Saturday as only 56 can get hit by Cupid’s arrow and sent to Indianapolis and Bankers Life Fieldhouse. How does this work - The exclusive Evansville Championship Selection Committee (ECSC) spent 2 days in hard deliberations over their Ford Fab 4 picks. Each member selected their ballot, points were accumulated, and from there the picks started falling. Article features: The Charles Barkley “Turrible” Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round! The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches! The Built Ford Tough Locks - The Pickers of the Round Table has been assembled. There were very few, but any weight class where the pick for champion was unanimous, makes it a Ford Tough Lock. Ford Tough Locks were hard to come by this year as only 4 were given out. Ford Fab 4 - After picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have the Ford Fab 4. Also special guest committee member The Donnie Baker (not that Donnie Baker) has offered some of his highlights throughout. What if I didn’t agree with the ECSC or I thought they made a terrible error (I mean really how many times will Oklahoma get free frickin pass already)? Then have no fear - The TripleB Guarantee will help you sort out the madness. Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!! 106: 106 brings us our first of five LOCKS. Logan Miller of Brownsburg has been knocking off ranked wrestlers all year. The ECSC was unanimous - this is Miller’s weight class to lose. With team race looking tight, this weight class can get the Bulldogs off and running orrrrr ticket round magic by the latest Egli, Reed can get the Wildcats of Mater Dei rolling. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - The Mater Dei classic in December gave us a preview of 106. Lou Knable and Reed Egli wrestled twice with Knable winning the first match 6-5 and Egli taking the second one 1-0. What happens in the third match?1?!? Don’t be late!! Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - The #12 Coy Hammack vs #13 Blake Zirkelbach guarantees that a SS top 4 kid is going home, and they are also 1-1 with Hammack getting the latest win in their conference finals a few weeks back. Another rubber match in the 106 bracket!! Don’t sleep on…. Jasper Junior Jainier Milanes looks to maybe break up the Hammack/Zirkelbach trilogy by sliding through the quarter bracket and onto Indy! Ford Fab 4 - The ECSC was unanimous on 1-2, but a tie for 3/4th. Ties were handled by whoever had the total higher placement points (more 3rd place votes in this case). 1st - Logan Miller Brownsburg, 2nd - Kyler West Evansville Memorial, 3rd - Coy Hammack Tell City, 4th - Ca$h Turner Edgewood 113: All 10 semi-state ranked grapplers have navigated their way through sectionals and regionals and have set themselves for shots at BLF. Mater Dei’s Cole Ross is the early favorite, owning 2 razor thin wins over both Lane Gilbert and Cheaney Schoeff. But this weight class is star power heavy as Ross, Gilbert, and Schoeff lead a class that could all be podium placers in the next few years. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - SS #4 Braiden Hanes vs SS #7 Ethan Roudebush are featured in a quarter bracket with no state ranked wrestlers and also features SS #6 Noah Lykins. Sophomore, Sophomore, Sophomore = Future Hammers, Hammers, Hammers but for one their time is now. Donnie Baker says you better watch this quarter bracket! Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Maybe not a tuuuurbbbillee draw but certainly a blood round match to watch - Freshman #5 ranked Gilbert vs Senior #19 ranked Logan Sutton of Castle. Winners goes to Indy, loser heads home too early. Don’t sleep on…. The aforementioned quarterbracket of Super Sophomores and Noah Lykins. The Olympian is battle tested as East wrestles one of the toughest schedules in the state. Can he pull off wins over two legit competitors? Ford Fab 4 - The ECSC was split but Ross gets the nod. 1st - Cole Ross Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Lane Gilbert, 3rd Cheaney Schoeff, 4th Braden Haines TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - Cheaney Schoeff of Avon will cause some noise, he makes the finals, he pushes Ross, he beats Ross. 120: 120 features our second LOCK of the preview - Evansville Mater Dei Junior and returning state qualifier Alec Freeman. Heritage Hills’ Sam Scott has had a great year and is the only other clear cut state bound wrestler here as after that things get murky. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker: 2 opening round matches could bring early fireworks - Greencastle Frosh phenom Chase Carrington and Evansville Centrals super Soph Ayden Amento will both battle for a chance to advance. Both received votes, this first round match could determine who advances to Indy. The other is Chris Newman and Jacob Bechert, Newman is a returning state qualifier but he gets two points of recognition here as he’s also featured in…. Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Chris Newman and Delaney Ruhlman maybe isn’t a Turrible do to both being underclassmen and not a lot of state level credentials. But both have had great years, 6 combined losses, and this could possibly be the first of many matches. Don’t sleep on…. Newman, Amento, and 2 homers I have - Charlestown junior Colin Knox is 35-1 but has gotten zero love from the ECSC, also Madison Sophmore Noah Burkhardt has only been wrestling for 2 years and won sectionals and was a regional runner up. Can either of these 2 TripleB Sleepers pull off the upsets?!?!?! Ford Fab 4: After Freeman and Scott the rest of the field appears to be up for grabs - Ruhlman, Newman, Carrington, and Amento all got some love but after the dust settled - 1st - Alec Freeman Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Sam Scott Heritage Hills, 3rd - Delaney Ruhlman Bloomington South, 4th Chase Carrington Greencastle 126: 5 top 10 state ranked wrestlers, 8 top 10 semi-state ranked wrestlers. Maybe the mostest biggest, yuuugest CB Turrible Draw ever….. Alstott/Dalton 3. This was a bronze medal match last year at state and now it’s a ticket round match. Somebody better call my momma….this is a injustice!!! Oh and our 3rd Ford Tough LOCK! Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Let’s skip the formalities and pleasantries, all 8 SS guys fall into different first round matches. First round should be chalk. Let’s get to it Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Are you kidding me?? Under absolutely no circumstances should this be a ticket round match. This should be a prime reason for wrestlebacks, but not so fast my friend!! This is the beauty of Indiana wrestling. We are getting a winner take all match in the blood round between two state medalists. This should be a fantastic, low scoring match up. Good luck to both guys! Don’t sleep on…. After the Alstott/Dalton match this weight we almost Chalk picks. Maybe I should plug Raymond Rioux here. All the talk has been about Alstott and Dalton and we have a Ford Tough LOCK here. Raymond has put together a stellar career for Avon, he’s a 3 time state medalists. He’s been a leader for the #WestSideWingmen for 4 years and should put a bow on his career with a Semi-state Championship this weekend and a state championship next weekend. He’s also the first of the Rioux Dozen, that name isn’t going away anytime soon in the Indiana Wrestling scene. #ParrishTrained Ford Fab 4: Gavin Alstott is 0-3 against Ben Dalton, the ECSC believes 4th time's the charm as The Highlander got the nod 1st - Raymond Rioux Avon, 2nd Gavin Alstott Floyd Central, 3rd Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg, 4th Ashton Hayhurst Mater Dei. TripleBGuarantee - B-E-N-D-A-L-T-O-N, not only for ticket round but maybe as a LOCK buster! 132: 5 state ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers lead this weight class. 2 words can describe this HOT MESS. 9 potential qualifiers all received votes, yes I said 9! That means this weight class should be a doozy Saturday! Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - SS #4 Beau Heeke from Heritage Hills and SS #7 ranked Seth Rohrbach both got votes to advance, but only one can advance out of the first round. Also a potential 1 over 4 upset as Conner Alcala from Decatur Central looks to take out regional champ Chase Aldridge from Providence. Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Sound the sirens, we have our first “Swear to God” pick by Donnie Baker - Gibson Southern Sophomore Christian Polen and Center Grove’s Hayden Watson. DB says to bet the boat on Polen! The other Turrible draw is a battle of two time state qualifiers and features a match that could definitely shift the team race. #4 state ranked Kane Egli takes on #8 ranked Tyler Conley from Avon. These two wrestled at state duals with Egli getting a 3-2 win. Can Conley switch that result and help his Hendricks Co rivals Brownsburg out here or even help put Avon in position to win? Don’t sleep on…. Ha, evidently we shouldn’t sleep on the whole bracket. But in no order - Seth Rohrbach, Beau Heeke, Christian Polen, Lane Deckard, and Tyler Conley all got votes but not enough to break into the - Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Hayden Watson Center Grove, 2nd - Kane Egli Evansville Mater Dei, 3rd - Connor Holt Plainfield, 4th - Conner Alcala Decatur Central 138: A weight going chalk means the ECSC has 4 unanimous selections in the same order. It has rarely if ever happened. This weight class was as close as it came this year as only one vote kept the weight class from being chalk and having Blake Boarman as a LOCK (*cough Donnie Baker cough*). Oh did I mention Drake Campbell beat Blake Boarman this year already? Maybe good old DB isn’t off his rocker! 5 state ranked wrestlers and 9 semi state ranked wrestlers are featured at 138, Let’s Go!!! Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 2 matches stand out as curtain jerkers and I noticed some irregularities. First another Donnie Baker “Bet the Boat” upset alert - Terre Haute South junior Nathan Recknor over #13 Keandre Watson. The other match is SS #6 Colton Roberts and SS #9 Pat Mayes. Mayes is 40-2, Roberts has 13 losses. Does Avon’s strength of schedule carry Roberts over Mayes? Some voters say yes, some say no! Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - None, there’s a reason this weight class was almost chalk. Semi finals and finals should be great though. Don’t sleep on…. Campbell beat Boarman in a close match, Boarman beat J Conway in a close match. J Conway has been a takedown machine all season……. can the Highlander steal the booty and walk away like a Pirate with some gold Saturday? Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Blake Boarman Brownsburg, 2nd J Conway Floyd Central, 3rd Drake Campbell Brownsburg, 4th Landon Boe Plainfield 145: 5 state ranked wrestlers and 7 ranked semi-state wrestlers are featured at 145. Also 145 features our only 1st place tie, it’s officially up for grabs. It’s another weight where the committee doesn’t feel that there will be any party crashers as all 5 had the same 4 qualifiers albeit in different order. Justice Cash, Brody Baumann, and Jaden Renyolds all got first place votes and Cash/Reynolds finished in a tie. We will take it The Speaker of the Committee TripleB to break the tie. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Both unranked, both having great years Central freshman Luke Kemper and Floyd Central sophomore Codei Khawaja both come from bloodlines of wrestlers (Look them both up, I’m not geneology.com over here). This will be a great curtain jerker. Franklin Community senior Ethan Nash draws regional champ and state final hopeful #19 David Tucker. Here’s 2 things I know from my years of being around - Franklin never has a dull semi state, they keep matches close and Tonte brings the magic. While Tucker is the favorite, don’t be surprised to see Nash pull out a grinder match and sneak through Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - There’s nothing to see here, move along. Don’t sleep on…. Voters were chalk with the qualifiers Ford Fab 4 - Our first and only tie for first place, Justice Cash and Jaden Reynolds both racking up 16 out of a possible 20 votes. We went to the ballots and Cash received 3 first place votes while Reynolds received 1. Cash gets the nod. 1st - Justice Cash Bloomington North (Donnie Baker Lock, Stock, and Pork pick), 2nd - Jaden Reynolds, 3rd - Brody Baumann, 4th - David Tucker Brown Co 152: 5 top ten state ranked and all 10 semi-state wrestlers makes 152 no joke. There will be some Fitts thrown, some Hamms, will the Law be laid down, or can the Incredible Fulks smash the field? I could go all day with puns here but let’s put a BOE on it and move along. A top ten match up in the blood round gives us a Turrible draw and a Donnie Baker “Bet the Boat” guarantee are featured. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Moses Hamm and Jacob Cookerly are two SS ranked dudes looking to get after it, can the Hamm be COOKerlied? Oh man but seriously, the winner gets Fulks and this should be a great match! Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #7 Fitts vs #2 Kervin. Both are returning State Qualifiers. Fitts is a fireball, if he can channel his emotions in the right way, will it be enough to knock off Kervin? Don’t sleep on…. Logan Boe, yes he’s predicted to finish in top 4 but this Warrior is a 3x state medalists and has always brought the heat when it counts. Kervin got the nod from the voters, but Don’t Sleep On Boe Ford Fab 4 - Your top 4 seeds are a combined 142 and 2. Schwew-wee, this should be some fun semi-finals and finals. Boe and Kervin are the Donnie Baker “Shut Up Randy, I’m watching come rasslin” Highlight match. 1st Jonathan Kervin Floyd Central, 2nd - Kade Law Columbus East, 3rd Logan Boe Danville, 4th - Jordan Fulks Boonville Donnie Baker Bet the Boat Guarantee - All 4 will be on the podium next week at BLF, STATE LAW!!! 160: 5 State ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers lead the field at 160 including the next LOCK, Evansville Mater Dei’s returning 3rd placer Eli Dickens. Some ticket round matches are featured here, not necessarily Turrible draws but matches that should be worth the watch. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - The Donnie Baker “Too Close to call” first round curtain jerker goes to #11 Sam Morrill and Evansville Reitz’s Aiden Farmer. Can Farmer sneak the upset? Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Whenever 2 top 10 ranked guys are going at it for the golden ticket it’s just turrible. #1 Eli Dickens and #9 Tyler Fuqua have both made the trip to Indy and both certainly are worthy medalists, but this year only one will get to take that opportunity. Turrible, turrible, turrible. Don’t sleep on….Wade Presson of Bloomington South has had some good wins this year and a win in the ticket round isn’t unthinkable. Keep an eye on Morrill/Farmer winner vs Presson. Ford Fab 4 - The 2nd Wildcat making the LOCK list, Eli Dickens leads this talented field 1st - Eli Dickens Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Peyton Asbury Brownsburg, 3rd - John Purdy Castle, 4th Sam Morrill Columbus East 170: 5 State ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers are on tap to duke it out at 170. The ECSC had a unanimous Fab 4, though some disagreed with placements. This because we have the dreaded my guy beat your guy but lost to your guy. The sectional seeding nightmare. 2x state qualifier Robert Deters leads this field. Let’s see who gets left out of the musical chairs. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Columbus North’s Nick Holt was a sectional champ that hit a roadblock last weekend by some freshman from Madison (btw how many freshman lead the varsity football team in tackles and win regionals?) Indian Creek’s Owen Sego’s season has been well documented, this is his 4th trip to Evansville, will he get through? This match should be special, don’t miss it! Don’t sleep on…. Sego and Carrington Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Two turrible draws, the aforementioned Sego has a decorated career, here’s to hoping he can continue his season with a W, but Deters is no small obstacle. #3 2 loss Ruhlman and #11 2 loss Carrinton will be going at it to determine who goes to BLF. Ruhlman appears to be the favorite, but another Turrible Draw Ford Fab 4 - Whenever you got #2,#3, and #6 in the same bracket, there will be no LOCK. The ECSC did really like Deters though to avenge his loss to Ruhlman and lock up a SS championship. 1st - Robert Deters Castle, 2nd - Tristan Ruhlman Bloomington South, 3rd - Gabe Sollars Evansville Mater Dei, 4th - Jalen Ward Franklin 182: 2 state qualifiers, one not favored to advance, a for LOCK that wasn’t. It’s 1-8-2! 6 state ranked (including #s 3,7, and 9) and 9 ranked SS wrestlers are on tabs at 182. Macartney Parkinson is a returning state medalist, who is undefeated in Indiana this year. This was a hands down LOCK….but then Donnie Baker crashed the party. Also Brenden Moore is a returning state qualifier who hasn’t had the easiest path to the Ford Center. How do Parkinson and Moores fate intertwine? Welll….. Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Brendan McPike of Terre Haute South has had a fantastic season (trust me I got the emails and texts to prove it). Can this Outlaw survive returning State Qualifier Moore in the first round to lay way for rematch with Parkinson? Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Macartney Parkinson and Greg Glover will meet to determine a spot in Evansville. Another ticket round match that could affect the team race. Don’t sleep on…. Brenden Moore, Greg Glover, how about a sleeper pic of Drake Buchanan? Do you know his dad was a school teacher at Madison Junior High School when TripleB was only DoubleB and ran the hallways?!?! Never doubt a 3B connection!! Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Macartney Parkinson Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Noah White Columbus East, 3rd - Drake Buchanan Center Grove, 4th - Brendan Mcpike Terre Haute South Donnie Baker Bet the Boat Guarantee - Brendan McPike will be on the revenge tour Saturday knocking of Parkinson and Noah White. 195: Only 4 state ranked and 8 SS ranked wrestlers leaves this bracket kind of feeling ehhh…. but no worries, the Donnie Baker “Fight of the Night” will deliver and according to DB break up another LOCK. McKinley Kemper was well on his way to locking up a LOCK, like the other Kempers before him. Donnie pulled a Corso and said “Not so fast my friend” Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No first rd matches of SS ranked grapplers left me searching….just like I”ll be searching the concessions Saturday at about this time. Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Again natta, all 4 ranked guys are spread out in quarterbrackets, all seems well. Don’t sleep on…. Cody Matherly of Jeffersonville, he will have to win one on the STREETs to get to Bankers but the streets of Jeff are no joke. Donnie Baker’s FIGHT OF THE NIGHT - Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, Donnie Baker enterprises in accordance with STATE LAW proudly brings to you the Fight of the Night… it’s a semi final match up between a Junior, from Franklin Community, with a 35-2 record Harrrriiisss Eaassssooonnnn!!! And his opponent from Evansville Central, this senior comes to us with a record of 36 wins and only 1 defeat, ittttttttt’s McKinnnnnnnnnley Kemmmmmper!!! Ford Fab 4 - Kemper, Eason, Street and Rogers all advance. Kemper so close to a lock, but Eason got a vote. 1st - McKinley Kemper Evansville Central, 2nd - Isaiah Street (I watched this kid almost bleed to death in Iowa as a 6th grader and still finished the match and the tournament helping Team Indiana finish 3rd in the nation, do not sleep on the STREET), 3rd - Harris Eason, 4th - Phoenix Rodgers Heritage Hills 220: 7 state ranked (wow) and all 10 SS ranked wrestlers bring the BOOM to 220. 8 wrestlers all recieved votes. Amongst the chaos the ECSC picks a non state ranked hammer to get through, Yowie Wowie what a weight class!! Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - This quarter bracket features 4 SS ranked dudes - #9 Ethan Rogers, #8 Cordell Huering, #10 Reese Condon, and #7 Kenton Williams all will have to sort it out it to make it out and the votes were not unanimous on who makes it out. Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - When you have so many ranked guys does it negate Turrible draws? The Donnie Baker Barn Burner of the night and Turrible Draw - #13 Josh Howell of Terre Haute South vs #7 Will Stewart of South Spencer. Spencer is a returning state placer, Howell has one loss and Donnie says this match is going to extra periods - This should be a great match! Also #6 Nathan Willman vs #11 Leighton Jones both are top 4 in SS but one is going home! The last one is #8 (#1 in ss) Micah Dodson vs #15 (#6 in ss) Macray Robinson. Don’t sleep on…. Stop what you are doing, look up the bracket (The Indianamat one with rankings), take a picture and seriously don’t sleep on any of them Ford Fab 4 - This was chaos, the ECSC was up until the wee hours debating 220. Here’s what we got: 1st - Nathan Willman North Posey, 2nd - Micah Dodson Martinsville, 3rd - Joshua Howell Terre Haute South, 4th - Kenton Williams Sullivan TripleBGuarantee - If Ethan Rogers can get on his offense early, he’s going to state. Leighton Jones will go big boy and the frosh will knock out a senior in the ticket round, Will Stewart will go to state… Heck just write this down - 1. Micah Dodson, 2. Leighton Jones, 3. Will Stewart, 4. Ethan Rogers. Take that to the Bank! 285: The last weight and the last LOCK. Last year Dorian Keys took the state by surprise on his run to a state title. There will be no surprises this year as Keys has been labeled a LOCK by the ECSC. 6 state ranked and 9 ss ranked wrestlers round out the semi-state qualifiers for 2020 (round, see what I did there, jeeze I’m losing my mind). 6 garnered votes and the most interesting matchup is a Turrrible draw Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - I’ve been hearing about this one guy all year, “TripleB ya gotta give love to Ke’Tre Dickens, watch out for Dickens, Dickens, Dickens” Well here is his chance to shine and out of the gates he has undefeated Bloomington North wrestler Race Stewart. I’ve been told this could be shocker! Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #14 Robbie Gentry vs. #15 Matthew Munoz, both are worthy of state and Munoz has a win over Gentry this year albeit on home turf. There will be no home turf this weekend. Don’t sleep on…. Hunter Wimpelberg is a senior for Coach Ferguson at Reitz, Regional champ, good program, great coach, do not sleep on Wimpelberg punching a ticket. Robbie Gentry could reverse his fortunes against Munoz and also punch his ticket Ford Fab 4 - Our last LOCK and Munoz doing what Munoz does best, escaping with a win 1st - Dorian Keys Brownsburg, 2nd - Matthew Munoz Jeffersonville, 3rd - Race Stewart Bloomington North, 4th - Jacob Johnson Franklin Man we made it…….let’s end w my favorite - food recomendations Friday night I’m heading to Hilltop Inn for my first ever Brain sandwich. I'm pumped. Brains aren’t your thing? Turonis is a local pizza place that’s dynamite. Like German? Gerst Haus is phenomenal. Want to head out for some adult beverages? Go to Franklin Ave, Gerst Haus is there and a number of other watering holes and great restaurants. I’m never up early enough for Breakfast so I have no clue. I hear the nachos at the Ford are great and worth the $. And a tradition on the way home is Stoll’s Country Diner - lights out fried chicken and down home buffet. Have a great time Saturday, I thoroughly enjoy the Evansville Semi-State experience. I’ll be there slumming around, feel free to say hey, you can’t miss me! Good luck to all my coaching buddies and all 224 grapplers. Use this to pump you up and get mad bc you were slighted and parents have fun with this as we at Indianamat are just trying to bring attention to our favorite sport, wrestling! See everybody at the FORD and onto Bankers! View full article
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    Semi state brackets

    Right, and somewhere there is someone with a piece of paper with some A’s B’s C’s and D’s lined up in a unique order. Would that person like to share with the class?
  21. 8 points
    Hall of fame coach Bob Read was honored as he coached his final home dual after 40 plus years at Plymouth high school. It was a special night watching past wrestlers come from literally all over the country to honor him. Coach hates any attention on himself but this was well deserving. I’ve known this man over 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met a man with more class, ethics and integrity in my life. The video tribute showed countless former wrestlers share how they have become the husbands, fathers and men they are because of the time and care coach poured into their lives. He’s had numerous state qualifiers, placers and champions but the mentoring he has poured into people is what last. I’ve never met a man who hates to lose and loves to win more but it’s the lessons in life that leaves the greatest marks on his wrestlers. He is a man that is driven by his faith, his family and simply pouring into young men’s lives. I felt like I was peeling an onion all night! Thank you coach Read for all you’ve done in this great sport in Plymouth and in Indiana. Well deserved.
  22. 7 points

    Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match

    What’s low is a kid being “injured” enough to get a default win to get the state, then show zero signs of injury on his way to a title.
  23. 7 points

    Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match

    There was a rule change a few years ago where if a kid was injured on a false start and couldn't continue that they would win via injury default. It was a good rule change for instances where a false start causes an injury to an opponent. This situation is very interesting as it was a ticket round and the injured wrestler recovered enough to win semi-state.
  24. 7 points
    Ed Pendoski

    Dominating Sectionals

    Couple year's ago I brought up the idea of combining the Sectional and Regional Tourney into one tournament. I don't have the numbers in front of me, so don't nail me to exact details..... We have one of the largest regionals (most number of teams) and I'm thinking it's like 24ish teams. You'd have to have a round of 32 in theory....most weights have more than 8 ffts if you combine sectionals. That would be a quick round. Seed top 12 Friday night: Rat tail matches (I believe the number was around 10 matches total). Then have the round of 16 right after. If you lose any of those, you're done. Saturday morning run an 8 man tourney with wrestlebacks. When I looked at it I thought it would help with the ref shortage and make the state more money with less work. It would also shorten the season a week, which might get us in the conversation of semi state wrestle backs down the road.
  25. 7 points

    Kudos to Merrillville

    They came back to win the regional 191-190 over Hobart with a pin by Streck at 220.
  26. 7 points
    Coach Humble

    Program Wins

    This is a terrific piece of research but to show my bias: Little old Adams County has the #2 & #10 programs with Bellmont and Adams Central. South Adams has been gaining ground. We like to think we are the number one wrestling county in the State.
  27. 7 points

    Title Locks

    I’ve avoided dialogue regarding Silas vs Bates all year. For obvious reasons on one hand as Silas’ father, but also due to privileged information regarding weight changes, and the initial facilitation of this “should have been” match up. I could allow pride to take over and list countless examples of top 10 Nationally ranked young men from 182-220 that Silas has pinned or tech’d. Including some Bates was unfortunately on the losing end to. And I say “unfortunately” GENUINELY. Because despite how I know this match up would go.....we genuinely root for Evan on the National scene. We want Evan to continue growing his skill-set, smash opposing nationally ranked wrestlers, and continue growing the reputation of our very underrated State’s wrestling rep. That said.....I’ll only divulge this bit of information. Silas trended down nearly 30lbs prior to BMI’s to make this match happen. We were told by reputable sources that Bates was going to stay at 195lbs and challenge himself. We admired that attribute....and were more than willing to give him opportunity. Regardless of Silas’ initial plan to wrestle a VERY comfortable 220lbs prior to leaving for Lincoln in June. The weight class jump wasn’t solidified until after the first of the year. Now.....opinions are just that.....”opinions”. And everyone is entitled to their own. But those closest to the initial facilitation of this match know the truth. And that’s what matters most. We appreciate the statewide support for Silas, and fully respect the opinions of those who support, and are fans of Evan. It’s great for the sport. We wholeheartedly regret this match isn’t going to happen this year, but will very much look forward to a potential Fargo match-up. We wish Evan and the Chesterton team nothing but good health, and success moving forward. And hope they collectively enjoy the ride in pursuit of their goals. -The Allred’s Plenty of other talented and driven 195 and 220lbs young men for Silas & Evan to focus on as we speak.
  28. 7 points

    Dirty or Smart Coach?

    Excuse me, but I think you mean the great State of Kansas for the Chiefs.
  29. 7 points

    Dirty or Smart Coach?

    Ya think? Congrats on the worst thread hijack in IndianaMat history..and that's saying something!! Amirite...
  30. 7 points

    Middle School Dual Weigh in

    Personally, with as many middle school events as there are I would hate for kids to be forced to monitor their weights multiple times per week. As a high school coach we try to limit the number of weeks with two weigh-ins just to ease the strain on the kids. I know our middle schools will have three, sometimes four events in a week and I couldn't imagine a kid needing to make weight that many times. Even if they aren't cutting weight they still need to monitor their weight in order to not be over. When talking about middle school we need to work on retention of athletes more than anything. This includes uniforms AND weigh-in procedures.
  31. 7 points

    Best and most anticipated match ?

    Cant forget about Robert Samuels and Rickie Clark for I think 3rd a couple years ago.
  32. 7 points

    Tough sectional brackets

    113 at Southport may qualify as the most unusual bracket. 10 team field. #1 seed Cottey (Perry) 27-0 State ranked 1 #2 seed Glithero (Roncalli) 21-4 State ranked 15 #3 seed 0-15 freshman #4 seed 0-12 freshman 6 Forfeits Somebody's gonna get their hand raised for the 1st time in the 3rd place match. And maybe one of them can pull off a shocker in the Regional & punch their ticket to Semi-State with just 1 win.
  33. 6 points
    I appreciate all those comments made. I was at mat side. The referee signaled a false start, the Oak Hill wrestler was tended and their was discussion taking place between the head coach of Oak Hill and the referees along with one of those in charge refs. I am not being critical but what I would have liked to have seen would have been that the ref would have signaled the “false start” on him, given the appropriate “recovery time” and then let the match continue. That would eliminate some of the more negative effects.
  34. 6 points
    The rule was interpreted correctly by the officials. The question of it being a true false start is not so clear in the video. I will try and post video at some point. Just like many things in life it is when the rule or situation is abused. I have coached for many years and never have been put in the situation that the Oak Hill coaching staff was put into on Saturday. I believe in all my heart I know what I would have done in the situation. However the problem and the "unfortunate situation" that this rule caused was that Josh Beeks will never get the opportunity that he has earned by working hard and puttting himself in the best possible situation you can by entering the Semi-State tournament has a Regional champ, will never happen. 30 secs. into the match a "Caution" ended the kids career and his dream of being a State Qualifier.
  35. 6 points
    Beeks started on Mat 2’s whistle and got a caution for it. I saw it clearly while watching the Berne Witness live stream. I didn’t think it was a caution if you went on another mat’s whistle.
  36. 6 points
    Jay County Sectional 145 Fiechter, Dull, and Currie. Also all three from the same conference.
  37. 6 points

    Semi State Upsets

    You just keep doing what your doing kid. This idiot troll made a profile just to bust the chops of a kid that wrestled very smart. Way to put this dude in check. With that said, leave this chat to idiots like us. Check all this out after next weekend. You just keep grinding champ!
  38. 6 points

    Justice Cash

    Justice, it has been a joy watching you wrestle. You were so much fun to watch!! You taught my son Jordan a thing or two back in the day!! I know your next journey will be amazing!!!! You have a great attitude, wonderful family and we wish nothing but the best for you! love, Donna & John Slivka
  39. 6 points

    East Chicago Semi State

    being retired I don't spend as much time on da pc. When I was gettin paid by mr mital to be a professional poster I could justify da time. I truly miss my buddies at ole #7
  40. 6 points
    The real question is can anyone beat me and Jesse in spikeball
  41. 6 points

    2020 Middle school state predictions

    Great tournament yesterday! Talked to a Center Grove parent that told me there were 200 more wrestlers this year than last year, which looks like near a 50% increase. Big up, Indiana Wrestling! I thought the tournament was ran very well and we got out at about 6:30pm with the biggest bracket in the tourney. Not too shabby, Center Grove! Couple things I want to say. First: Bryce Denton and my son Dillon had a little bit of a rivalry going on it seems, but we wish him no ill will and were really sorry to see the injury he suffered in the 3rd/4th place match. Hope it isn’t as serious as it looked and he has a speedy recovery. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family. Second: I want to give a shoutout to a couple surprises we had. One of the things I love about all this is (long-winded) my favorite thing in life is watching my own kids grow, and pleasantly surprise me along the way. I have a jr at IU so I feel I can see a good bit of the spectrum here. And getting to know kids in the wrestling community over the last few years and seeing them grow and surprise us is kinda like an extension of our own family. Kudos to all parents who support their kids and give them all the opportunities to achieve things that pleasantly surprise us! There were quite a few surprises, but I am only going to mention a couple. If anybody wants to add to this with any big surprises or kudos I failed to give or see, that would be awesome. —Tanner Tishner!!! This guy is a great wrestler and is the one I had in mind when I made the post saying not everyone had signed up yet, and to expect some surprises based off predictions that were being made. I knew it would surprise some that he became the 95lb Champ, but it was no surprise to me!! —Zach Lang!!! Zach has been getting better and better working out with Coach Brandon Wright at FIWC. He did not cut at all and was an undersized 132, made it to the finals vs Brady Ison. He ended 3rd after losing true 2nd 7-5. He took it rough but we are ecstatic at how much he has improved. Again, awesome day. Big thanks to parents, wrestlers, and tournament workers!!
  42. 6 points

    Career Coaching Wins

    And more than his career wins is the lives he has impacted in that community. #HOF2021 💪🏼
  43. 6 points

    Evansville North Regional

    Either way, a lot of former MCWC kids going at it this weekend. Really impressive what the club has done for southern Indiana wrestling.
  44. 6 points

    Referees in the tournament

    No referee-backs either!
  45. 6 points
    Coach Brobst

    Middle School Dual Weigh in

    This is something they do here in Hamilton County as well. It's on the "honor system" and coaches are supposed to weigh kids in prior to lunch that day rather than at the meet. Drives me nuts. Simply too easy to lie or say he was on just to fill a line-up. My understanding, however, is that they believe this minimizes the stress of making weight on the athletes and helps with retention, but from my end, it just leads to a bunch of Freshman who have no idea how to actually make weight. Without a governing body for MS wrestling, it's really kind of like the Wild West. Every time one of our MS teams heads to a different county, there's new weight classes, some count forfeits for points, some don't, some weigh in before duals, some don't. It's just crazy. If there was a way to organize it all so it was uniform, I'm certain that schools would benefit.
  46. 6 points
    I hear what you’re saying, but these are growing kids and you just never know what’s gonna happen. A lot of it will likely play out as you suggest, but I think we will have a few surprises. Plus everybody likes a good underdog, right? 😉
  47. 6 points


    Per the sectional brackets there are 49 undefeated wrestlers Name Team Weight Class Grade Wins Losses Lowery, Bryce Roncalli 106 9 20 0 Hale, Bryson Centerville 106 9 18 0 Chavez, Xavier Mishawaka 106 9 5 0 Wolf, Blake East Central 113 9 38 0 Anthony, Elijah Frankfort 113 10 31 0 Cottey, Alex Perry Meridian 113 11 27 0 Seltzer, Zeke Indianapolis Cathedral 120 10 29 0 Bertsch, Landon Bluffton 126 10 33 0 Dedman, Harper Oak Hill 126 11 32 0 Toole, Camren Lebanon 126 12 31 0 Stroud, Dylan Manchester 126 10 29 0 Dalton, Ben Monrovia 126 11 26 0 Ezman, AJ North Putnam 126 12 3 0 Devaney, Dave Faith Christian 132 12 29 0 Wilson, Andrew Indianapolis Cathedral 132 11 1 0 Sotero, Josue Fort Wayne Wayne 138 12 19 0 Watson, Keandre Columbus North 138 12 14 0 Ellis, Brock Chesterton 145 11 36 0 Poindexter, AJ Harrison (West Lafayette) 145 12 32 0 Viduya, Alec Roncalli 145 12 28 0 Phillips, Gabe Centerville 145 11 16 0 Vredeveld, Tyler Centerville 152 12 36 0 Fulks, Jordan Boonville 152 11 34 0 Coleman, Brice Warren Central 152 12 32 0 Hall, Bryer East Central 152 11 31 0 Mason, Ethan Tri-central 152 12 29 0 Boe, Logan Danville Community 152 12 29 0 Levitz, Isiah Prairie Heights 160 12 30 0 Morrisett, Tytus Eastern (Greentown) 160 12 29 0 Parrish, Joe Homestead 170 12 33 0 Calhoun, Graham Plymouth 170 12 32 0 Carrington, Brach Greencastle 170 11 31 0 Urbain, Matt North Knox 170 12 13 0 Winner, Mason Jay County 182 12 32 0 Walker, Joseph Mishawaka 182 12 21 0 Wolfe, Wes Corydon Central 182 10 2 0 Saylor, Jacob New Haven 182 11 1 0 Krummen, Kyle East Central 195 12 33 0 LaPlace, Jacob Mishawaka 195 12 32 0 Hargan, Jack Attica 195 12 32 0 Pack, Eli Culver Academies 195 11 25 0 Allred, Silas Shenandoah 195 12 25 0 Webster, Drew North Montgomery 220 12 31 0 Durben, Fred Oak Hill 220 12 27 0 Wicker, Reese Churubusco 220 12 26 0 Gray, Cale Norwell 220 12 23 0 Keys, Dorian Brownsburg 285 12 32 0 Swallow, Logan Monroe Central 285 12 25 0 Stewart, Race Bloomington North 285 11 24 0
  48. 6 points


    You're stating the obvious and I 100% agree, But the original post asked who is undefeated, not who was the best. The rankings take care of factoring in the level of competition. Who is the best wrestler and who has wrestled who is a different discussion (and a fun one), IMO
  49. 6 points
    Coach Nieman

    Carroll vs the SAC

    So the school that has a middle school program is better than nearby schools that don't? This is my surprised face 😐
  50. 6 points

    Next Level

    @UncleJimmy hit on a lot of great points. There are so many factors that come into play once a wrestler moves to the next level not just from Indiana but everywhere! You will watch guys that didn't win state titles become all-americans and guys that won mutiple-state titles not make it through their first year or two. One of the biggest is getting use to there never being any easy days. Most top level guys dominate their room in high school. Once you enter college, especially at the D1 level, you are no longer the alpha and even days you go against walk ons are going to be tough. This becomes mentally taxing and you struggle with confidence issues almost daily! Relationships with coaches and wrestlers play a part as well. Maybe you don't mesh well with the coaches or the guys on the team. They are partiers and you're not. Another thing I have personally observed is guys fitting in right away and with all the new found freedom don't know how to balance partying, athletics, and school. We'd like to think that these kids can make the right choices but learning how to deal with that freedom can be really difficult! It doesn't make them bad kids it's just the reality. I was only a walk on at IU. The highlight of my career was being booed at rec hall for stalling and not giving up a major against Pat Cummins when I was thrown in at heavyweight. It was/is still the hardest 4 years of my life physically, mentally and academically. In fact I tried to come home after my first semester and my dad wouldn't let me! It never got easier but it just became the new normal. I agree with others that this is a good time for Indiana wrestling and we have a lot of talent at many levels.
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