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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for a Highly Competitive Team to come up to Michigan and Wrestle. We have one spot remaining, and Id Like to confirm a team soon. I have been running into a lot of teams out of state having their league meet on January 12th, so hopefully you dont and I can entice you to come compete with some impressive teams from Michigan and Ohio.For Saturday Dick Welsh Memorial Duals-> Algonac High School is proud to be putting on another very solid tournament next year with some very impressive teams coming together to compete. We are scheduling our 4th annual Dick Welsh Memorial Tournament January 12th, 2019. In the past three tournaments we have had Warren Woods Tower(Top four in the state last two years), and Oxford(Winner Twice- Per annual top 8 in the state team) both claiming the championship.> We changed the format of the tournament this past year to run in three pools of four teams.> Winners of pool all wrestle round robin style for the tournament championship. Runner up in pool wrestles for 4th place, ect, ect.> We will be running this tournament on six or seven mats again.> As we get closer I will ask for suggestions on seeding the teams, but I can not guarantee a match up or avoiding a match up at this time.Some of the Teams We have Invited/Committed Oxford- Won our tournament the last two years. Top four in state D1-ConfirmedWalled Lake Central-took third in tournament last year. Top 8 in state D1-ConfirmedTecumseh- Runner Up last year in tournament. Top 8 in state D2 - ConfirmedNew Haven- Competed the last three years, usually goes 1-4. COnfirmedUtica Ford-competed last year. Took 6th- lost to Walled Lake Central, Algonac, and Lake Orion. ConfirmedLake Orion- competed last year, took 4th in tournament with only lose to TecumsehSouthgate Anderson- Competed the last two years, usually finishes middle of the pack.Temperance Bedford(Top 8 in state)-Comstock Park(Top 8 in state D3)- Mt Morris(Top 8 in state D3)- .Edison High School (Milan Ohio)- top 3 in Ohio- Confirmed-Remus Chippewa Hills(Top 8 in State D3)Algonac- Ranked 6th in state D3 Caro High School- 25X Consecutive District Champs.
  2. Date is set for next year for our Dick Welsh Team Dual Invitational in Algonac Michgan (Hour north east of Detroit Michigan)January 12th, 2019This year we had:Oxford (State Ranked)Walled Lake Central (State Ranked)Tecumseh (State Ranked)Lake Orion (3rd in county that included #9 in country Detroit Catholic Central)Algonac (State Ranked)New Haven (2 State Qualifiers this year)St Clair (1 individual state qualifier) Utica Henry Ford II ( 3rd in County, Multiple quality guys coming back)----------------------------------------------Southgate Anderson - (Couple state medal winners)Troy (full line up, Up and coming team)Yale (mostly full team, going to be getting better)Royal Oak- full line up but a beginner team.** I am probably going to be replacing some of the lower tier teams to make the tournament better. Depending on the upper half of the list. For 2019- I have sent out invitations out to some pretty Powerful Schools in Michigan. I will likely be replacing some of the lower tier teams with some tougher competition. I want the competition. DO your homework you will see I have a good base for this tournament and will be looking to at more power to it. There was too big of a gap in competition in the pools, before some great close duals in the round robin finals matches. each pool had two pretty solid teams, and two weaker teams, so the pool play was a little easy. I want to correct that. Id like to make the pools more competitive. Id like there to be three teams in each pool who are pretty solid, and one team who is weaker. Give Weaker team some Hard matches for their pool play, but two good cross over matches to finish out the day. this also make the better teams have the opportunity to sub in a JV kid who traveled this far with the team and get some matches. The 10th place round even competitive for the teams who finished last in their pools.Somebody else you wanna see, Let me know I will send them a message and get them in. There is only a few schools I wouldn't invite.This is not a "B" team tournament. I want teams "A" team and in the three years we have had it Oxford, and WLC have been bringing it. As you can see from my list I'm outsourcing to get some further away schools who have earned some great credentials. Thanks Coach Treppa

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