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    Deserving Acknowledgments

    On behalf of Silas, myself and the rest of our family....we want to bring awareness to how accommodating the IHSAA was for us this weekend. All of us (including myself) at times get so caught up in what we feel they do wrong as it pertains to wrestling, we can easily become blinded to the multitude of right they do. Mr. Faulkens seen to it we had All-Access passes, and we’re allowed in our regular seats at our convenience. That type of gesture deserves a lot of credit. Because in what is always an extremely exhausting weekend.....factoring my health, my wife having to carry my breathing machine and our youngest daughter, without their philanthropic gesture, this weekend would not have been possible for me. I also want to commend Jacob Laplace and the Mishawaka Coaching staff. They had a tremendous gameplan of counter wrestling by the edge of mat to slow Silas’ relentless pace. We have been friends and thought a lot of Jacob and family going all the way back to 6th grade. He and Silas were always summer teammates with the Outlaws and forged a bond that continues to this day. Wrestling Family can be an equal bond as blood at times, because there’s such an understanding of the sacrifice involved for wrestlers, coaches and parents. We have a lot of genuine love for many of the Caveman faithful. Specifically the Sandefur’s, Fogarty’s, Walker’s and of course the Laplace family. I’m extremely proud of Jacob’s effort. He wrestled Silas as well as ANYONE has the last 2 yrs. But more importantly....I’m proud of Jacob as a young man of faith. Indiana Tech stole a diamond in the ruff recruit! But Coach Pompei will undoubtedly help grow his solid foundation to achieve tremendous things at the next level. -The Allred’s
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    Three years and one day ago...

    Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels put on the best consolation match spectacle in Indiana wrestling history.
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    So my brother was a pretty good wrestler. 4x State placer, 3x state champ. I watched him wrestle at state his freshman year place 7th. Got to see every match of his that year. The next year I decided to sign a dotted line and joined the military. During his first state championship he beat a pretty good kid, named Eric Galka, I was in basic training and missed the match. During his second championship run, he beat another good kid, Anthony Quiroz, I was in Iraq at the time and didn’t see it in person. So during his senior year I made it a point to go see every match of his, near or far. He was going for his third state title, and 4x time state placer. Become the first Portage wrestler to ever do both feats. Still in the military I had something going on Saturday morning at state, got to see his Friday night match, but missed the quarters match. Sean didn’t have one point scored against him, he didn’t let anyone up, no escapes, nothing. Pure domination. Coach Wilkins who was the head coach at the time got me a coaches pass so I could go down with Sean, watch him warm up before the finals match, and be right there when he came off the match. He told me that one was for me. I finally got to see my brother win a state while I was standing by the warm up mat they have set up. By far one of my favorite memories I’ve ever had at state.
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    ‘19 champs vs ‘20

    Slivka is one of the best big match wrestlers in Indiana history. He had wins over multiple top ranked high schoolers last year. And has beaten more of those guys this year. He just gets the job done. Slivka is a hammer on top and underrated on his feet. I’m unaware of any national ranked kids that Dickens has beat. Slivka has beaten a handful. With that said, that’s the reason that Slivka gets my nod. I’m using logic and facts. EMD fans are pumped for their guy. As they should be. Again, silly debate but a fun one. Obviously the Dickens win is fresh and 90 percent of EMD fans will give Dickens the nod. It is what it is. With all of that said, most posters on here have never won a title and will never have family member win a title. They will never know the joy or help put the work in to win a title. So.. when you get on here and say a KID will smoke another KID, it is kinda insulting to a family that actually put in the work, took the kid to privates, took the kid to academy, took the kid all over the USA, the money that was spent, the sleep that was missed, the days of work missed, the tudors that were payed for, getting up at 5:00am to help the kid work out and meal prep, the “vacation” time that was spent in the middle of Iowa. So before you go off running your mouth behind your anonymous screen name, be considerate of what people went through and know that they are prideful. Make your logical picks or homer picks, but you need to be respectful of other people’s sacrifices. Calm down cowboys. Just my two cents.
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    Pete Schroeder

    Most Consecutive Years

    EVERY year since 1968.....
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    NW Indiana Wrestling Fan

    Team race

    Also the trainers asked me if I was ok, and I replied that it wasn’t my head, I just landed on my neck weird. I never even had the thought of taking the match from him like that. I have too much respect for him and his father to ever do that.
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    Saving seats is getting out of hand. Many parents and grandparents just want to see their son wrestle. I ran into a mother last night that was chased from her seats cause she dared try to sit near the mat where her son was going to wrestle and another team’s fans had “reserved” three complete sections on level 2. She was very upset - this is out of control it shouldn’t be like that
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    Most Consecutive Years

    This will be 30 in a row for me. Qualified for 3, placed in 2 of them. Coached in some capacity in 7 of them. So many memories, too many to count, but so many heartbreaks as well. What a great weekend, especially seeing old friends and making new. Hoping I am fortunate to see 30 plus more! Good luck to everyone this weekend and remember that regardless of what happens you are part of one of the greatest fraternities in the world.
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    Lots of memories from a little guy watching the wrestling Gods under the lights. But the ultimate memory was winning a state championship under the lights at Market Square. There was more of a drive to put small schools on the map and know that it could be done. To then coaching Mason Todd under the lights, alongside my longtime mentor Dave Cloud. Amazing to experience both as a wrestler & coach.
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    Biggest Upsets from State Finals

    To be a state champion it takes a lot of skill, hard work, dedication, and some luck to not be injured or sick at the wrong time.
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    Before the college conference and post season begins I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has been contributing to this forum. For many years this place had been pretty sparsely used, with many results threads being hijack. I’m glad to see the consistent traffic this forum has received this season. I’m amazed at the effort by several posters to highlight wrestlers from multiple programs and in all division. And I’m pleads this forum is finally being used by most posters as a place to highlight the achievements of these hard working young men rather than as a avenue to spawn negativity. Keep it going Indiana. There is life beyond HS wrestling and I’m glad more quality posters are interested in talking about it.
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    Great time today at the IHSWCA HoF ceremony. Always a blast seeing coaching/officiating legends and contributors who worked to build our sport. Awards 2019 Harold F. Mumby Award: Asa Garcia 2020 Don Patton Head Coach of the Year: Erich Highley of Northridge High School 2020 Randy Helfrich Assistant Coach of the Year: John Bray of Edgewood High School 2019 Tom Cameron Administrative Award: Keith Nance of West Washington High School John W. Hurrle Award: Joe & Beth Lybarger 2019 Media Award: Mike Beas of Johnson County Daily Journal Inductees Wrestlers Michael Escobedo II of Lake Central High School Josh Harper of Mishawaka High School Andrae Hernandez of Griffith High School Dan Pleak of Cathedral High School Coaches Jack Grimaldi of Delta/Alexandria/Pendleton Heights Cale Hoover of Hamilton Southeastern/Center Grove Tim Klingensmith of Jay County Brian Seltzer of Elkhart Memorial/Lawrence North/Cathedral Contributors Kevin Troy Wrestler/Coach/IHSAA Official Jeff Schaefer Wrestler/Coach/Vendor Historian's Family Award Joseph Gremaux Family Billy Thom Award Frankie Medvesek
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    Coaching at Indy nationals today and noticed SQ Brac Hooper from Carmel was wrestling and won Indy nationals after wrestling Friday night. Just thought it was awesome to see a kid going right back to work after his season was cut shorter than I’m sure he hoped. I would bet there were some others I just recognized him from one of our kids wrestling him frequently in the offseason. Kid is tough as nails and I respect him a lot for competing just after state.
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    Most Consecutive Years

    I’m 19 years old and this will be my 19th time in a row. I’ve gone every single year of my life, and I plan to keep it that way.
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    Three years and one day ago...

    Hope this works...if I remember right the camera missed some of the best action, but still worth a watch Samuels vs Clark
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    Best to Never Win State

    Hands down Tom Brady... 6x Super Bowl Champion 4x Super Bowl MVP 3x NFL MVP 14x Pro Bowler 3x First Team All-Pro 2x Second Team All-Pro 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year NEVER won an Indiana Wrestling State Championship...
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    ‘19 champs vs ‘20

    Slivka beat #2 in the nation and Penn State commit Trey Kibe at Disney Duals, and of course beat a seemingly unbeatable DJ Washington at state. Dickens is good, but I would choose Slivka to win that match without even thinking twice.
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    Best to Never Win State

    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer. ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    Fabio Jr.

    We need to boycott 2021....

    Unless the IHSAA brings back the Real Shaved Ice none of this Kona Truck 6oz of goop bull crap! WHO IS WITH ME!
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    Illinois State Finals!

    I know you can't go off of who your opponent beat, but the level of competitor that Sergio took down in the finals is ranked in the top 10 in the country. Not sure how Sergio would've stacked up against the IN competition this year, but I think he would've had the same result in both states. Very impressed with Sergio's mentality and technique throughout the entire IL state tournament. Being his coach last season, he has made a huge jump in a year and I can't wait to see how big of a jump he makes this off season! @Silence Dogood As far as my loss to Anthony Napules... All I can say is he stuck to a great game plan but I got him back 9-1 under the lights at Merrillville a couple weeks later ;). Losses are great motivational tools lol
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    I thought in the spirit of it being the greatest weekend of the year we can share the greatest experience/story that we have encountered during state weekend. Mine has to be my first year as head coach and being FORTUNATE enough to coach such a hardworking kid that earned earned every bit of his state championship. I say fortunate because I know some coaches go there entire careers (my dad being one of them, 20 years) without having the joy of coaching a champ under the lights. Going down 5-0 in the first period, Jake wrestled his tail off to score 9 unanswered points to take the 195 title. i do not coach anymore but I think about that match all the time and look forward every year to seeing a match where the underdog comes from behind to win a big one. I know there are some great/inspirational memories and stories from this weekend and look forward to reading them! Best of luck to everyone this weekend and drive safe!
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    Excellent! Congrats. Mine, and I've mentioned before, but walking into BLF and walking into the concourse and looking up at the scoreboard and seeing the trackwrestling bout list with my kids name and bout big as heck right there on Mat 1!! After years of toiling in small arse gyms in various locales, struggling to pull up track brackets on my iPhone 2 in schools with little or no WIFI and having them take forever to load or drop, stalking his opponents profile etc..to see them big as life and LittleJimmy's name up there on the first one it just brought all the feels about the hardwork, sweat, and sacrifice and how it had led from 6 hour Sundays in little towns to watch 2 matches to the absolute mecca of high school wrestling. A very weird memory, I agree, but one I'll never forget and one that just seemed to hit hard and I still have the pic of it. This was year 2..lost year 1 pic! Oh..and kickin' it in a suite with @backtothemat. Southern folk are the best! Good luck to everybody this weekend! Soak it in. For some reason I'm not attending this year, but the beers are chillin', track video paid and I cannot wait for quittin' time!
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    Well this escalated quickly! Damn, man. Ironically this petty bs mighta saved you’re freakin’ life! Incredible. Prayer said. IndianaMat...saving lives, helping people. Bizarrest thread ever. #Pray4TheGenereal
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    Video of @GenHeavyHandz at 4:30am. Obtained by TheCounty TMZ. ©️®️
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    ‘19 champs vs ‘20

    oh....... my ......... god ...... @Mattyb on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    Congrats to all teams that participated in yesterday's event. It was very successful and was well ran. With that being said obviously congrats go to the Champions Center Grove and the runner up Jay County and 3rd place finisher Brownsburg as well. I want to recognize another team for what I feel sometimes gets over looked and goes without mentioning too often. At the end of the day the voice on the microphone announced that we would ask all teams to do their part in cleaning up their area. While myself and a couple other ISWA directors, board members and the president were collecting our equipment someone commented to the Perry Meridian team and coaches that we appreciated them cleaning up their area. They advised us they had already cleaned up their area and were cleaning up another area on their way out the door. Then after that was completed 2 kids from that team came to the ISWA President and myself and very politely & respectfully asked if there was anything else they could do to help us and thanked us for the day. Keep in mind these are MS kids showing the maturity and grace of what we would expect from most if not all of our HS age kids. Now this is where I should and would normally make a joke at the expense of @lewdwar but in this case I feel its best to just keep it classy and say thank you and you are doing a great job mentoring and leading those kids and it definitely is showing !!!! Respectfully, Jason Miller ISWA Kids Director
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    The Zebra

    Instant Replay Review

    I was saying the same thing in another post. I know the referees are out there doing their best to make the right call, and sometimes we miss the call. It sucks going back and watching video of yourself making a mistake after the fact. Therefore, why not help us out at the highest levels to ensure that the CORRECT call is made. I’m not trying to bash my fellow refs, but we can all admit, as refs, coaches, and athletes we make impulse decisions that we think to be 100% true, and turn out to be 100% wrong. I think replay is a GREAT idea! I want the ranks of our statewide referees to grow! If there is a questionable call as we speak, and it gets called wrong, we can’t take it back. With replay we can right the wrong.
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    You guys are probably still spent from the weekend, so I thought I would help a little with the results I could find for college: Friday Chad Red pins Mitch McKee (Minnesota) in 3:53. If Mitch McKee never sees another Indiana wrestler, that will probably be alright with him. Brayton Lee tech falls Christian Miller (Nebraska) 23-8 Mason Parris earns a 10-1 major over Jon Spaulding (Edinboro) Garrett Pepple loses in a 7-3 decision to Drew Marten (Central Mich) Cayden Rooks earns a 12-2 major over Wade Cummings (Chattanooga) Graham Rooks loses 12-8 to Tanner Smith (Chattanooga) Diego Lemly gets pinned by Hunter Fortner (Chattanooga) in 4;16 Nick Willham loses in a 14-4 major to Rodney Jones (Chattanooga) Rudy Streck loses a 6-3 decision to Grayson Walthall (Chattanooga) Sunday Nick Lee earns a 7-3 decision over Salvatore Profaci (American) Bonus Cross Over Content Could be college. Could be high school. Is both. Matt Lee enters the Mat Town II tournament as a high school senior and takes home third at 157. After beating Jonrocco Kazalas (Binghamton) 11-3 in the round of 16 he lost to red-shirt junior Elijah Cleary (Ohio State) 8-1. On the back side he had consecutive wins over Benny Baker (Finger Lakes) by a score of 16-3, Garrett Fisk (Maryland) 3-2, and Wyatt McCarthy (Rider) 4-3 before receiving third in a no contest victory of number 1 seed Jon Ross (Lock Haven).
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    Referees in the tournament

    So I just looked over my school ratings. I had 28 schools give a rating. Out of those 28 schools, there were only 9 schools that I actually had any involvement with officiating either varsity or JV this season. If you don't know the official, then you shouldn't be giving them a rating.
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    As another excellent high school season ends I began to reflect: We all love the back and forth banter that can be sometimes funny and demeaning. But who has shown the ability to get their points across and still be a gentleman? I nominate ontherise219. He does an excellent job with the rankings, and if questioned about his reasoning he gives logical responses.
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    Semi State Most Champs

    I don't know, but being from Southport, I wouldn't mind if you took them. Heck take Perry too...😉
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    Semi State Most Champs

    Let's put a hold on that Semi-State trophy. New Castle: Cottey, Seltzer, Lowery, Viduya, Allread, Parsons (6) Evansville: Miller, Boarman, Kervin, Dickens, Deters (5) East Chicago: Mendez, Walker, Bates (3) Ft. Wayne: (0)
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    Miscellaneous banter thread

    Avon showed up this weekend big time. Impressive.
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    Miscellaneous banter thread

    Yes and the golf team is missing a visor 😁
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    Center Grove Mats at State

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    #1 Ranked 182 Walker

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    Most Consecutive Years

    Year 16. Favorite match = Samuels v Clark 2017
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    Wheeler has Jose diaz jr class of 2018- Franklin & Marshall D1 Isaiah Mohmed class 2019 - Wisconsin whitewater D3 Trey buhler class 2018- university of Indianapolis D2 Clay Turpin class of 2016- Indiana tech university NAIA Giovanni Diaz class of 2020- Franklin and Marshall D1 Just remember wheeler has about 530 students enrolled and we only had a wrestling program for the last 7 years
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    Logan Bailey of Cathedral commits to

    Congratulations to Logan Bailey from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    In all fairness....I think Silas has solidified himself as a pretty special talent regardless of school size. So with all do respect, I genuinely feel to draw a question about why aren’t more 1A or 2A wrestlers like him, is a bit unfair. Almost as unfair as if I asked why aren’t more 4A wrestlers like him. Admittedly....I certainly don’t have the answers regarding pros/cons of class wrestling. I think there’s evidence of beneficial dynamics on both sides. The class question is always intriguing to me because comparisons are frequently made to other power states whose classed (PA, Ill, IA, OH, etc). But I question these comparisons as it pertains to the benefits of classing Indiana. In other words....if those states weren’t classed, would they not be as strong? I personally feel their strengths are elsewhere apart from the classification system. Specifically....their head start in club training, and especially collegiate RTC opportunities. Most notably in PA. In PA alone there are 11 D1 wrestling programs, 8 D2, and 14 D3. This equates to NEVER having to drive too far down the road to get your butt kicked for 2hrs. And in my experience, that dynamic coupled with an athletes desire to close the gap....is the biggest catalyst in the evolving of more nationally elite kids. And unfortunately....class or no class, at this point.....only a handful of young athletes are driven enough to embrace a “Get beat up, or get better” mentality. In fact, classing things in hopes to raise 1A numbers, kinda caters to many of those athletes who are hesitant to compete because of that fear. If numbers is the only goal, then classing definitely benefits. But I’m confident that strictly more bodies on the mat isn’t the zeal motivating class wrestling advocates. I’m fully aware that more participation will undoubtedly eventually mold some freak athlete whose a football player at the small school level into a great wrestler. But what about the “in-betweens”. The guys who literally just lack the drive, and want the accolades without the effort. That’s one of my biggest issues with classing it here. And full transparency......I’m definitely bias by what I’ve personally experienced at the small school level, in contrast to having graduated and competed athletically myself at Muncie Central. The Silas scenario is 100% the embodiment of hard work and extreme levels of self motivation. For 2 years, his daily partner was a 160lb’er.....and a true 170 wrestling up to benefit our team. So having a no excuse mentality.....we had to find partners, supplental/paid clinicians for live wrestling, stance and motion in live match format for 5 periods, old school Rocky like strength training, and literally driving anywhere & everywhere in the off-season....to ensure he’d taste humility and have to overcome a peak to close a gap. Ultimately....it’s simply been a mantra of “Nobody will outwork me”. That alone excited the recruiters. Silas’ ceiling hasn’t even been close to established. He’s never had regular elite partners to push him. He’s a product of self-push, and an overwhelming desire to succeed. In fact, the argument could made.....that Silas is the example of what’s possible at the 1A level. When you simply don’t make excuses about school size, strength of schedule, partners, etc. And just literally make it a lifestyle. Daily telling yourself....I’m going to be better today than I was yesterday. Again....I don’t have all the answers. And I respect the opinion of those whose researched the benefits. I’m just simply sharing what I know to be truth in the lives of my son Silas, and his overzealous dad who fell in love with sport a mere 6 yrs ago. 🤷🏻‍♂️ That said......will classing create more elite athletes? I can’t buy in. But will it raise numbers and help even more young men become better men? I’m sold on that.
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    Best to Never Win State

    Gil Journey
  43. 4 points

    Best to Never Win State

    Mr. Barroquillo had a pretty strong resume. Lost to Neal Malloy in semi finals in senior season
  44. 4 points

    ‘19 champs vs ‘20

    I would take Mendez over Garcia
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    From someone who is part of the PAC in Southern IN I thought a big highlight was seeing more PAC athletes representing at State this year. South Spencer, Southridge, Tell City, North Posey, HH and new PAC school Boonville all had some kids travel to Indy to put in some work in on the mats. It’s great to see some new coaches come in and fix programs that previous ones completely killed. Look at HH for example- Coach Zollman’s second year as HH head coach and already has had 3 kids qualify at state, one getting 5th yesterday, I could be wrong but don’t think they’ve had anyone since around 2012. I watched the previous coach ruin that program, exciting to see it’s coming back and impressive how quickly. Great testament to his coaching and abilities. A guy you don’t want to coach against but happy he is helping represent your conference. Extremely smart pickup for them. NP, SS both with place winners. What a way to go out your final year with Stewart- congratulations & thank you Coach Packer. NP winning 1A Team State this year as well with Southridge and Tell City representing 2nd & 3rd as well. Exciting times for the PAC, happy to welcome Boonville & their stud to the conference as well! PAC wrestling on the ups! Proud to be a part of the PAC & continue to watch it grow!
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    It was interesting that Bankers Life security made TSA agents look like waitstaff at TGI Fridays.
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    Miscellaneous banter thread

    I think we should talk about how one of the biggest upsets in Indiana State History almost happened. You could see Koontz smiling on the ground after he got reversed because that was a NASTY headlock. Seemed to only make Mendez mad tho. Props to Koontz for coming to play and congrats to soon to be four-timer Jesse Mendez 🔥
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    Silence Dogood

    Miscellaneous banter thread

    Koontz has a good headlock.
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    Most Consecutive Years

    20. Still get the chicken tender basket at least once a year and i get ice cream during the finals every year. No excuses play like a champion.
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    I don't wish no ill will on you one bit! And actually makes me sick to my stomach that you could've died bickering over nothing..I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you're ok.. Call me petty or whatever you want but I got a heart and would never want you to go through this crap..I would've never even said anything had you not started this thread and have in the past tried letting it go.. get well man and take care of yourself!
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