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  3. I’m pretty sure the New Haven Invitational is the longest running individual tournament in the state and has been named the Bill Kerbel Invitational. I believe it was named after Bill in the last 10 years.
  4. That graphic is amazing. A little light on northeast and south west corners
  5. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Tri

    Monroe Central
  6. MattyB , that is an excellent choice. If the 160 Class in the EVSS moves around IMO Sego can win 160 at the BHSS Regional and have a Potentially better path than 170. Purdy-Castle going 152? Buchanan-C.G.182 open for him at MVSS. Thoughts
  7. SWwrestling


    Jed Perry
  8. SWwrestling


    William Fiechter
  9. SWwrestling


    Jed Perry
  10. SWwrestling


    Tytus Morrisett
  11. SWwrestling


    Josh Beeks
  12. Eastern (Greentown)
  13. Here is mine... Owen Sego. Nothing would make me more happy than to see this kid make a deep run or win it all. At 170, he is a complete wild card. He has the experience and a proud angel looking down on him. That could be all that he needs!!!
  14. I will start this topic. I am sure there a lot of young men deserving. Which wrestler and Program puts in the most work and research for the kids. I have seen this wrestler for many years now, He is a big , agile and strong man with Heart. He is currently Ranked #7 at 220 but IMO , Micah Dodson is the Top 220lber and will make a Statement this year. Good Luck to all, BT19
  15. Jay County
  16. I know it is a bit early in the season still but anyone have some early dark horse predictions? Ranked 9-16 or not ranked at all.
  17. West Washington
  18. Fear the beard


    Bradley Conrad
  19. littlevito

    Bellmont vs. New Haven

  20. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Tipton

  21. Any idea who will be at the Mater Dei Holiday Classic this year?
  22. NCGRAD00

    North Harrison vs. Madison

    North Harrison
  23. Hamilton Heights
  24. NCGRAD00

    West Washington vs. Madison

    West Washington
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