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  2. Harrison High School in SW Ohio...right on 74 at the border of OH-In is looking for 1 team to fill out our Dual Meet event. You are guaranteed 5 qaulity duals. We will have 10 teams. We are looking for another team to add to the mix. We do matchups to allow teams to see new competition and avoid teams they dual later in the season. We are as flexible as possible to make it a great event for teams attending. This event was loaded with some heavy hitting teams. Brownsburg has attended for the past several years. Dec 7, 2019 2019 top returning Teams Brownsburg, In - If you see them too much we can skip that matchup for you East Central, In Harrison, Oh Centerville, Oh Lebanon, Oh Fairfield, Oh Contact: chad.dennis@southwestschools.org
  3. brickfor6

    HOBART RTC 2019 - 4/24 - Jeremiah Reitz

    This Wednesday Jeremiah Reitz will be running practice from 6-8 pm. The Griffith alum is an Indiana state champion. Also a 2x placer, and 1x qualifier. He finished his career with a record of 155-9. Reitz now wrestles for Duke University. Hoping that all of you can make it!! Make sure you have an USAW card! 6-8pm Enter through door 18 2211 e 10th st Hobart indiana
  4. Attached is the flyer for our only wrestling camp this summer. It is definitely not one you want to miss. Three days: great technicians, strong workouts, and fun. June 24th, 25th, and 26th Campbellsville Wrestling Facility 315 Meader Street Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718 - $225 with food and housing included - 6 sessions - 5 Clinicians Check out our Facebook event as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/967006530162269/ Contact me, Coach Ben Rosen for registration and more details: btrosen@campbellsville.edu / 847.682.3891
  5. MrsTeamGarcia

    Brock Hudkins

    Welcome home Brock! Great young man, wrestler and teammate. Extremely excited about the direction Angel and staff are headed. ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴 #iuwrestling #CWA
  6. Today
  7. Yes! Especially considering there are big national opportunities this time of year. The other one we went to was St Roch last Tues. Quick in and out, two matches. Run very efficiently. Would like to see one of these on the Northside of Indy!!
  8. bwoodjc89

    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    We are planning on doing at least one next year.
  9. Cody LeCount

    Carmel RTC

    This week we have 4x IHSAA State Placer, and 3x IHSAA State Champion Asa Garcia from Avon High School running our RTC. Asa also is committed to wrestle for the Hoosiers of Indiana University next year! Come show him some love as he may show that roll through cradle to a pin he hit in the state finals! Enter at door 21 by the pool 6:45pm-8:15pm
  10. Westforkwhite

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    No doubt, floarena is the poopy flavored lollipop of the bracket world. Getting to it is no picnic either. That said I love the video and for the last year or so the streaming has been good. You have to keep in mind Flo doesn't promote wrestling they just sell folkstyle/freestyle crack to those already addicted. Addicts are willing to endure great pains to get their fix. Flo is testing your fortitude with floarena
  11. Really don’t think track is necessary. Weigh em in, block em up, and roll. Don’t even need a clock. I’ve been to ones with a guy with an iPhone and a score keeper with a pad of paper. Just as good wrestling there! Couple people pairing and sending them to the first available surface. A ref, clock guy, and scorer at the mat. Keep em rolling til the matches run out. Simple! You can also make a quick $1000 to $2000 for your club in a random Wednesday night. Bruce... you could host a couple a season????
  12. Thor

    Brock Hudkins

    Never mind, just saw his post on Instagram. Dang that sucks, he would’ve been great to slot in at 133 for Purdue.
  13. Thor

    Brock Hudkins

    Saw Angel had a tweet that signified a commit but then deleted it, is there something else going on? Hudkins has a lot of Purdue guys he recently followed
  14. bwoodjc89

    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    Would it help if one of your required qualifiers had to be in your section? I'm guessing that would be relatively tough to track and I'm not sure how much it would help. Just a thought.
  15. 2x State Champ Brock Hudkins, NCAA Q, chooses Indiana Hoosiers #igniteindiana 🔥🔴⚪️🔴⚪️. Indiana is bring back its HS State Champs home .
  16. Yesterday
  17. Jay County is looking to add 2 teams to the tournament. Date for the event is December 28, 2019. If interested contact Head Coach Eric Myers at emyers@jayschools.k12.in.us or James Myers at jmyers@jayschools.k12.in.us.
  18. PMHS

    Perry Meridian-RTC

    Come check out CIA coach Brady Eppert. Tuesday 4/23 6-7:30
  19. The best way to help increase the local tournament attendance is to incentivize it. If you go to one local even your freestyle state cost is reduced by $X, two events it is reduced by $Y, and so on. With spring breaks(some being two weeks long now), nice weather, maybe other sports, etc families make the decision to attend freestyle state in January or sooner. How much more would attendance increase if they didn't have to worry about driving to Indy twice during the week to get qualifiers in?
  20. Bulldog89

    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    Without a few weekday options, my son would have had to turn down some really good opportunities to wrestle on some weekends to make sure he got his freestyle qualifiers in. He wrestled at the Warren Central Wednesday Rumble and had 3 or 4 matches. It is tough for us being from up North and driving to Indy but we got to get them qualifiers in. See you all at Freestyle State!!
  21. TeamGarcia

    2019 Head Coaching Changes

    #TheCountyTMZ .... is reporting the same from sources .
  22. Jeremy Goebel

    Mater Dei RTC - Mondays at 6:30pm

    RTC is cancelled for tonight, April 22.
  23. Again, I know that people don't like it and do understand to the why. My point was that I have personally seen some better wrestling and numbers are up. With that said... when the whole thing was put in place, I am sure that the weeknight deal was not in anybody's mind. As the result of trying to get the qualifiers in, we are now getting great mini tournaments and freeing up some of our weekends. I see better freestyle and enjoyed my Easter a bit more. Just saying, I'm seeing good stuff.
  25. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    There will be no RWO tonight. See everyone next Monday!
  26. I was skeptical about the weekday tournament before, but most have turned out pretty well. It hasn't been too much different than attending many of the Saturday events where you normally get 3-4 wrestlers in your weight class anyway. And now that they have become more advertised thing rather than a couple clubs trying to just sneak in an event at the last minute for their own kids to qualify, I think most people appreciate that additional option weekday events provides. If anyone in the central or southern part of the state (or the north if you want to make the drive) still needs to get another qualifier in, Seymour is hosting a weekday tournament this Wednesday. We had a pretty solid turnout last year for our first time hosting this type of weekday event. Almost everyone got at least 3 matches in, everyone wrestled on full mats, we were out the door at a decent time, and you get to be in the newly crowned largest high school gym (according to permanent seating calculations).
  27. I do not understand why the wrestler has to compete in the tournament. I had a wrestler pay his entry fee, but was sick the day of the event and was not able to go. Since he did not wrestle it does not count as a qualifier even though the club still benefited because they received my wrestlers money. I also agree with Y2... Certain regions of the state have a lot more opportunities than other regions.
  28. Coach Duncan

    Frankton High School Duals-Dec 28th 2019

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