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    JV Tournament

    Jay County will be hosting a Junior Varsity tournament on December 27, 2019. Tournament is designed to get wrestlers as many matches as possible. We allow multiple entries per weight class. If interested contact Head Coach Eric Myers emyers@jayschools.k12.in.us or James Myers jmyers@jayschools.k12.in.us.
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  4. Yes, of course that is true. But if getting the best team to Heartland is what the goal is, then loyalty to one entity and one entity only should be considered. And that is loyalty to the state of Indiana. Not a club or academy. I am not as experienced as you are in putting wrestling teams together, obviously. But I have quite a bit of experience in a similar situation and when factions are present in a state based effort, this pisses people off and they revolt and start their own thing. And yes, this dilutes the overall quality. I know there are other reasons why people start their own thing. And I know in this case different people had different reasons. But if you went back to the beginning of splitting dual teams in Indiana and looked through to today, I’d bet a dollar to a dime this would be the number one reason. Factions, and a lack of unity. I agree with you on this. I think bringing the best teams to Heartland on that weekend is the best thing for Indiana wrestling since it is through USA Wrestling.
  5. Men, I love the passion for the little guys. Here it is in nut shell. There is a long history of Indiana teams going to the AAU event in Kingsport. The event is at a high school and ran on a handful of mats. It is a pretty cool event. Coach Jim Humphrey and others were taking "unofficial" team Indiana teams to this event for years (it was a 5th grade and under event). Bout 10 years ago, Brandi Cash decided that she wanted to unite the elementary wrestling community. So Mrs. Cash had a elementary team qualifier at Ben Davis High School. She took two really great teams to Kingsport that year. Those teams had several IHSAA state champs on them. After that, a few of us took random teams down there. The following year, the ISWA approached me, and asked if I would accept the newly created board position of Folk style Developmental Director (currently held by Ryan Parrish). As the director, I tried as hard as I could to unite all academies and clubs to put together the best teams. I was NOT successful in doing so. I did the best that I could do, and created the current wrestle off format for the "official" team Indiana. It was very fair and allows kids to make the team in one of two weights. It was set up to ensure that we could field our very best teams. With that said, some people refused to wrestle with each other (Apparently this will NEVER change). Even with the riffs between clubs, that first ISWA sponsored elementary national team took 3rd there. At that time, the AAU nationals were the very best elementary duals in the USA. That was the best showing by Indiana until this year. Hats of to this years group, that broke our record. That same year USAW started the Heartland duals in Omaha Nebraska. It was held in a state of the art arena and was a USAW event. It was also 6th grade and under. For these reasons, the ISWA decided to send the ISWA team Indiana to this event (the ISWA is affiliated with USAW). I can honestly say that the competition, venue, and organization of the Heartland event was superior to that of Kingsport. With that said... the following year AAU did raise the age of the Kingsport event to 6th grade and under to try to compete with Heartland. The first year at Heartland, our team took 3rd (which remains a record for an Indiana team). Since then, the Heartland Duals have been moved to Council Bluffs, IA. The venue, quality of wrestling, and organization has gotten even better. Now to the cost... When I / We started these trips, the cost was $140 for gear and entry fee. Since then, the cost has gone up. I really would like to see some sponsorships and the cost reduced. With that said.. I always handed out sponsorship letters for each team member to use to raise funds (pre go fund me). The majority of kids that actually sent the fund raising letters to friends and family, got most expenses covered. With that said.. I agree with reducing cost. I personally think that Heartland is a better trip, and is the top elementary duals in the USA. I can also see why the other guys choose to go to Kingsport. Its a fun trip, and sounds like it was more cost effective. Bottom line is this. Everyone is going to do what they think is best for THEIR kids. Personally.. I will NEVER knock anybody for doing so. I would LOVE to see an united team Indiana, but know it will NEVER happen. And that is OK!!!! Getting on here and saying "our team or trip was awesome" and knocking the other side is not cool (for either side). Most of these kids are clueless to these issues, and can care less. As a team leader and a parent of a kid that has been through it all, I really hope that all of these kids get the same thing that my son got out of these trips. He has made life long bonds. I truly believe that these trips set the tone for most of the success that he has experienced in middle school and beyond. My hats off to all team leaders, parents, and wrestlers that made both trips. I hope that you all have made memories that wont be soon forgotten. Furthermore, I hope that these trips lead your wrestlers to achieve their future goals and much much more. Enough of the silly stuff men. It is what it is.
  6. 1st thanks. appreciate that man !!! truthtime.... some people have no sense of loyalty to anything and it runs across the board state, teams, schools, clubs.... etc. thats all So when people post their opinions on here thats all they are is opinions and not facts or truths and they should all be considered given the source. This splitting teams idea is something that has been going on for a long time and thats a fact.... it has made the heartland teams weaker every year and thats a fact. Heartland is the USA wrestling national tournament so if we are going to put our best foot and team forward then we have to have 100% buy in..... anything less than 100% is simply hurting our chances to contend with the other state top teams. I am all for teams giving kids mat time and opportunities to wrestle in kingsport..... all i am saying is as a state we need to have our top kids (elem and MS) in heartland. There are other factors at work here why people are going to kingsport. call me sometime and i can certainly tell you my opinion why.
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  8. Thank you for the sentiment. Much respect to Logan and his success! Now on the matter at hand.... I think I am reading between the lines. I’m sorry but I just don’t see how Team Indiana and loyalty to a certain club or academy have anything to do with each other.
  9. nope not at all.... that was something in response to K.Hudd saying he didnt need team IN .... he knows what it means. Mr Graham i am 100% confident in the fact that you can read between the lines and know what this disagreement is all about with the parties involved. I have nothing but respect for you and your son.
  10. This is an interesting paragraph. Jmill are you saying that wrestling with Team Indiana has something to do with whether you have loyalty to a certain club or academy?
  11. Well let me tell you something brother..... I didn’t even know AAU wrestling still existed, that’s cute, good for them. I just took my third trip in 4 years to Heartland. I have zero personal investment and I spend a ton of money. I go because I want to see Indiana compete on a national level. It helps, it helps w recruiting, it helps w exposure, it’s helps w everything. I’m about “Team Indiana” and growing the state because when the dads come and go w their kids, I’ll still be here plugging along trying to raise the level of wrestling in Indiana. Heading to some AAU dual in a sweaty gym in nowhere TN is nothing more than medal chasing.
  12. there was a winter storm that prevented a few teams and states from travelling, as happens every year a few teams may have chosen another option but you are kidding yourself if you think "the trend will continue". You have to tell yourself whatever helps you believe it K.hudd but the bottome line is seperating the talent made both teams less competitive. You and I can certainly debate this any night at CWA but you know as I do where most of the other states gold level teams were at that weekend. I am on board all day long with teams going to Kingsport to get in a different tournament, but when our state enters Heartland to put our best national team together and that doesnt happen its a dissapointment to all and it should be to you also. I would venture to guess your comment about not needing "team indiana" is more of a reflection on your personal opinions based on my observations of your level of loyalty to any one club, organization or academy.
  13. Caleb Spires

    Brock Hudkins

    I think this is a good move for both Brock and IU. If he can still make 125, he’ll slot right in and drilling with guys like Asa, Moran, and the Rooks brothers helps everyone get better. Another wonderful pick-up for Angel.
  14. Heartland had 12 less teams than last year, if that trend continues next year it will be in the teens. Way too much money to spend for 6 matches.Why not try a different tournament? Compound Indy kids will proudly defend their national title next year. Every team in Kingsport knew that the very best by far was a group of indiana kids! They don't need "team Indiana" in their name to win a national title. Its all about the kids and Indiana wrestling. Indiana has always had the kids to win and people see this now. The kids deserve better!
  15. SWINfan

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Senior 57kg and 65kg are just downright nasty.... 57kg Thomas Gilman Daton Fix Zach Sanders Nathan Tomasello Frank Perrelli Darian Cruz Vito Arujau Joshua Rodriguez Zane Richards Jesse Delgado Nick Piccinnini Austin Miller Eddie Klimara Austin Assad 65kg Jordan Oliver Zain Retherford Joey McKenna Frank Molinaro Yianni Diakomihalis Jayden Eierman BJ Futrell Dominick Demas Colton McCrystal Evan Henderson Jayson Ness Bryce Meredith Nick Dardanes Brandon Wright Dean Heil Mitch McKee Nick Lee, Jordin Humphrey, Kaden Gfeller, Kanen Storr, Nick Dardanes not seeded.....
  16. Bulldog89

    2019 MS Heartland Duals Gold and Blue Teams

    Wrestle off's!!! Best way to decide on the teams... Put the kids on the mat. That is what is so great about this sport. One on one.
  17. SWINfan

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    I looked Saturday or Sunday and you listed some I didn't see.... But you got all I had written down except Ben Freeman. I included him since there are a couple of Purdue fans around here. The Pre-seeds are out and only two IN Seniors earned seeds... Brandon Wright #14 (of 16) @ 65kg Riley Lefever #8 (of 9) @ 92kg Correction: My brain short-circuited this morning. Guess i was thinking of Ben Thornton. Scratch Freeman. He doesn't count!!
  18. TeamInjuryTime07

    Jimtown RTC

    Scrap yard tonight at 5:30pm! Looking forward to another great room tonight. Studs from all over have been coming in and making each other better. Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  19. The above suggestions are things that have been talked about over and over. The bottom line is there is no perfect solution to the problem and the system we have in place currently is the best system we have come up with. Everyone calls for team selection, but we all know what would happen if that were the process there would be threads on here and all other social media outlets calling for peoples heads for favoritism and other prejudicial decision making (even though that is not the case). Look the bottom line is the system can work if participation is done properly...... meaning for MS state the huge enormous amounts of weight cut to make a weight class is just simply stupid. Yes maybe you win a MS state title and congrats on that as it is a great accomplishment, but a side affect of this is that you now have taken the #1 spot away from other kids who would have had an opportunity at it when in reality you can never make it back (or planned to get back to) that weight for Heartland. For the Elementary teams we have to have the best kids from all over the state at the wrestle off's end of discussion there. People think their kids are better than other kids and should not have to come spend the 2hrs to wrestle off and make the team well this is just not the case. if you look at every level of wrestling at any age they have wrestle off's to make a team (finals X, world team trials....etc). The bottom line here is putting your own team together and purposely poaching kids that you know will be on the ISWA National teams is what is making the national teams weaker. All that is happening there is you are taking the talent in the state and splitting it up between 2 teams/trips. Congrats to the Compound Indy for winning AAU Kingsport, that is a great honor and the kids should be very very proud of themselves, but why not take a team to Kingsport with a sponsorship (and a cheaper price because of that sponsorship) full of kids that can use the experience and hope to make the ISWA national team next year all while sending the best 17 Gold kids and the best 17 Blue kids at all weights to Heartland ? Then we can send the next 17 (however many weight classes are in Kingsport) to kingsport to develop and build for the future. This is collaboration and what is best for the state to develop stronger more competitive teams, not being self centered and having tunnel vision for what is best for a couple of kids. We have too much of the 1% mentality going on in the state and this alone will keep us from being competitive with the other states. Feel free to blast me if you want, but deep down you all know this hits directly to the heart of the issue.
  20. Thomas_Johnson

    Warren Central RTC 4/24/19

    This Wednesday April 24th, the Warren Central RTC is proud to host coach Sam Wendland of Indiana university. As a 3x NCAA qualifier, 2x Western Regional champion 4 year letter winner at Wyoming coach Wendland has a ton of competitive insights to share. He brings a great deal of coaching experience as well, having spent time at Western Colorado State, Tiffin, and Michigan State we are excited to have coach Wendland in the room this week showing some awesome technique and putting us through a great workout. Come Take advantage of this opportunity to get better! As always, enter through door 14 and head upstairs to the wrestling room. Practice begins at 6:00!
  21. ehscoach

    Team State Qualification Procedures 2019

    3A- Avon and Mishawaka 2A- Bellmont and Garrett 1A- Prairie Heights and Eastern (Greentown) All teams have accepted their bids.
  22. ENoblewrestling

    Team State Qualification Procedures 2019

    It was just posted.
  23. ENoblewrestling

    IHSWCA Team State Vote -In

    Team State Committee April 18th, 2019 Greg Ratliff-Edgewood High School/IHSWCA President Josh Holden- Greenfield-Central High School/ IHSWCA Vice-President Elect Sam Riesen- East Noble High School/ IHSWCA Secretary Tyson Skinner- Madison High School/ IHSWCA Former President Eric Myers- Jay County High School Alex Johns- New Palestine High School Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings coordinator* Mike Reiser- Indianamat Individual Rankings Coordinator* * Voting member, unavailable for debate/discussion 1A Vote-In #1 Prairie Heights Vote-In #2 Eastern (Greentown) Alternative- Bluffton 2A Vote-in #1 Bellmont Vote-in #2 Garrett Alternative- Edgewood *Greg Ratliff and Dane Fueling abstained from voting due to their teams being involved in the voting. 3A Vote-In #1 Avon Vote-In #2 Mishawaka Alternative- Hobart Discussion (2020-2021 Tournament) Classes and Number of teams- discussed possibility of change from current 12 team/ 3 Class event to 8 team/4 class Division of classes- Would classes be divided evenly? Would a 32 team superclass be used for class 4A? Other options Format- Use of pools, brackets format was discussed. Location/ Number of mats- discussion of number of mats and location of the event took place. Final decisions were tabled until a later date.
  24. AlaskanMountie

    Team State Qualification Procedures 2019

    When will the vote-in teams be announced?
  25. InTechWrestling

    Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC

    Back at it tonight with Coach Lake and the Manchester crew. It's been a great room and each week the crowd has been growing. Come out tonight and get better with lots of local high school and college guys. See you tonight at 6:00 in the PERC! and Thursday at Indiana Tech.
  26. Here are the entries I found with Indiana ties, if I'm missing someone tell me and I'll add them. Brackets and entries can be viewed here http://arena.flowrestling.org/event/f6df0763-537e-cdc3-0c65-d292d527eef6 Senior Men's Freestyle 57kg Christian Sharp- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Luke Welch- Boilermaker RTC Newburgh IN 65kg Brandon Wright- NYAC Indianapolis IN Jordin Humphrey- TMWC Monrovia CA Nick Lee Nittany- Lion Wrestling Club State College PA 74kg Jacob Ferris- Legends of Gold Fishers IN Logan Ray- Bloomington IN 79kg Shabaka Johns- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Nathan Jackson- NYAC/NJRTC Princeton NJ 92kg Riley Lefever- Nittany Lion Wrestling Club State College PA 125kg Robert Clark- Legends of Gold Greenwood IN Women's Freestyle 62kg Kayla Miracle- Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club Campbellsville KY 65kg Kyle Todrank- Bulls wrestling club Buffalo NY ***I'm assuming this is a mistake and he'll be wrestling men this weekend.*** UWW Junior Freestyle 61kg Colin Poynter- Air Force RTC Portage IN Trey McCartney- Knights Wrestling Club Otterbein IN 65kg Alec White- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 70kg Austin Rainbolt- Legends of Gold Indianapolis IN Brayton Lee- Minnesota Storm Brownsburg IN Graham Rooks- Indiana Bloomington IN Kendall Coleman- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN Mason Miranda- Knights Wrestling Club Avon IN 74kg Kasper McIntosh- Minnesota Storm Portage IN Joe Lee- NLWC State College PA 79kg Emil Soehnlen- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 86kg Thomas Penola- Boilermaker RTC West Lafayette IN 92kg Lucas Davison- TMWC Evanston IL Noah Cressell- Bison Wrestling Club Wabash IN 97kg Brandon Streck- Indiana Bloomington IN Masters B Freestyle 58kg Nick Hull- Legends of Gold 70kg Jordin Humphrey- TMWC Monrovia CA
  27. Harrison High School in SW Ohio...right on 74 at the border of OH-In is looking for 1 team to fill out our Dual Meet event. You are guaranteed 5 qaulity duals. We will have 10 teams. We are looking for another team to add to the mix. We do matchups to allow teams to see new competition and avoid teams they dual later in the season. We are as flexible as possible to make it a great event for teams attending. This event was loaded with some heavy hitting teams. Brownsburg has attended for the past several years. Dec 7, 2019 2019 top returning Teams Brownsburg, In - If you see them too much we can skip that matchup for you East Central, In Harrison, Oh Centerville, Oh Lebanon, Oh Fairfield, Oh Contact: chad.dennis@southwestschools.org
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