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  2. We are still looking to fill these weight classes as well as 182. All weights will be +3 lbs for weigh ins. If there is anyone you know that might be interested please send them our way. Thanks!
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  4. Extremely sorry to hear this. He was a very fun kid to watch. I remember at folkstyle state was my first mat side experience of watching Brayden. One of the kids who attended our club, somewhat frequently, was wrestling Brayden(this kid was a future SQ). Anyhow, Brayden beat him badly, but was nice about it and even made some good fun during the match. I always thought he was a great kid after that! He showed a lot of class through his actions on the mat.
  5. Chad... Sorry to hear about the injury. I did talk to him at length last Thursday (days after he hurt it). He was and great spirits, but told me that it could be bad. He was still drilling and showing stuff. He was helping others prepare for Super 32. Because... that is what leaders do! He has made an excellent choice to go to Ohio. Those boys will have a bed for him this summer when he is ready! Sorry that it had to end like this, but there’s sooo many good times ahead! Keep your heads up! O-U-Oh-Yeah
  6. UGH. Can't wait to see that kid on the next level. At least these days an ACL isn't an injury you can't come back from. Best of luck.
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  8. Brayden has such a positive way that I know he will come back from this like he has done in the past. Thank you for all the positives you have brought to wrestling. It was a pleasure to root for you.
  9. I have a few meets and tournaments scheduled. Looking for more. I was an avid official when I was young becoming an M1 official for freestyle at the age of 15. Since then, I have been coaching for 16 years and over the past few years getting back into officiating. Brandon Razo e-mail: razobe01@gmail.com
  10. December 1 is filled now with 10 teams. Still looking for 2 more teams on December 22... Email wrestling@roncalli.org to reserve one of these final spots.
  11. So sorry to hear that. Really enjoyed watching him on the mat. Speedy recovery.
  12. Sorry to hear that, Brayden is always fun to watch on the mat. Wishes for a speedy and full recovery so that he can get four awesome years in at Ohio.
  13. Even though I am on here daily I never log in And leave remarks the last time I did Was to tell everybody that Brayden would not be finishing his freshman year due to moving back to center Grove And unfortunately that is why I am on here today in preparing for super 32 Brayden Tore the ACL in his left knee And requires surgery which means this is the Official end of his high school career Recovery time takes us into the summer There is no doubt in my mind that if all the obstacles were not thrown in his way he could have done so much more in high school His one and only full season resulted in an undefeated state champ We have spoken To Ohio and they are still honoring his scholarship so there is no doubt that you will hear his name again in the wrestling community This is a hard pill to swallow we will lick our wounds and battle forward And please grammar police keep your comments to yourself Preciate everybody who has supported him Look for him to take over the mac conference in the next couple years
  14. Super Dual is full again, Current Teams in; North Judson Bremen Tippy Valley Fairfield Lakeland
  15. Just picked up a raffle prize bucket from Wings Etc. cool prizes, and a great sponsor. Remember to bring extra $ for the raffle this year with all of these great prizes! https://www.wingsetc.com/
  16. LINK TO SIGN UP Rochester will be hosting a really good clinic on November 2nd-3rd (right before season starts). Cliff Fretwell, owner and founder of Compound Wrestling, will be coming to Rochester. We saw him at the Wabash Camp this summer and he is one of the best I've seen. I have attached a flyer and the link is below to sign up. If you can, send your wrestlers. They won't regret it.
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  18. With the retirement of long time HOF Coach Rex Peckinpaugh, Gary Black II has been named head coach at New Castle High School.
  19. Right now the following states are represented so far IA,IL,WI,TX,OH,IN,MN,SD,ND,MO,KS,NE,KY and MI. We have over 359 wrestlers and 80+ state medalists already registered. Last year we had 370 wrestlers and I believe we will have more than that this year. Iron Elite Fall Nationals online registration for $30 per wrestler ends this Thursday at Midnight! We will take walk-ins at weigh-ins for $50 cash only at the door! Go on track wrestling and search Iron Elite Fall Nationals to sign up!
  20. That may be WIN's reason, but Flo has him that high based on what he did wrestling unattached, as well as factoring in his freestyle season results.
  21. I am a 3rd year official looking to fill my schedule for this upcoming season. I can be available for weeknight matches in Indianapolis and the surrounding area and willing to travel a bit on weekends. I am available to officiate at all levels, though I am looking to do more varsity meets this season. Wrestling Credentials 4 Year Varsity Wrestler at Lawrence Central High School 2005-2009 4 Year Wrestler at Wabash College 2010-2013 3 year Assistant Coach at Lawrence North High School 2014-2016 2 full years of schedule of Freshman/JV/Middle School Matches; officiated multiple Elementary tournaments; officiated Middle School State, Indy Nationals, and ISWA State in the offseason You can reach out to me via email: drsandberg@gmail.com Official Number # 3794344 Member of the Indiana Officials Association
  22. We are hosting a scramble camp this Sunday. You can register online or in person. Spread the word! https://www.midwestrtc.com/camps-clinics/
  23. CUSAWC Elementary Duals .docx (1) (1).pdf
  24. Can someone give a match by match scores for our top guys. I can’t stand FloArena
  25. I haven’t looked at the ranking in depth, but is WIN possibly only pre-season ranking guys bass on their previous college records? Where as FLO is speculating where they feel guys will fall, including those who have yet to wrestle an official college match. This may be the reason behind B. Lee not being on WIN’s ranking quite yet.
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