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  2. We are opening up the mats doing a bit of learning, drilling and live wrestling Wednesdays 5PM - 6PM June 12th - July 24th (excluding July 3rd) @ Parke Heritage High School in Rockville. Enter through the north entrance, two lefts then through the double doors. Contact head Coach Tyler Thornton for questions. 317-318-5619 tthornton34@gmail.com
  3. This was discussed on FRL this morning that it would take a few years to implement, so probably not the next two years.
  4. Y2CJ41

    AC Eberle of Carroll

    AC Eberle
  5. Congratulations to AC Eberle from Carroll(Fort Wayne) for signing with Trine. He is projected to wrestle 133. View full signing
  6. Congratulations to Justin Davis from Carroll(Fort Wayne) for signing with Trine. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
  7. Y2CJ41

    Justin Davis of Carroll

    Justin Davis
  8. Congratulations to Victor Lee from Marion for signing with Manchester. He is projected to wrestle 197. View full signing
  9. Y2CJ41

    Victor Lee of Marion

    Victor Lee
  10. yea the amount of spots open for the football players i encourage to wrestle reduces and I would expect #'s ofr teams would reduce as well.
  11. infowrestling

    NFHS looking to reduce weight classes

    Would something like this be mandated for the 19-20 season or 20-21?
  12. WoodJC82

    Jay County Summer Trip - Kyle Dake Added

    Updated team needs
  13. WoodJC82

    Jay County Summer Trip - Kyle Dake Added

    Updated Team Member
  14. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    Join us tonight with special guests, 4x All-American & NAIA National Champion - Jake Sinkovics AND 2x D3 All-American - Kyle Hatch. Great opportunity for wrestlers of all sizes to train! Party starts at 5:30PM!
  15. It is up to the state, but 99% of the time states(Indiana especially) follow NFHS rules. I believe Faulkens is on the board for the rules so I would think he would not be looked upon favorably if we did our own thing.
  16. doctorWrestling

    NFHS looking to reduce weight classes

    Is it up to the state to decide if they want to go to that system? If it is up to the state, I assume the IHSAA ultimately decides? I know Michigan opted to stay with the old weight classes when the last weight class changes happened. I personally like the Michigan weights better because it has more weights in the middle of the line-up where there are more kids. The only part that stinks is when we go to other states, we then lose a starter in the middle and have to fill a weight with a backup at the top. Hopefully it is up to each state to decide and the right people are making the decisions.
  17. jimmybaitshop u

    East Central Indiana Classic (ECIC)

    Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis would be interested in atttending if there are still some openings. Coach Donlan
  18. jimmybaitshop u

    Looking for a dual

    Scecina is available to wrestle you on Jan 15th or 16th if that would work for you. We are in your Sectional so it may help for seeding. Thanks Coach Donlan
  19. luv2compete

    Cody Klettheimer of Frankton commits to

    Yeah Cody!!! Glad to hear you are wrestling!!! We will follow you every step of the way!!! love, The Slivka’s
  20. Yesterday
  21. I 'd say there's a good chance Dake and Taylor both could end up skipping Final X and requesting a later date. I think they have up until 2 weeks before acclimation camp to get it in. USAW can deny the request, but of course they'll do anything to get two WC's on the team. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  22. hawkeyefan201064

    Jason Nolf

    Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers, As you prepare for the off-season, we hope that you will consider coming to one of Iron Sharpens Iron Team Wrestling Camps four team camps this summer. Our first team camp is in Dubuque,Iowa on June 10-13, the second is in Richmond,Indiana June 26-June 29, the third camp is July 9-12 in Bloomington,Illinois and the fourth camp is in Grinnell,Iowa July 17-20. Our camps will feature many great counselors like Vincenzo Joseph, Gable Steveson, J'den Cox, Zahid Valencia, Jason Nolf and others. Hopefully we will see you this summer! ISI Team 319-404-0722 www.isiteamcamps.com
  23. hawkeyefan201064

    ISI Team Camps adds Nolf at Indiana Camp

    We have a few openings @ Iron Sharpens Iron Team Wrestling Camp #2 in Richmond,Indiana June 26-29 with @jasonnolf @johnnidijulius @McDominate17 @zzsmiller @BarbarianWear @greentoepalacio @MindsetCoachBW and others. Sign up today at www.isiteamcamps.com
  24. I’m more concerned with Dake’s injury than Taylor’s. DT at less than100% should still beat Pat Downey, I cant say the same for a banged up Dake vs Dieringer.
  25. wrestlenewbie

    WTT Challenge Tournament

    I like your picks with one exception. I'm going Bo in the surprise over Cox. (And I want to pick Retherford, but holy crap Yianni). My only other concern is Taylor's injury. I don't think anyone really knows how that will factor in (other than Taylor himself) right now.
  26. He did. Still, won't be close.
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