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2019 John McKee Memorial Wrestling Invitational

Date: December 21, 2019
Type: Regular Season

Team Score
1. Cowan 198.5
2. Manchester 182
3. Elkhart Central 178
4. Tippecanoe Valley 168.5
5. Lafayette Jefferson 159.5
6. West Noble 158
7. Lafayette Central Catholic 149.5
8. Northwestern 123
9. Rochester 121
10. Clinton Prairie 120
11. Calumet 96
12. North Miami 83.5
13. Culver Community 81
14. Rensselaer Central 96
15. Triton 49
16. Caston 35

  1. 106 LBS
    1st Mason Stanley (Rensselaer Central) DEC Issac Bumgardner (Northwestern), 3-0
    3rd Calvin Pickerill (Central Catholic) DEC Josh Corona (Elkhart Central), 8-4
    5th Spencer Flood (North Miami) MD Carsyn Williams (Lafayette Jeff), 11-3
    7th Galvin Shambaugh (Tippecanoe Valley) DEC Andrew Strasser (Rocheser), 7-6
    113 LBS
    1st Drake Montelongo (Tippecanoe Valley) MD Ethan Holloway (Rocheser), 12-0
    3rd Griffin Shanley (North Miami) F Brock Casper (Manchester), 2:58
    5th Preston Morgan (Lafayette Jeff) DEC Kolton Ploughe (Rensselaer Central), 6-3
    7th Gage Wroblewski (West Noble) F Trayden Schrimsher (Culver), 2:45
    120 LBS
    1st Dominic Skees (Central Catholic) F Jesse May (Cowan), 3:36
    3rd Aaron Swango (Rocheser) MD Briar Roach (North Miami), 9-1
    5th Tiquan Howell (Northwestern) F Logan Lear (Rensselaer Central), 0:30
    7th Landon Kuykendoll (Culver) F Mario Romero (Manchester), 1:40
    126 LBS
    1st Dylan Stroud (Manchester) F Eric Garcia (Elkhart Central), 3:31
    3rd Preston White (Cowan) F Greyson Gard (Rocheser), 2:33
    5th Landon Roy (West Noble) F Mark Conners (Calumet), 1:26
    7th Dave Lashbrook (Clinton Prairie) FOR Blayne Leeman (Northwestern), 0-0
    132 LBS
    1st Kyler Brown (West Noble) F Andrew Kline (Central Catholic), 1:19
    3rd Elijah Burlingame (Manchester) F Hunter Eherenman (Tippecanoe Valley), 2:06
    5th Alex King (Cowan) DEC Luis Perez (Elkhart Central), 8-2
    7th Keaton Spear (North Miami) DEC Ian Brown (Culver), 14-8
    138 LBS
    1st Toby Abbott (Cowan) DEC Bodey Henry (Northwestern), 12-10 SV
    3rd Drew Durate (Clinton Prairie) DEC Branson Mcbrier (Tippecanoe Valley), 3-1 SV
    5th Ryan Frazier (Calumet) F Christopher Antonio (Central Catholic), 2:01
    7th Makai Motchell (Elkhart Central) F Kole Ekstrom (Rensselaer Central), 1:27
    145 LBS
    1st Austin Jones (Cowan) DEC Isaac Switzer (Central Catholic), 6-3
    3rd Jacob Eherenman (Tippecanoe Valley) F Wade Shafer (Rocheser), 0:47
    5th Marcos Castorena (Northwestern) DEC Charlie Ensign (Lafayette Jeff), 7-6
    7th Dillan Sumowski (West Noble) F Landon Lemler (Triton), 2:50
    152 LBS
    1st Dakota Skees (Central Catholic) DEC Gustavo Taylor (West Noble), 8-4
    3rd Keagan Keesling (Cowan) F Noah Swango (Rocheser), 0:56
    5th Devon Billings (Elkhart Central) F Connor Goonen (Lafayette Jeff), 4:34
    7th Dominic Lincoln (Manchester) FOR Parker Minks (Clinton Prairie), 0-0
    160 LBS
    1st Shayne Tierney (West Noble) F Kaleb Ellingham (Calumet), 1:20
    3rd Joel Cisneros (Tippecanoe Valley) F Austin Leon (Lafayette Jeff), 2:13
    5th Dalton May (Cowan) F Jordan Ayres (Manchester), 1:22
    7th Kaden Mullendore (Clinton Prairie) F Matthew Ramey (Central Catholic), 2:38
    170 LBS
    1st Peyton Anderson (Elkhart Central) F Jacob Caudill (Manchester), 0:54
    3rd Kaleb Shaffer (Rocheser) DEF Peter Bradley (West Noble), 0-0 0:00
    5th Kyle Zickmund (Lafayette Jeff) F Malachi King (Cowan), 0:37
    7th Grant Wildermuth (North Miami) F Landon Grossman (Tippecanoe Valley), 1:18
    182 LBS
    1st Kyle Cardwell (Northwestern) DEC Jamie Escanero (Clinton Prairie), 2-0
    3rd Bazle Owens (Tippecanoe Valley) M FOR Daevon Cheeks (Lafayette Jeff)
    5th Albin Lederhilger (Manchester) F Preston Stimac (Elkhart Central), 3:38
    7th Maclain Middaugh (Triton) F Braxton Holmes (North Miami), 1:20
    195 LBS
    1st Ashton Moore (Manchester) F Jason Stevens (Clinton Prairie), 3:54
    3rd Johnny Gonsalez (Tippecanoe Valley) F Chastin Lang (West Noble), 0:52
    5th Luke Davis (Elkhart Central) F Ben Lee (Culver), 2:44
    7th Cade Brinson (Cowan) FOR Forfeit Forfeit (Caston), 0-0
    220 LBS
    1st Jacob Raub (Lafayette Jeff) F Sea Davis (Elkhart Central), 3:32
    3rd Tom Stevens (Cowan) F Trevor Dill (Manchester), 0:47
    5th Aaron Lizardi (Calumet) DEC Mathew Schilling (Clinton Prairie), 5-0
    7th Hunter Evans (Culver) F Cesar Viera (Central Catholic), 1:41
    285 LBS
    1st Kayden Sowders (Lafayette Jeff) F Hagaen Slusher (Tippecanoe Valley), 3:18
    3rd Robert Garrett (Calumet) FOR Bryce Kamphues (Manchester)
    5th Jacob Sommer (Elkhart Central) F Sean Patrick (Clinton Prairie), 1:00
    7th Sam Duvall (Caston) F Drake Gross (Culver), 1:34

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